19 Thin Blue Line Challenge Coins That Anyone Who Served In Police Law Enforcement Would Love

One of the most moving ways to show your appreciation for police officers is by giving them a challenge coin. Coins of this sort have become increasingly popular in recent years. Most gatherings of police officers will include a challenge coin exchange so that everyone can take home their unique memento.

If you want to honor the work that law enforcement does in your community, here are some great ideas for Thin Blue Line challenge coins that they can proudly display in their homes or offices.

Best Thin Blue Line Challenge Coins


1. Saint Michael Police Challenge Coin

Our Saint Michael Police Challenge Coin is the perfect gift for police officers! Show your support for law enforcement with this beautiful coin. It will remind them that they are “Never Alone.” Pray for them daily! This coin features a cross engraved, cut bevel, and debossed backside, which reveals a prayer to St. Michael.
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2. Set of 10 Police Pocket Token Coins

These great police pocket token coins have a powerful message that will encourage all police officers. These beautifully crafted coins are the exact size of an American quarter coin. Use them as party favors, give them out as gifts to your favorite police officer, or even use them as meditation tools. Made by hands in the USA, these powerful and magical tokens will serve you for years to come.
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3. Law Enforcement Appreciation Challenge Coin

The perfect gift to thank a police officer! The thin blue line is an iconic symbol to show support for the sacrifices made by law enforcement. We want to help give back to those who sacrifice every day, and these tokens of appreciation are the perfect way to show how much you care. The front has text that reads, “My Hero Wears A Badge.” The back has the thin blue line emblem with a Lion’s image depicting bravery.
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4. Beall’s Bay Police Saint Michael’s Silver Polished Steel Coin

Beall’s Bay has made a Thin Blue Line decal available for the Saint Michael’s coin. This Silver Polished Steel Coin has a high gloss textured finish and is made from solid steel, so it will not tarnish. Each coin comes with a clear plastic capsule to protect the coin and keep it scratch-free. Get this great quality coin for your LEA member and make them feel loved!
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5. Police Officer St Michael Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

Statue of St. Michael the Archangel has been widely used in many religious artworks, statues, and monuments. This copper coin is in the shape of the Saint Michael Statue to protect these protectors. Great gift ideas for Police Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Peace Officer. Also, collectors want to have a varied selection for their collectibles. Each coin comes with an attractive plastic case for protection.
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6. Thin Blue Line Challenge Coin

The Thin Blue Line Challenge Coin is a design that’s both elegant and attractive. The challenge coin is 1.75 in diameter and made of polished metal. It has the look and feel of something noticeably high-quality. It has a raised badge, giving it an impressive 3D effect, while the words on the back read “Thin Blue Line,” with the LEA core values. Give these to officers as rewards, prizes for competitions, or encouragement when they address difficult situations that need their best from them.
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7. Thin Blue Line Shield Police Challenge Coin

The Thin Blue Line symbolizes support and appreciation for the men and women in law enforcement. This little, handcrafted shield coin is made to last by stamping it rather than engraving it into metal. The result is a rich, glossy appearance that highlights the iconic blue line design. This is a bold new challenge coin unlike any other and just perfect for today’s officers under assault.
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8. Thin Blue Line Skull Challenge Coin

This Thin Blue Line Skull Challenge Coin is a heavy-duty, durable challenge coin that will hold up to everyday use demands. Inspired by the punisher, this coin represents the American patriotism of these Police officers. It features a skull shape cut-out with Thin and Blue lines ringing it in, and the back has the words “Back The Blue.”
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9. Punisher Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Officers Coin

This unique challenge coin features the Punisher Skull with two guns beside it. The design is awesome and will make any police officer feel like a Badass. They are made of good quality zinc alloy in 3D and weighs 2.1 oz. These challenge coins are highly unique and collectible! This collectible coin would make an amazing gift for any police officers or LEA agent.
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10. St. Michael Patron Saint of Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

This challenge coin is designed to give a lifelong memento to any police officer or person who has served in law enforcement. It features a full-color image of Saint Michael, and on the back, a thin blue line that runs across it represents the line between life and death, order and chaos, the line our officers protect. It also serves to memorialize fallen comrades and honor their sacrifice. This high-quality challenge coin has a durable finish. Long-lasting enamel colors all come together to make a lasting gift or keepsake that can be passed on for generations as a family heirloom.
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11. Patron Saint of Police Officers Serve & Protect Challenge Coin

Whether you are a new police officer just beginning your career or have been in law enforcement for many years, we want to show our support. Saint Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of police officers and here to protect them from all evils. This two-sided coin with a police officer badge on the back is a perfect gift for anyone currently serving or retired.
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12. Premium St. Michael Commemorative Challenge Coin For Police

Every police officer is a warrior who fights every day on the streets. This commemorative challenge coin celebrates their courage and is available in antique gold. The front features a detailed design of St. Michael, and the back features U.S. Flags with a small prayer. They will love the incredible detail and feel of this premium coin.
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13. Police Officer Spartan Warrior Law Enforcement Coin

This 100% USA Made Thin Blue Line coin is perfect for supporting law enforcement officers. The gold plated coin is 1.57 inches in diameter and 0.12 inches thick. It comes in a protective display case with a removable lid to show the coin and protects it from damage when not in use. The coin’s design has an image of a spartan warrior on one side standing in front of the US flag. Wonderfully detailed and well made, it is going to last the ages.
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14. Police Officers Motto Commemorative Challenge Coin

This collectible challenge coin is meticulously crafted from the finest materials, using traditional and state-of-the-art silversmithing techniques. The striking front features a law enforcement motto and the St. Michael – patron saint of the law enforcement officer. The backside of the challenge coins is a police badge with its motto laid out. Display it on your desk, office, table, or home to support our hero.
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15. Thin Blue Line Lives Matter Police Officer Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

This Thin Blue Line Lives Matter Police Coin is the perfect gift for any policeman. These coins are beautifully designed to honor their hard work and dedication alongside the K9 and the Law Enforcement staff. This is a must-have collector’s item that you can proudly display anywhere in your home or office. They are also a great way to show your support and respect for our law enforcement officers.
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16. Golden St. Michael Police Officers Challenge Coin

This Police Prayer coin is a meaningful way to show Officers that they are in our thoughts and prayers while they protect us. This prayer coin is made of bronze alloy with enamel. The gold police badge is there to evoke the feeling of pride for their service. Each coin comes in a clear acrylic case to avoid oxidation. Perfect gift for police officers & military heroes.
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17. Sheriff Challenge Coin Thin Blue Line Police Prayer Coin

With the traditional Sheriff Star in the center, the obverse side of this coin shows support and solidarity for the sheriff agencies. On the reverse, an engraved blue line border surrounds a small oath of honor of the Law enforcement. Honor these heroes for putting their lives on the line daily.
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18. God Bless The Police Prayer Coin

In these troubled times, the Saint Michael Police Challenge Coin is the perfect law enforcement gift for family, friends, and supporters. This coin features St. Michael with his sharp sword and shield to protect these men of honor. It also has a prayer for officers across the back. God, bless the police. Amen!
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19. Police Officer Valor Prayer Coin

This item screams respect to any Law Enforcement Officer. It is one of those truly unique gifts that only a fellow officer could appreciate. Each coin features a collectible, hard enamel, two-sided coin with detailed relief and vivid colors. On one side, the coin has the image of a Police badge, and on the other side, there is an uplifting prayer. The coin itself is a piece of art that they can enjoy for years.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Thin Blue Line Challenge coins. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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