25 Best Valentines Day Care Package Gifts To Make Their Day Special

It’s that time of the year where you can’t help but scream; DEPLOYMENT SUCKS. Yes, it does suck to be alone on Valentine’s day. Either you can wallow in this pain or rise up to find a way for you both to celebrate. 

If you’ve decided to make this work, congratulations! Here are some of the best Valentines Day Care Package Gifts to make this day special for both of you. Get started!

Best Valentines Day Care Package

What I Love About You Fill-In-The-Black Gift Journal
Looking for a fun activity to start off the special day? This love journal is ideal for a fun video convo on that special day. It's filled to the brim with interesting and thought-provoking prompts. You or your partner will dig deep to answer these fun questions and rejuvenate your love. Here’s a fun idea: get one for each of you and you can compare and laugh on valentines day.
Magic Color Scratch Hearts
Drop these lightweight cards on joy in their Valentine day care package. At first, he will be surprised to receive them, but it's a fun activity as soon as you figure it out. They can pass some time and get creative with this fun scratch-off activity. Encourage them to hang these as valentine’s day decor in their barracks and have a laugh with their mates.
Scratch Off Valentine Jokes
Does your SO love jokes? If so, he’s going to have a blast with these fun surprise jokes. Originally made for kids but their cheesy lines are adorable and hilarious. It's simple and lightweight so you are not sacrificing any precious weight. He can even turn this into a fun game with his buddies where they can guess and laugh together. You’ve gotta have fun when you’re deployed and sometimes you need to improvise.
BOLDLOFT Catch My Heart Couples Pillowcases-Long Distance Relationship Gifts,Miss You Gifts,Long Distance Couples Gifts for Christmas Valentine's Day Anniversary,Military Couple Gifts Husband Wife
This is one of those “AWWW” gifts. Send him one pillow and he can use it as a cute reminder of your unwavering love. It's made of high-quality cotton/ polyester fabric and will survive quite some time. It has a cute line drawing which quite accurately depicts the long-distance relationship struggle.
Colombia Moisture Control Socks
Comfortable socks will make even the toughest guys smile. This is not the most romantic one out there but it tells him that you know his deepest struggles. Yes, socks are essential during deployment because of the extended time they have to spend in combat boots. Keeping those feet disease or fungus-free is a top priority and these moisture-free socks are exactly what he needs.
Women's Plush Fleece Robe
Remind your warrior lady just how awesome she is by making her feel special. Her options for feeling luxury during deployment are pretty limited but this fleece robe will do the trick. It even has an internal tie so there is no chance of any wardrobe malfunction here. Comfy, safe and practical, she is going to be a very happy lady this valentine.
Tactical Pen
Your soldier is pretty safe with all those government-issued gear, but there’s always room for some more. This nifty little pen has quite a few tools up its hypothetical sleeve. Your soldier can keep it in his pocket as it’s a fine writing pen made with aircraft-grade aluminum. There are some fun gadgets in this tactical pen including a flashlight he’d love to play around with.
Dude Face & Body Wipes
Looking for a hygiene add-on to your care package? No package is ever complete without wipes. These guys over at DUDES make these wipes, especially for men. It’s sprinkled with Pro-Vitamin B5 to make his skin fresh and healthy. There are virtually unlimited applications from use after a shave, after a workout, or as a luxury toilet paper. Their packing means he can carry these in his ruck and remain clean wherever he goes.
Air Freshener
Deployment accommodation spaces are hardly luxurious and are often lacking in space. When too many people gather in a small space, well, let’s just say the air needs to freshen up. This pod can easily keep the air fresh and odor-free for up to 45 days. Just set it and forget it. This is one of the most requested items especially for long deployments on the ship.
Activity Book
If your soldier struggles with boredom during deployment, this amazing activity book will cheer him up. It’s loaded with brain leasers like word scramble, Sudoku, hangman, and much more. This is the ideal way to relax and keep the brain sharp. What’s gear is that they can get their buddies involved to make it a group activity. Puzzles range from beginner to expert, so your soldier finds his match easily.
Hacky Sack
Looking for something to pass his time which involves physical activity and isn’t too heavy for a care package? Hacky Sack is here to save the day. It’s small, light, and rugged. It’s perfect hours of endless fun and your soldier can show off his hacky skills to his buddies. It’s filled with sand and has quality stitching so it’s ready to take on years of beating. This is indeed a fun way to pass the time.
Conversation Hearts
This one is a classic Valentine candy. Filled with small bite-size candy, it's perfect as a romantic sweet treat. The candies are a mix of interesting fruity flavors like lemon, orange, grape and many more. The best thing is the sweet phrases written on each candy-like Be mine, Hug me, Luv U, etc. He’ll think of you before nibbling on each candy and that's love.
