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17 Coffee Gifts From Veteran Owned Coffee Companies

Our freedom is fueled by the U.S Military servicemen, and these servicemen are fueled by coffee. This beverage has been around for hundreds of years, but its importance today in American culture is such that it can be dubbed as our national beverage. Our soldiers love coffee as it keeps them alert, fresh, and ready to kick some enemy’s ass.

Today there are quite a few veteran-owned coffee businesses out there. Their love for coffee and freedom led them to create a freedom brand that gives back to the community. Almost every veteran company supports a veteran foundation or deployed troops in one way or the other.

If you are looking to get a gift for someone who loves coffee, you MUST consider veteran-owned coffee businesses. This act will not cost you anything extra, but you will be indirectly contributing towards supporting our heroes.

I’ve listed a few of the most famous veteran-owned coffee companies, which would be perfect for gift giving or buying coffee for yourself.

Best Veteran Owned Coffee Companies

Black Rifle Coffee Company

BRCC was started by Evan Hafer in December 2014, who is Ex-Army Special Forces (Green Beret). His love for firearms and coffee roasting eventually led him down this path. They claim to be the world’s most premium conservative coffee company. They have a huge line of coffee selections. They actively employ more veterans than any other company in their industry, over 40%, at least.

1. Black Rifle Coffee Company Supply Drop Variety Pack

Claiming to be the world’s best single-serve coffee, this military-style supply drop box contains 96 rounds of this delicacy. This box contains all of their favorite blends, including light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. If you are looking to stock up for an apocalypse or something, this supply crate is going to keep you sane in the gloomy days ahead.
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2. Silencer Smooth Light Roast Ground Coffee

Craving for something smooth this morning? This Silencer smooth blend from BRCC is going to calm your nerves. Its light roast is a perfect blend for tasting the sweet citrus notes and savoring the good life. This one goes especially well if french pressed or cold brewed.
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3. Black Rifle Coffee Whole Bean (AK-47 (Light Roast)

You have to give these guys a standing ovation for the kickass naming of these blends. An AK-47 paired with a Columbian blend is a match made in heaven. BRCC swears that this blend is going to conquer your taste buds with its nutty aroma, citrus, and dark chocolate flavors.
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Alpha Coffee

This is an Army veteran and military spouse co-owned company founded in 2011. Having been on multiple deployments, the taste of bad coffee in the field motivated him to set up their brand. Originally named Lock-N-Load Java, the company rebranded to Alpha Coffee in 2016. They have a troop-support program  Coffee for Troops, where they regularly send care packages to deployed troops.

4. Alpha Coffee – Lock-N-Load Java Medium Roast

Alpha coffee presents Lock-N-Load Java, which is a unique blend from Ethiopia and Sumatra. This medium roasted blend brings the best of both worlds by preserving the flavor and nicotine profile of both regions. Oh, and they also give you a full extra 4oz of coffee, unlike other brands that only provide 12oz.
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5. Alpha Coffee – Dawn Patrol 24 Count K-Cups

The Dawn patrol variant of Alpha coffee is a combination of central American and Papua new guinea produce. These then go through a light roast giving the maximum flavor boost of these beans. Smooth, chocolaty, and never bitter, the convenient K-cups are perfect for a quick cup of coffee.
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6. Alpha Coffee – 1 lb Premium Medium-Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Warrior select is a savage blend from the highlands of Central America, Brazil, and papa new guinea. This 1lb bag of the medium roast is made for the true warriors who like it rough and are eager to take any bull by the horns. This select bag contains 25% extra coffee than other brands offer. The choice is yours.
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Invaders Coffee

Wes Whitlock is a Marine veteran who has served on numerous deployments and seen his fair share of combat. Invaders coffee is one of his four businesses, which started in 2011. This coffee differs from the rest because it values quality over quantity, and no bad seed (bean) goes through, which means you only get the best of the best ones. He is a huge supporter of solid Military foundations and has helped many along the way since its inception.

