Air Force Retirement Gifts

Top 10 Air Force Retirement Gift Ideas To Win The Heart Of Your Air Warrior

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas or retirement, everyone likes a present that speaks to their heart. If you really love someone, it’s always a great idea to give them a gift they can relate to. Are you trying to find the ideal present for a parent, sibling, spouse, friend or anyone close to you who is retiring from the air force? If yes, then you’re lucky to land at the right spot. We’ll present air force retirement gift ideas that’ll make your retiring service member feel special. After all, they devoted a greater part of their lives to the air force, they deserve a grand retirement!

Why is it important to choose a unique air force retirement gift?

It’s not always essential to find the most expensive gift for the receiver to like it. Sometimes, even a simple mug can win a heart, you just have to be careful in what you choose.
  • Since they’ve spent most of their lives serving the air force, a good retirement gift will be something they can relate to.
  • It’s the service of these Air warriors that has kept the nation safe. A good gift will be an acknowledgment of their services.
  • Anyone who has been in the Air Force will love using, or keeping (if it’s a collectible) an air force retirement gift.
  • It can be an object to bring back good memories, one that’ll put a smile on their face.

What to look for when choosing an air force retirement gift?

Choosing an excellent gift for someone who’s retiring from the air force can be a difficult choice, especially if you don’t have much insight on the profession yourself. Worry not! Here are some points to remember and you’ll be good to go.

Priceless mottos

Every profession, every branch has its own motto. People enjoy using these in their inner circle. Here are some mottos from the air force community that, if imprinted on an item, will potentially increase your gift’s worth: “Uno Ab Alto” “Fly-Fight-Win” “Aim High”

Focus on position

If you’re in the same field or have some insight regarding the position the person was holding or the type of work he was doing, you could find more specialized gifts. For example, something that has a special message related to a specific position.

Something of use

Of course, someone who’s not into coffee or tea wouldn’t have much use for a mug. Think of the person will have some use for the item you’re presenting him, or her, with. A whiskey flask would work great for a wine-lover.


Sometimes the seller will let you customize your purchase like having a personal note imprinted or embroidered, depending on the type of the gift. The more personal you will make, the more it will impress the one at the receiving end.

Top 10 air force retirement gift ideas

Honorary Plaque

What better way to pay tribute to a veteran’s services other than presenting them with an honorary plaque? Usually available in wood or metal, you can have the details of their specialized unit, position, and logo printed on it. In short, you can customize the entire thing to your liking. They’re usually inexpensive and come in several design options to pick from. Depending on the design, the plaque can either be hung from the wall as a frame or be placed on a table or mantlepiece. Either way, it will always remind the retiree of their glory and the times passed. They will also remember you with affection whenever they set their eyes on the plaque. Isn’t that exactly what you want? Your Airman or Airwoman will most likely be thrilled to see it and will display it in their lounge, living room or any other prominent place in the house.

Customized Mug

Imagine starting your day with a coffee in a mug that’s close to your heart. A mug is a very personal and one of the most frequently used items, especially for a tea or coffee lover. If the retiree is into hot drinks, a customized mug is an excellent gift for him. Not only will it be something they can use, but they will treasure it if it has something special printed on it. You can find all sorts of air force mugs with logos, humorous air force quotes, mottos, pictures and so on. If you can’t find anything that the person will especially love, you can also find mugs that allow custom printing. You can choose the design or a personal message to be printed on the mug that will instantly cheer up the soldier even if they’re a bit gloomy to leave their services.

Decanter Set

Perfect for a veteran who loves spending time with friends and reliving the good old days over some whiskey, the old-fashioned way! This is exactly what makes it such an ideal gift for a retiree since the hard days are over; now is their time to relax and share stories with friends. Most of them include a decanter and whiskey glasses and are nicely packed within a wooden box. The wooden box is usually engraved while the whiskey set is printed with classy logos or mottos to make anyone fall in love with them, let alone an ex-soldier. It can be used as a decoration or for having whiskey with friends. No matter which way the person chooses to use it, the guests will be left impressed.

Air Force Watch

It’s the best gift for prim and proper veterans who dress in style and do not take out their cell phones when they want the time like all the new ones but rely on their wristwatch. An air force wristwatch will not just be of great use to the person but they will also love having something air force related close to them at all times. Whenever they glimpse at the watch for the time, they’ll be reminded of the amazing career they have had and of the priceless moments spent in the air force. No matter where they go wearing it, they’ll be displaying their patriotism and love for the air force. Also, since they come in a wide range of prices and varieties for both men and women, you can easily find the one that’s within your budget. They’ll usually have an air force logo in the center and the same logo may also be printed on the box, depending on the model you purchase.