Tobasco Spicy Dark Chocolate
Sweet chocolate. Where’s the fun in that? If you and you're SO have a fun and tangy relationship, let this spicy chocolate be its representation. He will never have tried anything like it in the past. It comes in a sturdy tin to make sure this survives the care packages handling. Kickin' this Valentine’s day up a notch with this Tabasco flavored treat!
Red Heart Shaped Twinkle Lights
So you like celebrating valentine’s day with style? Dress up and light up the room with the theme of hearts. Don’t give up yet, there’s still hope. Send these heart-shaped lights in their care package and let them set up their space with a valentine's theme. You can have a video chat that day and celebrate this day of love. After all, celebrating is all about being together no matter the distance in between.
Harry Hugglesmore Stuffed Animal
A sweet stuffed pup to cuddle with at night - who says stuffed animals are just for kids?! Any valentine’s day is incomplete without a stuffed animal. Maybe every Valentine’s day before, he got you a furry animal, but this time surprise him by stuffing this one in his care package. It’s cute, fluffy and he’ll probably be teased by his buddies, but it’s so worth it.
Set of 2 Friendship Lamps
These are called friendship lamps but would be perfect for any relationship. An easy way to let your loved one know you are thinking of them (as long as they have WiFi).This is technology at its best. If you’re thinking of him, just tap your lamp, it changes color and so does the other lamp with you SO, thousands of miles away! That's genius. It’s such a sweet way of saying, I'm thinking of you.
Jolly Rancher Jelly Bean Hearts
Well, you gotta load up the care package with candies anyway, so why not let them be Valentine's day themed? These yummy heart-shaped treats come in a variety of flavors to keep his taste buds fresh. They are small and don’t melt so these are the perfect care package food item. There are around 600 pieces in each pack, so his candy appetite will be satiated for a long time.
Black Rifle Coffee Espresso Mocha
The servicemembers on deployment are always looking forward to the familiar flavors of back home. That’s where the BRCC Espresso Mocha comes in. A veteran-owned company whose values are aligned with the Military and that makes good coffee. There’s nothing not to like. Plus, these are SO good, and caffeine/coffee is always welcome in a care package.
Silk Rose Petals
Thinking about spicing the care package up this Valentine? Here’s a neat idea: fill up the care package box with these petals and lay all your other items on top of them. They have a fresh rose scent infused and will still feel minty fresh when the box opens. You can sprinkle these long-lasting petals on top of the stuff too. Care packages take a lot of energy and planning to prepare, but when he sees that you went the extra mile, he’ll love you even more!
Power Up Trail Mix
Unfortunately, there’s no healthy trail mix with hearts and roses theme but this one will also do the trick. It’s Non-GMO and has no artificial ingredients so it is as healthy as it can be. It’s easy to load up on junk drinks and candy during deployment, but this year be committed to max out on healthy food for your family. This trail mix is a deliciously sweet but healthy snack too, so a win-win.
If your SO is not on a ship, he probably has plenty of land around him to get physically active. Also, if he loves football, he will absolutely love this Wilson official football. Maybe he can play with his buddies and it can turn into a fun tournament. There’s just so much fun you can have with this little thing. Just toss it in without another thought.
Your soldier probably won’t be enjoying anywhere near a beach (that we know of), but this hammock can find it’s use anywhere. This is great for hanging behind Humvee's or even in a cargo plane for a quick snooze. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and tough to withstand any punishment. It comes complete with straps and a compact pack up bag to be ready in no time.
Portable Charger
Who wouldn’t want unlimited (electrical) power? A place where your phone or laptop will never run out of power. Well, this portable charger is the nearest you get to this utopia. It’s sleek and packed with 10000 mAh power which is enough to charge an iPhone 8 over 3 times. It’s compatible with every possible rechargeable device and comes with its own travel pouch so it remains protected.
Deployed AF Tee
Humor is something always in demand during a deployment. Long monotonous hours with the same people can get boring. Introduce some fun into their unit life with this funny tee. It's hilarious and patriotic both at the same time. Perfect for them to lounge in, so throw this one in the next care package without another thought.
Outlaw Blazing Saddles Natural Lotion
Men are notorious for being lousy at skincare. It’s too feminine for most of them and if they're military, you do the math. This natural lotion may be the perfect cure for these outlaws. The scent is a mix of western movies, sandalwood, and gunpowder. It lowers their guard and gets their tumbleweed of hands soft as a baby’s behind. This lotion is perfect for combatting dry skin especially in dry areas.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Valentine’s day care package gifts. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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