32 Unique Military Wedding Gifts They Will Adore (#23 Is A MUST HAVE)

Selecting wedding gifts can be hard, and we feel your pain. It makes matters even worse if your bride or groom-to-be are Military. Fear not, as we have curated some awesome Military wedding gifts just for you. Sit back, relax and go through this list:

Best Military Wedding Gifts

US Navy Tabletop Accent Lamp

1. US Navy Tabletop Accent Lamp

Honor your sailor. Your sailor is an asset to the country, and their patriotism is not to be taken lightly. Let them feel special and honor them with this US Navy Tabletop Accent Lamp. Order one today to present to your warrior and see how they’ll love the stunning collectible. With a handcrafted sailor from WWII and a 22K gold-plated ship wheel with the emblem of the US Navy, it’s truly a masterpiece in itself.
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Garmin Tactix Bravo

2. Garmin Tactix Bravo

Garmin tactix Bravo multifunction watch is the best watch any soldier can wish for. With all the tactical features built-in like jumpmaster activity, projected waypoints, this watch is also built to be compatible with night vision goggles. It also comes with compass/ barometer/ altimeter, GPS/ GLONASS navigation, and wireless connectivity. Coated with diamond-like carbon coating, this is a serious watch for soldiers. Modern, classy and rugged; the taxtix bravo is a dream of any soldier.
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INFANTRY Mens 50mm Heavy Duty Tactical Watch

3. INFANTRY Mens 50mm Heavy Duty Tactical Watch

Infantry watches are built for the military men in mind. This large faced analog & digital watch is a stunner to look at. It boasts an anti-scratch mineral dial window for any soldier who is always on the go and needs his timepiece with them at all times. While this watch is one of the budget options. Looks can be deceiving as to its premium look and feel is bound to wow your soldier.
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Hot-Z Golf US Military Air Force Cart Bag

4. Hot-Z Golf US Military Air Force Cart Bag

Air Force Hole in Ones. Carry your USAF pride with you around the golf course. Make your loved one stand out in the next tournament or casual game with your friends with this lightweight, stylish golf cart bag. Watch them receive praises from others when they see the Air Force Blue running through veins. This beautiful golf bag is sure to look stylish and functional on the course. For anyone who golfs and is serving or previously served our great country.
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US Air Force Sapphire Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver

5. US Air Force Sapphire Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver

An Air Force Luxury. This classic, lightweight bold design brings so much beauty; you wouldn’t even know it represents the Air Force! Handcrafted with excellence, this premium bracelet consists of a beautiful sapphire stone & an engraved ‘US Air Force’ to make her feel special on any occasion. Made in America & officially licensed by US Air Force, this is a gift she will treasure forever.
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U.S. Air Force Commemorative Watch by The Bradford Exchange

6. U.S. Air Force Commemorative Watch by The Bradford Exchange

Timeless Tradition. From the earliest days of Air Force to today, proud American men and women made the ultimate sacrifice to protect us for a better future. Now it is our moment to honor them back for all their heroic bravery, putting country before self. This chronograph-style commemorative watch is a fine jewelry exclusive. Only 5,000 created making it a special edition. Excellently handcrafted in stainless steel to celebrate the dedicated man in your life. It has an Air Force blue watch face with an elegant silver and gold-tone finish. The Powerful words ‘ABOVE ALL’ are carefully placed on the side to remind him of his military journey. The perfect choice for your Air Force hero.
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Air Force Academy Falcons Competitor Ladies Watch with Two-Tone Band

7. Air Force Academy Falcons Competitor Ladies Watch with Two-Tone Band

Representing Team Spirit.Does the woman in your life like to keep things classy?Nothing completes an outfit like a perfect Two-Tone timepiece placed on your wrist.Let your woman complete the ultimate executive look & prove she is a part of Falcon Nation.23kt gold-plated bezel with a quality stainless steel case and date function will prove her class and compliment her business attire.It would make a perfect addition to her Air Force Falcons collection.
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9" Polished Premium Brass Nautical Sextant

8. 9″ Polished Premium Brass Nautical Sextant

Beautiful reminder. Now that they’ve retired from the most amazing career, what our sailor really needs is some reminder of the good old days that they can hang on to. Get them this Nagina International Brass Nautical Sextant with Rosewood Handcrafted Luxurious Case to make an impressive addition to their collectibles. The sextant may be decorative but is a replica of the original and fully-functional to impress your veteran.
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USAF 14kt Gold Filled Miz PAH Pendant

9. USAF 14kt Gold Filled Miz PAH Pendant

A Gift from the Lord. Long-distance relationships can be tough at times. It’s the powerful bond of love between you both, which will keep you connected when your partner is out on duty. The 14kt Gold Mizpah medal will represent your unbreakable bond, and keep your hearts close for as long as God is watching over you. The pendant makes sure that no matter how far away you are, you will always be together.
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Danbury Mint Personalized Men

