20+ Awesome Air Force Challenge Coins Every Member, Veteran or USAF Family Should Own

Did you know that the Air Force introduced the challenge coins?

The story goes that during WW-I, a U.S. pilot had one made for his unit and wore it around his neck. While flying over Germany, his plane was shot down, and he was captured. The Germans stripped him of everything except for his coin around the neck. He eventually managed to escape and was picked up by friendly French forces. Suspecting that he was spying as the pilot couldn’t prove his identity, they prepared to execute him. His life was only spared when the French saw the medallion around his neck and recognized the American squadron’s emblem. The challenge coin has been associated as a symbol of identity and pride in the military.

U.S. Air Force also has the tradition of presenting challenge coins to new cadets and Airmen on graduation. Each squadron often has its own pride challenge coin. As it turns out, the coins are not just showpieces—they have many practical uses, including the fact that they are beautiful and make great gifts.

We’ve done some research and found the best Air Force challenge coins out there for you. Here you go:

Air Force Challenge Coins For Active Duty

1. U.S. Air Force Cut-out Challenge Coin

The honor and sacrifice of America’s men and women in uniform deserves the highest tribute. The Air Force Challenge Coin captures their values, mission and heritage for each generation to cherish. It’s an excellent design, and the beautiful finish is stunning to look at. Undeniably an heirloom quality collectible.
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2. United States Air Force Challenge Coin (Eagle Crest)

This item is a solid, heavy-duty Collectible Challenge Coin. It features a full-color enamel finish with USAF insignia and Fighter Aircraft on both sides. This exclusive offering has an additional design element, the words ‘Integrity, Service and Excellence’, in raised lettering on the back – which is core values. This challenge coin can be presented to an Air Force member upon completing training or achieving an important goal.
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3. Coins of America U.S. Air Force Challenge Coin

Whether you have served, are currently serving, or want to support our men and women’s service and sacrifice in uniform, this challenge coin is a vital part of creating your Air Force Heritage. Each coin is made of solid bronze and has been finished and protected with a rich bronze patina. A smooth finish on the obverse offers a unique feel for an effortless grip while spinning your challenge coin.
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4. USAF Air Force Security Police Challenge Art Coin

This Coin is a tribute to the USAF Security Forces and is of the highest quality, and makes a great collectible or gift. U.S. Air Force Security Police are law enforcement officers responsible for policing personnel, visitors, and facilities within their assigned installation or facility. Each piece of challenge coin is enclosed in an acrylic protective case and makes for a great gift.
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5. United States Air Force Challenge Coin with Hero’s Valor Prayer 1-Pack (One Coin)

The coin contains the Official coat of arms of the USAF, and on the back, a ‘Hero’s Valor Prayer’ is embossed in gold. The challenge coin honors your active Air Force military person uniquely and beautifully. Gift this one on their promotion or just because. Your Air warrior will love it.
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6. United States Air Force Security Forces Challenge Coin

The Air Force Security Forces Defenders of the Force Challenge Coin is a must-have for all current and former Air Force Security Forces members and fans. The unique feature is the shape of the skull wearing the security forces beret. Each coin is made of commemorative brass with black enamel color. It’s beautiful and elegant; everything you want in a coin.
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7. Air Force Core Values Challenge Coin

This challenge coin is perfect for the true “American Patriot.” This one shows USAF core values, a code which these heroes live by. The intricate etching of Aircraft is genuinely breathtaking. A great gift to show pride for your loved one in the military! Perfect for your loved one who serves or has served in our Air Force. Let them know how you feel about their service to our country.
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8. U.S. Air Force Engravable Personalized Challenge Coin

A U.S. Air Force challenge coin is a powerful symbol of recognition and appreciation. This exclusive air force challenge coin is made with gold plating, making it an awe-inspiring gift for an airman or an airman’s family member. A custom engraving on the backside can etch any message of your choice. You can thank them for their service, congratulate them on promotion, or even express your love!
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9. Air Force Challenge Coin F-16 Fighting Falcon

The F 16 Fighter Challenge Coin is a phenomenal memento that you can carry at all times. For a man or woman in the USAF, it is quite a symbol of prestige and honor, especially given to them by a loved one. The aircraft shape is highly detailed and makes the coin extremely unique and attractive. The use of colors adds to its appeal, making it a delight to look at, even while remaining compact and portable.
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10. The Airman’s Creed Collectible Coin

This Air Force Coin is an excellent way to recognize the efforts of any outstanding Airman or Airwoman. USAF ranks surround the famous bald eagle to signify the recipient’s rise through promotion. All the while, the core values of the USAF will guide them to make their country proud.
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11. US Air Force Challenge Coin F-35 Lightning II Fighter

These coins are the perfect gift/souvenir for anyone serving or planning to serve in the United States Air Force. This fighter is the pride and joy of the USAF and our nation’s tip of the spear. The shape of the F-35 Stealth fighter is amazingly detailed and is a delight to look at. Your service member will love this one. Don’t wait too long!
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12. SR-71 Blackbird Military Aircraft Shaped Air Force Challenge Coin

For decades the SR-71 was a vital tool for strategic reconnaissance and tracking terrorist activity in key hot spots. Possessing neither the speed nor range of the space-based assets, the SR-71 depended on its stealth to avoid detection. It flew so high and so fast that many people didn’t believe it existed. Today they are collectors’ favorite and worldwide conversation pieces. Gift your Air warrior a piece of this iconic aircraft with impeccable legacy.
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13. United States Space Force Challenge Coin

