Top 10 Veteran T-Shirt Companies That Will Turn You Into A Badass

Look at how a country treats its veterans and you can pretty much size up the morals in its society. Our warriors have fought long and hard, and we as a country need to acknowledge their sacrifice and honor their commitment.

T-shirts are not just an apparel type. You can turn them into a loud and bold statement. Broadcast your support for our military by buying your shirts from veteran-owned companies.

I’ve short-listed a few veteran t-shirt companies, which are industry leaders in this niche. They command respect and loyalty of their consumers by good quality products and adhereing to higher morals. These all companies below either help veterans through employment or contribute to veteran foundations.

Take a look at our heroes below who are still striving for a higher cause.

Best Veteran T-Shirt Companies


grunt style

Founded by Army Veteran Daniel Alarik in 2009, Grunt Style is a lifestyle brand with its image portraying patriotism and love for the military. T-shirts are a small part of their overall business but this is by far their most favorite apparel category. Their unique prints represent a freedom-loving spirit but also convey an aggressive F**k You sign to all threats to this great country.

With around 400 employees, over half of them are Veterans. Supporting veterans and bringing recognition to their cause is one of the main Ethos of this brand.

They make products in almost every apparel category; from casual to fitness, from men, women to babies. Grunt Style is also heavily involved in charitable work and has got a form right here if you want to get them onboard your charity campaign.


nine line apparel

Nine Line Apparel has been declared as the 31st fastest-growing company in the USA a few years back! This amazing company was founded by Army CPT Tyler Merritt in 2012 with the help of his wife. They found smashing success and created loads of new American jobs. Their aim is to spread appreciation for our Military in an era where politics and dissent divide our country.

These guys have a humongous collection of all apparel categories, but they are most commonly known for their Tees in Relentlessly patriotic wear. The slogans and artwork are symbolic of the values and virtues of the military.


american spartan apparel

American Spartan was founded by a U.S Marine veteran who dreamed of owning his own tactical clothing business on an overseas deployment. They focus on Military themed T-shirts, Hats, backpacks, and patches. They have quite a few T-shirt series that is quite genius. One of my favorites is the Tactical President series has famous U.S presidents shown as Bad-ass SF Operators which look as good as they sound.


valhalla wear

Valhalla Wear was founded by a group of military dudes who loved the adrenaline-infused life of the military. After getting out these guys got their passion together poured it into an Apparel company, and Valhalla Wear was born.

The Artwork is straight out of Norse mythology which is where the Viking legend lives on. The T-shirt designs are mostly monotone, rugged, and inspiring. Other than T-shirts, these guys also sell Hoodies, Tank tops, leggings, shorts, headgear, drinkware, and more.


eagle six gear

Eagle Six Gear is a  Colorado Springs based company. Veteran owned and started by a couple of Veterans, who decided they were going to create a company to employ fellow Americans, create jobs, and make some Kick-ass Patriotic shirts during this process.

They have altogether 17 Patriotic shirt series, each having a distinct theme. 2nd Amendment, Old Glory, Don’t Tread on Me are a few among these. The slick designs provided by E6 are pleasing to the eye and satisfying to the heart.

Tees, Hoodies, Sweaters, Head wear, Necklaces and more. They also offer personalized gifts like engraved Knives, Flask and Mugs.


ranger up

Ranger Up was founder by Nick, an Infantry Officer in 2006 as a hobby, which spawned into a serious business. RU has an impressive collection of all kinds of merchandise; ranging from T-shirts, leggings, metal signs, drinkware, hats, and much more.

The best thing about Ranger Up is the Branch specific T-shirt collection. Infantry, Ranger, Engineer, EOD, they’re all up there with awesome designs that will make any soldier go wow!



Despite not being founded by a Veteran, Rags of Honor is a story about Mark Doyle, a true patriot who understood the plight of homeless veterans. This only establishment of its kind running a silkscreen shop that is 100% operated by homeless and unemployed veterans.

Their main merchandise comprises of T-shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts, and phone cases. While they don’t have a huge collection, the designs are patriotic and timeless.


danger close apparel

Chris is the founder of Danger Close Apparel who is currently serving in OK ANG. Air Force is the main theme of this brand and you will enjoy their quirky quotes on T-shirts and mugs. In addition to Tees, they offer tanks, decal, patches, drinkware, and much more.

The best thing is, they have a whole category for Aircraft related T-shirts which are damn cool. Check out these Aircraft merchandise related to F-15E, AC-130, and AH-64 to see what the rage is all about.


oscar mike

Noah Currier is a disabled U.S Marine veteran who founded Oscar Mike in 2011. Oscar Mike means On-The-Move in military lingo and this is the motto of this 100% Non-profit company where all proceeds go towards helping disabled veterans. His company has grown phenomenally and has been supported by multiple Forbes top 500 companies like GOOGLE, Facebook, and Amazon.

The T-shirts offered have hardcore, modern designs to inspire an On-The-Move sentiment. Other than Tees, they offer sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, masks, bracelets, and much more. Support their cause by donating here.


frontline standard

Frontline standard is run by a former U.S Marine and his wife. Naturally, it heavily features everything USMC. They provide Tees for men, women, and kids. Other than T-shirts, they also feature an interesting collection of accessories. USMC spatula, flask, can coolers and parking signs to name a few.

The T-shirts feature inspiring Marine corps quotes, funny comebacks, and good old Semper-Fi slogans. Check these out here.

Wrapping It Up

This list is by no means conclusive and only attempts to honor a few leaders in this massive industry. Please contribute to their cause and play your part in the overall goal of supporting our warriors. Your small purchase will be a little push that will keep these veterans in business.

If you have some suggestions or any advice, please leave a comment below.

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Veteran T-Shirt Companies That Will Turn You Into A Badass

    • James says:

      Thanks for the info. I’ll check you guys out and add to the list.

  1. carlos barbieri says:

    11bravos.com and shieldrepublic.com are great ones too

    • James says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ll check them out.

  2. Melton says:

    Thanks for the list. I am grateful. Also check out https://devildogshirts.com

    “Devil Dog Shirts is a group of hard charging Marine veterans with a thirst for creating the best shirts and products for our brothers and sisters around the world! We are proudly USMC veteran owned and operated by Freedom loving Americans and patriots with a passion for our beloved country! Devil Dog Shirts includes the grandson of 1st Division Guadalcanal Marine, who creates our USMC designs, an Artillery Marine, a Scout Sniper and Fuel Specialist veteran for an old school, high octane power assault on your eyeballs.”

  3. Josh says:

    COMBAT IRON APPAREL is probably the fastest growing apparel brand like this I’ve noticed lately. But all good brands for sure. Some more than others haha but all deserve an applause.

  4. John G says:

    Howitzer clothing! Without a doubt the best

  5. Will says:

    operationalathlete.us is a Green Beret veteran owned clothing line that has some good stuff.

    It is much smaller than these, but the gear is top notch. Highly recommend checking the site out when you get a chance.

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