26 Essential Marine Corps Challenge Coins Every USMC Member Should Have

US Marine Corps challenge coins are among the most famous military challenge coins out there and for a good reason. The Marine Corps is renowned for its “esprit de corps,” and USMC challenge coins are a unique way for Marines to express their pride for the branch and their loyalty to the Corps.

They’re generally presented as gifts and collected by servicemember as keepsakes. These Marines have a curated collection of many coins which they cherish. You can give these coins on significant life events like graduation, promotion, retirement, or even holidays. It will be something they are sure to love.

Here we’ve done some research and found the best Marine Corps challenge coins out there.

Here you go!

USMC Challenge Coins For Any Marine

1. Marine Corps Iwo Jima USMC Challenge Coin with Actual Sands of Iwo Jima

Who can say that they own a coin that the actual sands of Iwo Jima have touched? This Original Iwo Coin! It is a LIMITED EDITION and available only from this store. This lifelike representation of the iconic Iwo Jima flag-raising statue is constructed of solid pewter embossed with copper using 3-dimensional engraving technology. This collectible coin is the perfect gift for any Marine.
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2. USMC Marine Corps Mascot Challenge Coin

The United States Marine Corps coin from Coins for Anything celebrates one of America’s most elite forces amazingly! The Marines’ official emblem is laser engraved into the epic 3D USMC Marine Corps mascot challenge coin, which is then given a smooth polish and rounded edges. Designed exclusively by Marines FOR Marines, it makes an ideal and original collectible for any Marine or fan of military life.
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3. Marine Corps Rifleman Creed Challenge Coin

This 1.75 inch die struck 3D challenge coin is an awesome gift for the marine in your life! Each coin is hand-struck and individually polished to perfection, featuring incredible fine details such as the Rifle expert, marksman and sharpshooter medals. The monochrome design is also very captivating and makes for a good addition to any Marine’s collection.
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4. EGA Spinner Commemorative Coin

This Marine Corps Spinner Coin is the perfect gift for any marine. Show you appreciate their service with this cool collectible. Made from a metal alloy, this coin is thick and feels great to hold and even spin! Proudly display your support for our USMC Marine Service Members with this 3D Spinner Challenge Coin!
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5. Marine Corps Security Guard Challenge Coin

Veterans designed this custom security guard challenge coin for veterans. At 1/3rd-inch thick and struck through two full layers of metal, this coin is a show-stopper. It is twice as thick as standard brass coins and has a very desirable weight in hand. The design and detail on the coin are impeccable – it is designed like a security shield which is exactly what the MSG is!
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6. Bronze U.S. Marines Challenge Coin

This Challenge Coin features the iconic Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. It has been made from solid bronze 39mm (1.54 in) in diameter and is finished with an antique patina. The back has a special Eagle and flag seal, which makes it a collectible. It’s a perfect keepsake for your marines or any other marine supporter.
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7. The United States Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Challenge Coin

This beautifully detailed, round coin is the perfect way to let Marines know how much you appreciate their service. The flag-raising image is iconic and fully colored. This coin has the crimson EGA on the other side to complete the theme. Add this to a collection or use this as a challenge coin.
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8. Marine Corps Fleet Corpsman Coin

This collectible challenge coin honors the legacy and tradition of the United States Marine Corps-Fleet Marine Force. The obverse depicts a corpsman medal, encircled by the words “Live for others.” Perfect as an appreciation gift or a collectible for yourself or someone you know.
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9. Okinawa USMC Challenge Coin

The Okinawa USMC Challenge Coin was created for any Marine who has spent time at Okinawa, Japan. It has a unique Japanese touch with their language symbols to make it more appropriate. A must have for the collection of your Marine who just returned from there.
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10. U.S.Marine Corps Devil Dog Coin

The U.S. Marine Corps Devil Dog Military Challenge Coin reflects a bond that’s as strong as steel. Show your care by presenting this handsome coin to your members of the United States Marine Corps, including those who are currently deployed or recovering from deployment. Only high-quality Material and Process are used for these coins, so they really hold up well and don’t peel, flake, or fade but comes with all their original luster.
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11. Marine Corp Lejeune Semper Fi Challenge Coin

If your Marine has been stationed at Camp Lejeune, this one is perfect for them. Almost every Marine goes through this place via PCS or training. This coin is made of solid bronze and enamel; this item is officially licensed by the U.S. Marine Corps and has a unique design on both sides. They will appreciate the colored detailed design and its sentiment.
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12. USMC Ronald Reagan Marine Quote Military Coin

This iconic quote from Ronald Reagan is the ultimate tribute to this elite branch. Carry your service pride everywhere you go with this striking U.S. Marine Corps challenge coin. The 3D design and polished die-struck enamel bring this coin to life, while its solid brass construction and hefty weight give it a real presence in your pocket–a presence that remains even when you’re not looking. Don’t miss out on this incredible collector’s item, and make sure you get yours today!
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Marine Corps Challenge Coins For Graduation