Whiskey flask

Where a decanter set can be an excellent present for someone who enjoys having friends over, a whiskey flask can be for someone who enjoys traveling. Stainless steel flasks work great as an outdoor whiskey supply; they can also fill it up with water or any favorite drink of theirs if they’re not a drinker. They’re usually made of stainless steel to give them a vintage touch and to make them a secure carrier for drinks. These inexpensive flasks are made with food-grade material and are tightly sealed to be conveniently carried in a bag without leaking the liquid into the other contents of the bag. These personal-sized flasks are an excellent size for your veteran’s backpack and will include an air force logo, motto or quote to make it their #1 favorite possession.

Cigar set

Even cooler is an air force cigar set which is a nice present for smokers. Remember seeing your dad or granddad and thinking how classy they look smoking a cigar? Present your veteran with an air force cigar set so they look even classier, and so that everyone can know what an amazing career they have retired from! These soldiers have seen both good times and bad times, given up a lot to keep the nation safe and so have their loved ones during the times they were deployed away. So now is the time for everyone to relax with a cigar in one hand and a nice book in the other. These air force cigar sets usually come with a wooden box that comprises a removable tray to hold their cigars. It may also include additional components such as cigar lighter and cutter. The box and its components will also usually carry the air force logo or motto for a personal touch.

Lapel pin

Going to a reunion with air force pals or any other formal occasion, an air force lapel pin will give them a classy look wherever they go and will instantly grab the attention of onlookers and highlight what an amazing career they have had. An air force engraved lapel pin can be a tribute not only to the US Air Force but also to the veteran’s services for the nation. Available in both unisex models and gender-specific models, it’s the perfect gift for retired personnel; on-duty officers will also love using it. Different shapes and styles are available to choose from depending on your taste. Sometimes, they are available in a classy engraved box to make it even more presentable. Compact and low-priced, it’s an excellent gift that the retiree can keep with them and use for years to come.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Playing golf with fellow veterans or going out for a morning jog, their air force retirement hoodie will be the first item your Airman or Airwoman grabs before heading out. As with most of the other air force retirement gifts on the list, a hoodie or a sweatshirt won’t be expensive and will give the person a sense of warmth, comfort and some sort of attachment to their air force background. You can either find pre-printed hoodies with air force logos or mottos or choose to get a customized hoodie where you can decide what’s going to imprint on it. You can find something humorous or an air force related note to get printed on the hoodie. A customized air force hoodie or sweatshirt will make an excellent gift for anyone who has proudly retired from the services and would like everyone to know it. Here are some imprinted hoodies and sweatshirts you can get ideas from:

Playing cards

Remind them that now that they have retired, it’s their time to relax and enjoy. After all, for all the hard work they have been coping with for so many years and their family that had endured their absence while they served the country, the entire family deserves some fun now. A set of customized air force playing cards isn’t just a great gift for the veteran but something that the entire family can enjoy together. Whether it’s family time that they want to enjoy or hang out with friends, a set of playing cards will be a fun activity to keep them all involved. New activities are exactly what they’ll be looking for, now that they have all the time in the world. Air force playing cards are, again, inexpensive and very attractive to any Airman or Airwoman with their air force theme. They can sometimes come in a customized box to make them an even more presentable gift item.

Model aircraft

Last but not least, a scale model of the aircraft that your Airman or Airwoman was associated with could be the ultimate present for them. There can be nothing that they will treasure more when presented to them, other than an aircraft they had been flying for so long. You’ll see that the model will make its way to an important position in the house, like their drawing room mantlepiece, where the guests could see it. Every pilot develops a close association with the aircraft that they have been flying all these years and having a model in the house can be a constant, happy, reminder of the good old days past. Their family will also love to see what the vessel they have heard so much about actually looks like. Even fellow veterans will love seeing it whenever they come over. Here are some scale models of different US aircraft:


So did you find what you’re looking for? Which gift will you choose to get for the special Airman or Airwoman in your life? The little time that you put into your research will pay off instantly when the gift puts a smile on their face. So what are you waiting for? Get a great gift now and make your relative’s or friend’s retirement as special as their service for the air force! In the end, as long as you have goodwill and are thoughtful in picking the gift, it will be well received.

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