10. Danbury Mint Personalized Men’s Military Ring

Fly, Flight, Win. It’s the powerful statement of Airmen’s pride in their service and the words they live by. This USAF ring features a gleaming gold emblem to symbolize the strength they carry and is personalized with your hero’s name. 12 sparkling diamonds are a reflection of true American glory, a personal sense of accomplishment. Ion-plated gold means this rings extremely durable finish will last forever, just like our gratitude for their service. A proud symbol for your warrior to be recognized for his incredible achievements.
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Angel of Peace Statue with Sword Lady

11. Angel of Peace Statue with Sword Lady

If she is from the US Air Force community she’s a warrior, a fighter and deserves to be honored! Here’s an Angel of Peace Statue with Sword Lady so she can see her reflection every time she looks at it. Sculpted with cold cast bronze and handpainted in bronze finish, it’s a beautiful art piece to display in her living room or library. Get her this well deserved present today.
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Modern Abstract Wings Art Sculpture

12. Modern Abstract Wings Art Sculpture

Does she love sculptures? Here’s one she’ll especially adore if she’s from the US Air Force community. Made with Resin and available in two colors, it’s a beautiful depiction of Abstract Wings that she can display on her living room table or bookcase. Get her one today and add an Air Force touch to her home decor.
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Casio G-Shock Stealth Black Watch

13. Casio G-Shock Stealth Black Watch

G-Shock needs no introduction. This iconic piece of hardware holds a special place in the military especially the Marines. Built with ruggedness in mind, this watch has a plethora of features. Other than the standard bells and whistles, this watch is water-resistant up to 200m and displays time for 48 cities. Finally, the design is just perfect for any soldier who loves to get their hands dirty. Get it for your favorite soldier and see it last a lifetime.
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Personalized US Military - Square Whiskey Label Decanter

14. Personalized US Military – Square Whiskey Label Decanter

Ahhh Alcohol, our favourite pastime which is espcially popular amongst the soldier. Why not gift our soldier, what they actually love? Add a pinch of extra love by personalizing it with US Military emblem. A timeless piece of classy whiskey decanter which will serve a lifetime and rekindle their love for the service is always a good choice. This one ticks all the boxes.
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Diver Wrist Watch

15. Diver Wrist Watch

Time in style. Looking for just the perfect gift for your retiring sailor who is hard to impress. Get them this Vostok Komandirskie Automatic 24 Hour Dial, and they’ll absolutely love it. You’ll find them wearing it literally EVERYWHERE they go; to weddings, reunions, birthdays, or casual dinners. Hell, they can even take it underwater with them, when they go for a dive since it’s 200m water resistant!
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Leather Air Force Scrapbook

16. Leather Air Force Scrapbook

Here’s a scrapbook that your Air warrior will love being presented with on their wedding. This Leather Air Force Scrapbook carries the US Air Force logo on the blue cover and includes multiple picture inserts. Now they can organize all their treasured pictures from days of their services in the US Air Force safe and organized. Order it for them right away and help secure here beautiful memories.
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Sterling Silver USMC Men

17. Sterling Silver USMC Men’s Ring

Is your Marine the one who does not shy away from proudly stating his ownership of the corps? If so, this is the perfect gift for this patriot. Made with silver and having a breathtaking design, nothing makes a bolder statement than this ring. Custom made by a Marine owned company right here in the USA. You cannot go wrong with this one here.
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F-22 Jet fighter handmade sterling silver stud earrings

18. F-22 Jet fighter handmade sterling silver stud earrings

Jets on Her Ears. Probably the smallest jets you’ll ever see! These cute little F-22 fighter studs fit perfectly for everyday wear. Handmade in the USA with polished sterling silver, these earrings will receive many compliments from her friends and family. A beautiful gift box will make her smile and show her that you care. A truly unique gift for your air force woman or family.
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US Navy Cufflinks Blue Cuff Links

19. US Navy Cufflinks Blue Cuff Links

Dress in style. If your groom likes to dress in style or even if they don’t already, you need to help them out! What would complement a three-piece suit for any formal occasion best is this Cufflinks Inc. Men’s Enamel US Navy Cufflinks. Get them these gold-tone cufflinks with US Navy motif on its enamel center so that everyone can know what a fantastic career they have had.
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Etched World Decanter whiskey Globe with Antique Airplane

20. Etched World Decanter whiskey Globe with Antique Airplane

A beautiful Way to Serve Expensive Alcohol. Who does’nt love classy drinkware? Gift them this wonderful whiskey gift set and make them feel good when they serve their guests with a luxury experience. Perfect for showing off their finest selection of Whiskey, Vodka, and liquor in a beautifully prese. An absolute essential gift to elevate your loved one’s home bar or desk.
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Authentic AO Eyewear Silver Frame Bayonet Sunglasses

21. Authentic AO Eyewear Silver Frame Bayonet Sunglasses

The Original Pilot Sunglasses. The glasses that made American Optical famous. Made for pilots who have a story worth telling. Engineered for the most rigorous military demands and issued to millions of US troops. A durable metal frame will last through many battles in the air. The clearest glass lenses will let him see the world from a different angle. This American classic is perfect for your dad, son, husband, brother or Airman.
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16 Inch Brass Ship Telescope