7. Invader Coffee Air Roasted Low Acidity Ground Coffee

A classic blend of this Invader coffee contains produce from central and south America. Especially Air roasted for lowering unnecessary acidity, this coffee is bold, rich, and full-bodied. This smooth, bright rich coffee is going to leave you craving for more.
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8. Rum Coffee Blend

Rum coffee blend is another addition to the Invader coffee’s menu. Made fresh in small batches to preserve flavor, this low acidity blend is going to take your breath away. They are so confident in their product that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Go ahead, try em out.
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9. Mexican Chocolate Air Roasted Low Acidity Ground Coffee

If you have a soft spot for chocolate, this blend is just for you. This Mexican chocolate blend provides the taste of authentic Mexican coffee without the bad stuff (sugar and carbs). The subtle hints of vanilla and cinnamon with dark chocolate are going to leave you in awe.
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Couple’s Coffee Co.

Cody Nickson is a combat veteran who started this company with his wife. They offer two distinct blends, which are best sellers on Amazon.

10. Couple’s Coffee Co. Ground Coffee

The Maverick is the newer kid on the block in the Couple’s coffee menu. It has a more mature taste but doesn’t get bitter. Smooth texture and aroma are the leading fame factors for this blend. Made from 100% fresh Arabica, the beans are boldly roasted so, definitely something you need to try in the morning.
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11. Couple’s Coffee Co. WHITE LABEL: Homebody

Homebody is a perfect balance for your morning cup of joe for both him and her. It’s naturally flavored, so this becomes a perfect match for those who are just picking up the coffee drinking habit. If it helps, this blend also comes in a gorgeous bag too.
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Jarhead Java

Established by Matt Phillips, who, despite having an eye removed, served on the frontlines of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM as part of a logistic support mission. He originally started this business back in 1979 and has now evolved into Military Java Group. They donate 50% of all profits to Semper Fi Fund/America’s Fund to help our wounded heroes across all branches of the military.

12. Jarhead Java Coffee, Bold Roast

This bold roast from Jarhead Java will make you feel patriotic and fully satisfied. Its bold roast is for avid coffee lovers who take their daily coffee ritual seriously. Its 100% Columbian Arabica composition guarantees a bolder taste, perfect for the morning. Its enticing aroma will give you a mellow and satisfying cup of joe.
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13. Jarhead Java K-Cup Pods

Great coffee for a great cause is the slogan of Jarhead java. These 12 K-cup pods of bold roast coffee are perfect for an on-the-go experience. Sourced from the mountains of Columbia, this coffee is as hearty as it gets. Supporting the veterans and getting a good cup of coffee is a win-win if you ask me.
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Military Grade Coffee

The clear owner of this brand is not known, but all sources indicate to Brian Kolfage, who is a triple amputee from USAF and a purple heart recipient. They have a wide variety of organic ground coffee. 10% of all profits go to Vets through the Gary Sinise Foundation to help with PTSD, housing, and other important needs.

14. Military Grade Ground Coffee – 2 lb. Bulk Bag

This huge 2lb bag is for those coffee-heads who take their coffee seriously. You will love its smoothness with subtle notes of chocolate and caramel. This organic ground coffee is Non-GMO, USDA certified, and also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
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15. Combat Caramel Medium Roast Ground Coffee

The combat caramel blend from Military Grade coffee is an awesome combination medium roasted to perfection. Made from meticulously selected premium beans, this blend offers rich flavors with caramel notes. Smooth, aromatic, and tasty; what more could you ask for?
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16. Breakfast Blend Premium Light Roast Ground Coffee

This Breakfast Blend Premium lives up to its name by providing you the best morning cup of joe. Lightly roasted to start your morning smooth, you will feel fresh after tasting this masterpiece of perfection. It comes in a vacuumed-sealed bag with a one-way valve to keep your coffee fresh.
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Patriot Coffee Roasters

Founded by Marine Corps Iraq War veteran Chris McArthur in 2015, Patriot Coffee Roasters started as a hand-built cart in downtown Lakeland. He started with single-origin coffee beans and honing his roasting skills to bring out the rich flavors. He met immense success and sold out all bags of whole coffee in under an hour. The rest is history as his fame spread far and wide, and now his company has a wide assortment of coffee blends and flavors. In 2017, they started¬†Operation Hero’s Salute, which sends coffee care packages to whole units on deployment.

17. Patriot Coffee Roasters Whole Bean Coffee

This artisan-quality coffee is responsibility sourced from Brazil & Costa Rica and roasted to medium roast right here in the USA. The coffee is made in small batches to preserve its quality, which will leave you breathless. It is enjoyed full-bodied, and you can taste chocolate and caramel hints, which make up for a pleasurable drinking experience.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Veteran owned coffee companies. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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