1. Marine Corps First Salute Challenge Coin

Be a part of the U.S. Military tradition where the newly commissioned officer gives a silver dollar to the one returning their very first salute. This elegant US Marine Corps First Salute challenge coin is an awesome gift for your newly minted Marine. Surprise them with this coin and your awareness of the Military traditions.
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2. Parris Island Challenge Coin

Officially Licensed! This Parris Island Challenge Coin is the perfect gift for your newly graduated Marine. It is a collectible keepsake and an ideal personal memento. This coin is a solid brass 3D die-struck coin made by Marine owned company. You know you’re in good hands if you buy this.
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3. USMC School of Infantry Camp Geiger Challenge Coin

Got someone who just graduated from USMC school of infantry? This is the one gift they will appreciate more than ever. It’s one of a kind Camp Geiger coin that they will forever cherish. At 3.5mm thick, it will be hard to misplace! Our official SOI emblem’s back features, and the front bears the EGA, which our grunts and non-commissioned officers will appreciate.  #usmc #SOI
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4. TBS The Basic School Challenge Coin

This great coin is an excellent gift for any new Marine officer – Whether they’ve just graduated from The Basic School or if they just picked it up along the way! TBS is a significant milestone in their career, and they will appreciate this gorgeous coin. The shield with rifle and sword is amazingly cast into a masterpiece. Definitely worth adding to your Marine’s collection.
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5. Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, SC Challenge Coin

The iconic yellow footsteps originally placed to guide new Marines right off the bus are right there for nostalgia. It’s an antique nickel round coin with enamel inlay. Perfect gift for any new Marine, birthday or graduation present. The colored design will not fade and acts a collectable they’ll never forget.
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USMC Challenge Coins For Promotion

1. U.S. Marines Lance Corporal Challenge Coin

The exclusive Lance Corporal Challenge Coin is a beautiful gift for any marine that has served their country to become a Lance Corporal. Made of 1 3/4 inch (44mm) bronze antique and enamel, this collectible coin is durable, quality made, and will be sure to last a lifetime. A unique part of their collection that they can carry with them anywhere as a reminder of everything they have been through and all those who made it possible.
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2. U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Challenge Coin

This Trademark of the Marine Corps circle design with encircled eagle, globe and anchor, red border, center eagle is highlighted and enhanced by enamel color. The perfect gift for any new Marine Corporal on promotion. Show you appreciate their service. Add to their collection with this cool collectible.
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3. U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Challenge Coin

This Marine Corps Sergeant challenge coin symbolizes achievement in the US Marine Corps – Becoming a Sergeant. This bronze antique with enamel shows the sergeant chevrons in full color. With the USMC sergeant insignia and globe & anchor on the front, it’s the perfect gift for any new Marine Sergeant on promotion. Officially licensed by the US Marines. Order yours today!
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4. U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Challenge Coin

This prestigious, custom-made coin-bearing coveted Gunnery Sergeant rank is a great gift for new Gunnery Sergeants or an awesome collectible piece for veterans. Put this unique token of appreciation in the hands of an esteemed Marine, and give him or her a souvenir for a lifetime. Take pride in supporting those who have served honorably to protect our freedoms and way of life.
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Marine Corps Challenge Coins For Retirement Or Veterans

1. Thank You for Your Service Military Coin

Let us help you express your thanks to the military troops who have served our country in the Marines by gifting them one of these quality crafted collectible coins. Each coin has a beautiful enameled design and an epoxy protective seal. Built to last generations. Perfect for warrior tributes or military retirement gifts. Made in the USA.
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2. U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Semper Fidelis Challenge Coin

This U.S. Marine Corps challenge coin is the perfect gift for any marine veteran, and it’s a great addition to any collection. It’s crafted in solid brass with enamel highlights and an antique finish, and it features the EGA insignia on its front with the Semper Fi motto. Simple and elegant; everything desired from a gift.
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3. Marine Corps Veteran Semper Fidelis Art Coin

Challenge coins are a widely-recognized symbol of one’s membership in the military. This challenge coin celebrates the life of those Marines who have served and defended our freedoms as we live them every day. The obverse features the official Marine Corps emblem surrounded by the words Semper Fidelis, which means “Always Faithful” in Latin. The reverse displays the U.S. Flag to remind the holder of the values of loyalty, leadership, and camaraderie. A great gift for any Marine veteran.
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4. Marine Corps Devil Dog Bottle Opener Coin

Simply push the Marine Corps Devil Dog military veteran challenge coin into the bottle cap and watch it pop off with ease! Did your hands get a little wet? No problem! This amazing 10mm thick challenge coin bottle opener will never rust or corrode! This product is proudly Made in the USA!
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5. USMC Veteran Support coin

This is an antique bronze-plated finished coin and features the Marine Corps logo with the words “Now stand beside me to fight for needed services for my brothers and sisters.” Raise awareness for the veteran issues and struggles that plagues these men and women that struggle to reintegrate after retirement. It’s a silent message that pushes to take action.
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Wrapping It Up

Those sure were a lot of Marine corps challenge coins! I hope you found a few that resonated with you. If you have better suggestions or an idea to improve this post, please comment below, and I’ll be sure to update this resource.

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