22 Wooden Military Family Signs To Make Your Home Beautiful Again!

22 Wooden Military Family Signs To Make Your Home Great Again!

Getting some quality patriotic wall decor can be a pain-in-the-a**. While the market is flooded with cheap Chinese-made goods, you need something with a little more personality to adorn your walls. A military family has so many memories, and capturing a few of them on the wall is a good idea. Likely candidates are PCS duty stations, deployments, promotions, or retirements. You can also go for prayers to have the Lord’s protection over your family.

This all doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality. Fortunately, I’ve found some awesome handmade home decorations for you. Take a look at these beautiful wooden military family signs to decorate your home.

Best Collection Of Wooden Military Family Signs

Patriotic Last Name Sign

1. Patriotic Last Name Sign

You’re in a family of patriots, and you show not shy away from displaying it proudly. This Patriotic American wooden sign is perfect for your front door. Immaculate craftsmanship with ‘God Bless America’ written; this is the prayer in the heart of every American. This cute wooden sign can also have your family name at the bottom for a perfect welcome.
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Large welcome military porch signs

2. Large welcome military porch signs

Need something to spice up your porch? Well, this big welcome home sign is perfect for what you need. It will look cool, sitting in the corner right by your door. This sign says you are proud of your service branch. Covered with a protective coat and given a rustic look, it blends right in with your surroundings.
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Military Personalized Enlistment Wood Map Art

3. Military Personalized Enlistment Wood Map Art

There are many transitional occasions in military life, like enlistment, deployment, PCS, or retirement. You have memories of both places and want to remember the good times. This one-of-a-kind wooden portrait captures this very emotion beautifully. Two dog-tags symbolizing military life contain a map of two places of your choice. You can personalize it with name and message to make this extra portrait special.
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Home is where the Air Force sends us sign

4. Home is where the Air Force sends us sign

This slogan is true, and all military families live by it. Always on the move with PCS or deployments, you have moved more times than you can count. Memorialize the life events with this cute Duty station sign. Its rustic look gives a homey vibe, and you can be proud of all the transitions you’ve gone through. Looking them right in front of you will make you happy and proud.
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Home is Where the ARMY Sends Us - Large Sign

5. Home is Where the ARMY Sends Us – Large Sign

Decorating your wall with duty stations can be a fun project if you’ve never tried it before. This huge wooden sign is incredibly detailed, and you can add as many duty station tabs as you like. Each tab has a map of the city in the background with beautiful memories written on it. Make the wall in your home nostalgic and filled with happy memories.
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Home Is Where The NAVY Sends Us Sign - Wood Sign

6. Home Is Where The NAVY Sends Us Sign – Wood Sign

If you prefer simpler no-nonsense signs, this one here may click right on. It is sturdy, strong and will last all the turbulence of you moving around. All writing is handwritten in non-glossy paint, giving it a rustic look. Its 16×18 inch size is decent enough to be appreciated and will make a wonderful gift for any Military family.
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Home is where Military sends up Map sign

7. Home is where Military sends up Map sign

This family sign is a bit apart from other traditional duty station hangings. You can completely customize it with one of the tree options provided by the seller. All duty stations are shown as silhouettes of states where you’ve lived and looked way cooler than other signs on the market. Made on natural wood, painted and sealed with a protective coat, this sign will last you years to come.
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In This House We Do Deployments Sign

8. In This House, We Do Deployments Sign

Know someone going through their first deployment? Or, do you want to have a positive affirmation for deployment you’re undergoing? This farm-style rustic deployment sign is perfect for the occasion. The message is sweet, emotional, and true to the bone. Whenever you feel depressed, reading this message will energize you. This emotionally powerful sign needs a wall of its own.
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US Marine Deployment Gift Countdown Calendar

9. US Marine Deployment Gift Countdown Calendar

Counting down the days, your Marine comes home is one of the few fun parts of deployment. Make this a fun activity with your kids or gift it to a fellow spouse. It’s beautifully crafted with words also made out of wood. The dog tags and USMC seal make this sign truly stand out.
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10. Soldier’s Prayer Wooden Family Sign

Feeling scared? Lonely or depressed? This Lord’s prayer will protect you & your family from any harm. This is a perfect gift for people of faith who believe in a higher power and serve in the Military. The soldier’s prayer is powerful and laser engraved on thick oak. Keyhole slot on the back also makes it easier to mount.
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Military Soldier Prayer

