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15 Fantastic Vietnam Challenge Coins You Can Buy For Vietnam Veterans

If you have a Vietnam veteran in your life, you already know how hard it is to find the perfect gift. They have so many battle stories, medals, and commendations that any Vietnam challenge coin would be a welcome addition to their collection. And what better place to find the best than right here at!

Below are 15 Vietnam challenge coins that we recommend are great for Vietnam vets:

Best Vietnam Challenge Coins

1. Collectible Veteran Service Vietnam Coin

The perfect gift for the Vietnam Veteran or anyone who was a part of that war. Feel the pride with this unique and limited edition collectible challenge coin. Please show your support and thank these heroes who fought to keep our country free with these detailed craftsmanship coins. This gift will take them back on memory lane, and they can feel pride for serving their country.
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2. US Navy Vietnam Veteran 1968 Challenge Coin – Officially Licensed

The challenge coin is a masterful blend of imagery and symbolism showing the core values of military service. It depicts the U.S. Navy emblem in vivid color and the phrase, 1968 Vietnam veteran on the back. Your veteran will love this thoughtful gift and love the sentiment.
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3. Vietnam Veteran Not Forgotten Challenge Coin

Many Vietnam veterans feel they are no longer a part of society, not understood and forgotten, but this unique challenge coin proves that some people remember our Vietnam vets. This gorgeous challenge coin has a high-quality gold finish, which means they could pass it down for generations to come.
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4. Thank You for Your Service Appreciation Coins

These five excellent challenge coins will thank all our veterans for their service and sacrifice. Honor your troops from all services with this powerful gift that they will surely make use of. Made out of the finest quality material, each coin is detailed in enamel and epoxy to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. Proudly display these at your home, office, or club, and let everyone know that you appreciate and honor those who serve our country.
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5. Army UH-1 Huey Helicopter Challenge Coin

The Army used the UH-1 “Huey” during the Vietnam War and beyond. It was a workhorse and could perform under trying conditions. Some were even modified attack helicopters with rockets and machine guns. They flew combat actions day and night. You can find the pride of the Vietnam War in this coin, which is designed to replicate the servicemen’s pride.
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6. Pure Copper Challenge Coin (Vietnam Veterans)

These high-quality challenge coins are great for the Vietnam veteran in your family, with a beautiful border that features an Eagle on one side and an iconic Huey helicopter on the flip side. The challenge coin is made out of solid copper and will last a lifetime of being passed around and showed proudly. Your loved one will love this addition to their collection.
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7. Vietnam Era Challenge Coin

The Vietnam Era Veteran Challenge Coin is made with high-quality die-struck alloy. The coin measures 1.75 in diameter and is the perfect way to honor their service. The first side features our beautifully crafted Vietnam Era Veteran design, while the back features a section of the Oath of Enlistment and full-color American Flag. It will be a unique feel and touch for a special gift that they will love and cherish forever!
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8. Vietnam Navy Veteran Challenge Coin

The Vietnam Navy veteran challenge coin is an exclusive product of It is the perfect gift for a Vietnam veteran. Honor their service by giving them this amazingly detailed coin and take them back in memory lane. This unique design will make a great conversation piece for any proud Veteran. They will reminisce about their time in the Navy with this coin. It’s worth it!
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9. President Souvenirs Vietnam War Memorial Coin in Wood Box

The Vietnam War Memorial Challenge Coin is a beautiful gift that honors all those who fought in the Vietnam War. It is a piece of history that everyone will collect for generations to come. This challenge coin is made of metal iron with a gold-colored finish and makes for the perfect unique gift for any occasion or as a collector’s item. Cased in a high-quality wooden box that includes the Great Seal, it’s perfect for any formal gifting.
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10. Vietnam Veteran Agent Orange Challenge Coin with Skull and Crossbones, Service Ribbon, and Battlefield Cross

Agent Orange was a potent chemical weed killer and defoliant used by the U.S. Military during the Vietnam War. Today 30,000+ veterans with health problems are linked to Agent Orange exposure. This coin recognizes this dilemma of these veterans and tells them they are not alone. Gift them to anyone you know who has suffered first hand from this deadly agent.
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11. 1st Cavalry Vietnam Air Mobility Challenge Coin

The First Cavalry Division had significant combat exposure in the Vietnam War. It flew more helicopter sorties for the Vietnam War than any other division. This coin is a tribute to that history and service. It is displayed with pride as a remembrance of those who served on airmobile assault missions during the war’s early days. The detail of these coins can help bring back the memory of serving their country.
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12. US Army Vietnam Challenge Coin with Huey

These beautifully crafted challenge coins are an official military gift. They are perfect for any Vietnam veteran. Each coin is made with detailed images of the Army-Military Transport Helicopter, service ribbons, a Vietnam map, and an inset of a soldier’s silhouette. The back text reads, “United States Army Vietnam Veteran. Your Vietnam vet will love this thoughtful gift.
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13. Vietnam Brothers Forever Commemorative Challenge Coin

The Vietnam brothers forever challenge coin is based on the memorial wall at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. This hand-crafted design was made with love and respect for our veterans. Sometimes we forget who we are fighting for, and staring at this coin will give you a quick reminder that they deserve all the gratitude and support we can muster. You can give this coin to a veteran to show your respect for their choice this memorial day.
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14. Vietnam 3 Medals Challenge Coin

Let this Vietnam Medal 3 Challenge Coin bring back the memories of their days in Vietnam. It is crafted with true-to-detail and careful design. The three medals represent the Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal; all are replicas of the original medals.
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15. Vietnam War 50th Anniversary in-Theater Veteran Commemorative Insignia Pin

The 50th Anniversary in-theater Vietnam veteran commemorative challenge coin show the pride and honor U.S. service members felt when they were in the Vietnam theatre of war with micro details on the medal to reflect that feeling. It is a 1 1/8 inch (28.6mm) American eagle-shaped coin. A deluxe clutch clasp allows you to attach it anywhere, while the solid brass with an antique finish will show your pride and love for your country.
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Wrapping It Up

I hope you found this article insightful and that it helped find a great Vietnam challenge coin to give someone who is part of your family or just an avid collector! I would love feedback on what other coins might be helpful, so please feel free to leave me comments below with any suggestions.

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