22. 16 Inch Brass Ship Telescope

See beyond the sea. If your sailor has spent time on the sea, they would definitely have used a Ship Telescope many times in their career. What would make a healthy and happy reminder of the past for them is this MAH 16 Inch Brass Ship Telescope? Get them this handheld brass telescope with a handcrafted wooden box to display with the rest of their most treasured collectibles.
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Nautical 18

23. Nautical 18” U.S Navy Diving Helmet

Let the decor at your sea warrior’s home speak of their glory. One such gift item that would make a remarkable, antique addition to their table would be this Nautical 18” U.S Navy Diving Helmet Mark V Glass in antique yellow finish. This 5 kg decorative item is especially fitting to their collection if they’ve been a diver. Don’t wait for another second; get one now and put a smile on the sailor’s face.
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Recliner for Comfort

24. Recliner for Comfort

Hardwork needs to be rewarded and you know that military life is hard. If you are thankful to the service rendered by your soldier, nothing screams comfort more than a cushy recliner. Be it binging on tv, watching a game or just plain old lazing around , the recliner is your best friend. Put your soldier at ease by putting their bum on this comfirtable recliner. See their tired eye sockets turn into puppy-eyes when they get your gift. Go ahead, picture it.
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Artificial Horizon Necklace and Earring Set

25. Artificial Horizon Necklace and Earring Set

Every Pilot Flying In Style.She will be soaring in style wearing the handmade jewelry set.The beautiful Sterling Silver wrapped around her neck, will see her glide in the sky with elegance.The 14k Gold necklace & leverback earrings are sure to distract anyone looking over.The perfect gift to compliment any lady the Artificial Horizon set will give her an immediate fashion advantage.
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Globe Bourbon Decanter for Air Force Veteran

26. Globe Bourbon Decanter for Air Force Veteran

Is your favorite friend or family member getting married? Do they love whiskey? If yes, Globe Bourbon Decanter for Air Force service member will make an excellent wedding gift for them. This 1000ml globe-shaped Decanter has an intricately designed airplane in the center. Present it to your special person today and let them enjoy whiskey in style.
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Large Marine Corps Iwo Jima Statue

27. Large Marine Corps Iwo Jima Statue

Iwo Jima holds a very special place in every Marine’s heart especially for any Marine. This battle represented the ultimate price paid by the corps with a mindblowing 26000 casualities. Roughly 800 Americans died for every square mile of this black volcanic island. This piece of history has been beautifully sculptured in premium quality resin with amazing detail. This large statue is the piece of history your Marine has looked up to for inspiration throughout their career. So why not make it a permanent feature in their living room or office?
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U.S. Army Art Piece

28. U.S. Army Art Piece

Here’s something to display on the wall for your loved one from the Army. They would love their home decor to speak of it. This beautiful U.S. Army Art Piece includes hundreds of famous army saying, slogans, phrases, and bases. These US Army identifiers surround an embossed US army medallion to make it a perfect gift for any home. Get one today for your patriot to hang on their wall.
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HCSB Airman

29. HCSB Airman’s Bible

Honoring America’s Greatest. The HCSB Airman’s Bible is a book of inspiration and spiritual guidance inspiring America’s great military heroes. It is thoughtfully designed for those serving the cause of US freedom. This special book presents the words of Christ in red, so when times are tough at camp, your brave Airman will be guided with patriotic wisdom. Its collection of protection promises & prayers will provide added encouragement to guide your Airman through this emotional experience. You can feel at peace. This beautiful bible can easily be fit in uniform pockets; they can carry inspiration with them everywhere they go. A truly special gift for anyone in the Air Force.
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Air Force Academy pearl bracelet and sterling silver charm

30. U.S. Air Force Academy pearl bracelet and sterling silver charm

Timeless Elegance.Compliment her beauty with a US Air Force Academy pearl bracelet and finest grade sterling silver charm.The luminous pearls feature Freshwater, to keep her look dazzling.USAFA seal delicately engraved on the front with a strong interlocking clasp for a secure and stylish hold. She will always be a member of the team.This charming bracelet is a perfect present to reward her dedicated service.
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Royal Decanters Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

31. Royal Decanters Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

A toast to the Military. What better time to hang out with friends & family and relive the gold old days over some good whiskey? That’s what makes this Royal Decanters Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter Gift Set such a thoughtful gift. Present this beautifully crafted set and let them drink in style.
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Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe

32. Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe

Here’s an upcycled Cotton Sari Robe to let your lady friend enjoy her leisure time in ultimate comfort. She’ll truly feel like a queen lounging in this beautiful, soft robe. It features a patchwork of handmade saris from a village in India. Present them this lightweight sari robe which includes a complimentary sash to make it a beautiful attire to wear at home.

Wrapping It Up

I really hope you’ve got some good ideas about what to get your favourite person for their Military wedding. Did you find what you were looking for? Or do you have a suggestion to add to this list? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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