This engraved coin will be the perfect gift for someone who has switched over to this futuristic new branch. Support their choice and let them know you stand behind them. It features the Space Force logo on one side and the US Space Command graphic on the reverse side. This 3D engraving of a coin is 40mm in diameter and is silver plated. The coin comes in a clear acrylic windowed case to stay in mint condition and avoid oxidation.
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Air Force Challenge Coins For Veterans

1. U.S. Air Force / Retired – Challenge Coin

These coins also make great gifts for family and friends who have served in the USAF. The USAF logo on the front is symbolic of their sacrifices to make this nation great. Plus, the funds from the sale go towards the US Military MWR (Moral, Welfare, and Recreation) programs, where they do a lot of good things for military servicemen and women. Each coin comes in a handsome velvet pouch.
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2. U.S. Air Force Veteran Challenge Coin

This U.S. Air Force Challenge Coin will be a nice gift for the veterans or the friends and family of the brave airmen who have protected our freedom and security. The quality and craftsmanship of this brass challenge coin are unparalleled. The bald eagle on top of the U.S. flag is just incredibly detailed. Overall a tasteful and artsy coin that they will love to have.
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3. USAF Veteran Challenge Coin

The detailed Air Force logo in the center of this U.S. Air Force Veteran Challenge Coin reflects the outstanding service veterans have rendered for us all. Honor the military services they have performed for us with this meaningful and emotion-evoking Air Force Challenge Coin. Easy to carry on key chains or neck-straps, this coin will be treasured for many years to come.
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4. USAF Core Values Veteran Commemorative Coin

A constant reminder of the core values instilled by the United States Air Force. Honor the services they have rendered in the past and make them feel appreciated and loved with our Tribute Challenge Coin. The artwork is amazingly detailed. It has a gold border which gives it an elegant look. It’s sturdy to hold and will be treasured for years to come.
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5. Air Force Retired Challenge Coin

This US Air Force Retired Challenge Coin is not your typical challenge coin. It has been created with amazing detail and weight! 1.75 Solid Brass Die Struck! You are going to be blown away when you see this beautiful military coin. The USAF officially licenses this coin. If you are an Air Force veteran or have relatives that USAF vets, they will cherish this gift for years to come. Loved by all that receive it!
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6. Military Veterans Challenge Coin Thank You for Your Service

This thank-you gift is also a great way of honoring our veterans. It features a challenge coin – an honorable medal dedicated to the men and women who have given their lives for our country. Inscribed on one side are the words “Service, Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Honor, Courage, Integrity,” which are values that every military person lives by. This is the perfect gift for coins collectors or military veterans served in the United States Navy, Army Air Force, Marines Corps, or Coast Guard.
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Air Force Challenge Coins For Graduation

1. Air Force Oath of Enlistment Coin

This round Air Force Enlistment Coin featuring an antique nickel finish and enamel accents delivers a unique way for new enlistees to remember when they took the Oath of Enlistment. The patriotic flag behind the Air Force emblem adds a spirit of patriotism. The coin is colored in a prestigious Air Force blue and white theme and can be framed for display on a desk or mantle.
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2. EAGLE CREST U.S. Air Force Airman Award Challenge Coin

Here’s the perfect gift for all Air Force graduates and recruits. This unique challenge coin features a 1.625″ round coin with high-quality graphics. It has an aim high logo on one side and an Airman Award logo on the other side. It makes a great memento of achievement for all Air Force personnel as they begin their careers in the U.S. Air Force.
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3. United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel Challenge Coin

Some consider it the most beautiful cadet chapel in the world – a place where faith, loyalty, and honor unite to form ideals that will last a lifetime for thousands of graduates who take their oath upon its sacred altar. The United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel Challenge Coin is a two-sided coin with full-color imagery on both sides. It features imagery of the main chapel building and cadet motifs, including ‘Aim High.’ A must-have for any Cadet or Graduate collection, this commemorative coin makes an ideal gift commemorating their graduation all the more special.
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4. Air Force First Salute Challenge Coin

This Air Force First Salute Challenge Coin is the perfect gift for anyone who has just gotten a commission as Officer in the USAF. Help them fulfill the tradition of giving a coin on getting their first salute. It’s amazingly detailed and features great artwork of officers saluting the flag. It’s truly something they would love to keep forever.
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Air Force Challenge Coins For Family

1. Air Force Spouse Appreciation Challenge Pewter Coin

This US Air Force Spouse challenge coin makes a thoughtful gift for any air force spouse in your life. This coin honors these women’s sacrifices, who sacrifice during deployments and re-acclimation to normal life at home. Featuring the official Air Force emblem on one side and a Spouse appreciation statement on the other, it is sure to be enjoyed by all US Air Force spouses. It is a good appreciation token that doubles as a collectible challenge coin displayed on a shelf or framed.
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2. Armed Forces Depot Proud Air Force Dad Challenge Coin

If you’re looking to give a unique, timeless gift for an Air Force dad, this commemorative challenge coin makes a great choice. This coin has stunning artwork of flying fighter jets that is a pleasure to look at. Whether they’re reliving memories with their Air Force buddies or want a special reminder of their proud family, this coin will do the job.
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3. Proud Air Force Mom Coin

This is the perfect gift for your air force mom; she will appreciate the sentiment. The special Air Force logo is on both sides of the coin. One side is engraved with “Proud Air Force Mom.” It’s an appreciation of all the prayers and love she has sent your way. Moms are love!
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Wrapping It Up

I hope you found this article insightful and that it helped in finding a great gift to give someone who is part of your USAF family or just an avid collector! I would love feedback on what other articles might be helpful, so please feel free to leave me comments below with any suggestions.

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