11. Military Soldier Prayer

Looking for something exotic, high quality, and impressive? This wooden soldier’s prayer sign ticks all three boxes. Ideal as a housewarming gift, retirement gift or promotion gift, this sign will turn heads everywhere. The quality engraving is protected with a clear coat, so this piece of art lasts for years. Be sure to place it in a prime location as this work will gather attention and praise.
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Wooden Laser Cut Military Cross

12. Wooden Laser Cut Military Cross

Does your family have members serving in different branches? if so, this cross will bring them together. We’re sometimes so possessed by our military branch that we don’t realize that our Military is one big brotherhood. They are always together, and this elegant cross is the perfect representation of this cohesion. Laser-cut with wood and sealed with a glossy top coat, this sign is a patriot’s dream.
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Bald Eagle with American Flag Wood Carving Wall Art

13. Bald Eagle with American Flag Wood Carving Wall Art

Are you looking for something bold? Well, it doesn’t get any bolder than an American bald eagle. This eagle is carved out of a beautiful birch wood piece to become truly as work of art. Its stunning design is enough to keep visitors in your home admiring it and wishing they had one too. Perfect for big living rooms, conference rooms, lodges, and more.
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Military Family Portrait Wood Sign

14. Military Family Portrait Wood Sign

Want to give traditional family pictures a twist? Try this handpainted military family portrait. You can add family names and established date to make this portrait special. Perfect for minimalist people for housewarming or deployment homecoming occasions.
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Military Call-sign Phonetic Alphabet

15. Military Call-sign Phonetic Alphabet

Decorate your home with some good old military jargon instead of those cringy, cutesy quotes. Own the military lifestyle with this great handcrafted wood sign. From Alpha to Zulu, all military phonetic call signs are written on a distressed piece of wood, which is beautifully framed. I guarantee this will quickly become a conversation starter and the most amusing piece of wall art in your home.
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Veterans Wall Décor Gift

16. Veterans Wall Décor Gift

Soldiers are practical people who believe in the noble cause of serving & protecting our freedom. Let this sign be a gift to those who have spent their lives in harm’s way for us. It’s ideal for a veteran, retiring soldier, or one coming back from deployment. They will certainly love the incredibly emotional message and American flag combo.
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Faith Family Freedom Pallet Sign

17. Faith Family Freedom Pallet Sign

If you are going for a small sign with a rustic look, then go no further, you’ve met your match. Perfect for decorating the homes of any military family, this sign represents the American dream. Made of three wooden strips that are lightly colored to give an air of freshness. Faith, Family, and Freedom is something we frequently take for granted, and it’s about time we saw it face to face and thank the Lord for it.
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Ronald Reagan Quote Freedom Sign

18. Ronald Reagan Quote Freedom Sign

If you are one of those people who love to get inspired by fresh quotes, this quote from Ronald Reagan will blow you away. It’s important to keep reminding ourselves why we keep sacrificing our soldiers in harm’s way, and this quote pretty much sums it up. Its made from solid wood and rustic frame to make it sturdy and strong. You can also gift it to a die-hard patriot and see them proudly display it on their wall.
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Rustic Wooden American Flag with US Army Sign

19. Rustic Wooden American Flag with U.S. Army Sign

Know someone in the Army in need to decorate their walls at home? There is none better than this rustic handmade wooden flag. The unique burnt lines add personality to this beautiful sign giving it a rugged look. Carved neatly in the corner is the U.S. Army logo. This sign can be further customized with the name and rank of your soldier.
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Military Wood Plaque US Navy

20. Military Wood Plaque U.S. Navy

Made from baltic birch, this U.S. Navy plaque is perfect for gifting to a salty sailor. Neatly laser cut, the U.S. Navy emblem is highly detailed and will hand nicely on the wall of their living room. This wall plaque doesn’t come painted and can be colored DIY or left in original condition to give it a more authentic look.
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US Air Force Rustic American Flag

21. U.S. Air Force Rustic American Flag

Getting bored with regular rectangular shaped wall signs? This one brings a new look to the party, which will get attention. Made from pine wood, this USAF emblem is engraved in the shape of continental united states. The best part is that repeated burning gives it a desirable rustic look. Perfect gift for an Air Force warrior or veteran.
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Wooden American Flag - EGA USMC sign

22. Wooden American Flag – EGA USMC sign

Eagle Globe and Anchor is the legendary symbol of the United States Marine Corps. This family-owned business has outdone itself with creating this EGA shaped American flag. Any Marine devil dog will go nuts seeing this quality of work and craftsmanship. Cut with precision; this flag is given a rustic look by hand staining. This is heirloom quality, which can be passed down generations to come.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of wooden military family signs. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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