15 Stunning Coast Guard Challenge Coins For USCG Members

Like most military members, US Coast Guard members often look for the perfect challenge coins to express their dedication and loyalty.

A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion bearing the name or symbol of an organization, which the organization gives to members, or former members, often as a token of recognition or esteem.

The most common occasions of giving a challenge coin are graduation, promotion, retirement, or holidays. It’s also a standard practice of providing veterans these coins to remind them of their former service and honor them.

I’ve researched online and found some of the best Coast guard challenge coins to make your life easier. Go ahead and choose one of these, and you will make your loved one proud!

Best Coast Guard Challenge Coins

1. Core Values Challenge Coin – U.S. Coast Guard

Inspired by the U.S. Coast Guard’s official seal, this handsome challenge coin celebrates the core values passed on through generations of coast guard members. It’s a gift that any coastie would be proud to receive and one they’ll never forget—an ideal gift for graduation or promotion. The beautiful cut out of the anchor and emblem in the middle makes this coin all the more handsome!
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2. Coast Guard Challenge Coin

Represent your pride for the United States Coast Guard with this exclusive challenge coin. This coin shows the USCG logo in three dimensions and has a gold finish. On the reverse side are displayed USCG colors with a helicopter and a coast guard boat. These details are a beautiful set against solid medals making this an impressive display piece that is sure to draw attention.
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3. US Coast Guard Police Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

Be a proud supporter of your member’s service in the United States Coast Guard by purchasing this challenge coin. The front has a detailed USCG badge that will amaze any recipient. This coin is made of gold plated metal and features beautiful artwork designed to capture your member’s active military service.
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4. United States Coast Guard Commemorative Challenge Coin

Let this U.S Coast Guard Commemorative Challenge Coin be a reminder to the recipient that you are thinking of them and their service! Featuring an enamel design and a textured coin design, it’s an excellent gift for any U.S. Coast Guard veteran or active-duty member. This 1 3/4″ challenge coin comes with a protective plastic sleeve (as shown) and makes a great keepsake or award for any occasion.
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5. U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Challenge Coin

This one is made especially for the coast guard reserve. Let them know; they are not forgotten! This Semper Paratus Challenge Coin is made of high-quality metal and has unique artwork. The obverse side shows Coast Guard in action on high seas, whereas the reverse side has the coast guard emblem.
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6. Coast Guard Veteran Challenge Coin

The Coast Guard Challenge Coin is a 3-D die-struck coin with fantastic detail! It has been specially designed by United States Coast Guard veterans to show just how much they appreciate what the service members and veterans do. It can be given as a gift to say thank you or as recognition for their service.
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7. Coast Guard Dog Tag Bottle Opener Coin

Talk about something that is both beautiful and practical! This is a lasting keepsake for Coast Guard members, will be proudly worn around their neck as a challenge coin or carried in their pocket. This one comes in handy when cracking open a few beers because of the in-built bottle opener too! Is there anything this piece of metal can’t do?
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8. Coast Guard First Salute Challenge Coin

Unsurpassable quality and a beautiful tribute are a great way to show gratitude for your coast guard member’s service. It’s a 1.75 inch Solid Brass Die Struck Challenge Coin by Coins For Anything, Inc. This is not some cheap flimsy knock-off. Gift this one on your coastie officer’s graduation and help them fill out the age-old tradition of coining their first salute.
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9. Coast Guard Core Values Challenge Coin

The Coast Guard Core Values Challenge Coin is an attractive way to pay tribute to your Coast Guard members and their mission. Made of solid brass and die-struck for an incredible likeness, this coin features the Coast Guard motto, Honor-Devotion-Respect. An excellent gift for any veteran or active duty member! You won’t find better quality anywhere!
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10. United States Coast Guard Challenge Coin with Hero’s Valor Prayer

Show your support for the Coast Guard with this challenge coin. This is a larger 1.75″ diameter coin. The background of this coin shows the Coast Guard seal with its red signature color. On the back of the coin, you will find the words for a Hero’s Valor Prayer. This thoughtful gift will touch your guardsman or guardswoman for their protection.
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11. US Coast Guard Colorized Challenge Coin

Behold your favorite sea hero with this exclusive 3-D high relief challenge coin. This beautiful antique-finished solid bronze commemorative medallion features a heavy-weight antique hand-rubbed finish. It’s a lovely gift for any occasion, especially memorial day, USCG birthday, or any patriotic event.
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12. Challenge Coin with USCG Logo and Oath of Enlistment

This Vietnam Coast Guard Veteran Challenge Coin draws Veterans and Supporters alike. The reverse side is designed to capture the honor of The Oath of Enlistment. The beautiful color, design, and imagery go with any décor and make a great reminder of how much the Vietnam Coast Guard Member has made for our Country!
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13. Armor of God High Relief – Coast Guard Challenge Coin

The Armor of God High Relief Challenge Coin is minted with a unique process called splash minting. This process gives the coin detail & relief that is quite exceptional. It is packaged with a detailed header card that describes the courage and commitment to justice of all those who fight as members of the world’s most incredible Coast Guard for our enemies.
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14. U.S. Coast Guard Veteran Challenge Coin

Always remember those who have served in the United States Coast Guard. Each of these challenge coins was created with careful attention to detail and constructed solidly with thick brass. These coins are the 1.375-inch diameter and officially licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard, which gives them their unique design. The back is enamel filled and features the official seal of the U.S. Coast Guard. Any recruit or veteran alike will appreciate the detailed artwork on this coin, which will likely remain with them for a long time.
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15. Semper Paratus Always Ready Coast Guard Challenge Coin

This is a coast guard challenge coin to show your support for your coast guardsman. It features antique gold and silver finishes and the words Semper Paratus, Always Ready. With a 4mm depth, this coin is designed for a 3D look and has a rich and powerful look that will be enjoyed by any active duty USCG servicemember or USCG Auxiliary member.
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Wrapping It Up

I hope you found this article insightful and that it helped find an excellent coast guard challenge coin to give someone who is part of your family or just an avid collector! I would love feedback on what other coins might be helpful, so please feel free to leave me comments below with any suggestions.

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