16 Great Sword Display Case Gift Ideas for Service Members or Veterans

Wow! Swords, service members, and veterans all in one title. This blog is about something close to my heart – giving service members or veterans beautiful gifts for celebrating their hard work and commitment to protecting our freedom. The world needs more appreciation and gratitude for what they do, and I want to highlight the amazing things they achieve in their lives with some fine sword display cases.

These sword display cases are great for military service members who want a personal display to showcase their favorite swords with pride or for happy family members of military service members who wish to give a unique gift.

Here are our favorites:

Best Sword Display Case Gift Ideas

1 Sword Display Case Cabinet Stand
The Sword Display Case Cabinet is an excellent gift for a serviceman or servicewoman in the military. Perfect as a tribute to the sword carried during service or to preserve and display your treasured sword, battle souvenir, or other artifacts in a glass case. Easy assembly with included mounting. Made with 100% solid Australian Beechwood hardwood.
Military Shadow Box Sword/Gun Display Case
The Military Shadow Box is the perfect gift for you or a veteran in your life. It's handcrafted and made to last a lifetime. Each piece is carefully sanded and finished, then protected with multiple coats of a UV urethane finish, which produces a rich glossy finish pleasing to the touch. This display case is designed to preserve and display and acts as a great way to organize small items such as jewelry. It also features a rose-red felt interior for a more premium feel.
Wall Mount Sword Display Case
This Sword Display Case is an elegant way to display, protect, and proudly honor military service members and veterans. Made from solid furniture-grade beech hardwood with a beautiful cherry finish, this case features UV protected acrylic doors, and pinnable black felt background to match the wood hanger. This is a solid case with a satin hinge that can be mounted on nearly any wall.
Ace Martial Arts Single Sword Display Stand
The perfect gift for any military service member or veteran, this lightweight bamboo display stands lets them show off their sword collection the ideal gift for any military service member or veteran. Black finish with gold lettering, these stands can be assembled in seconds and feature durable wooden construction with Martial Kanji written for an authentic feel.
Military Sword Plaque Wall Mount
This military sword plaque with the EGA Service Branch emblem holds a full-size US Marine Corps NCO sword and scabbard. The gift for any honorably discharged US military member or veteran is handcrafted from solid oak wood and features a wall-mountable/self-leveling hanger. It can be displayed on the wall, table, or desk.
Sword Display Board - Wall Mount (Army Emblem)
This solid oak sword display board can be wall mounted by our sturdy solid oak self-leveling back hangers. The Army emblem (sent unattached) can be swapped out for any branch of the military. It's a big hit with active duty service and retired veterans. You can mount it to your existing hooks or nails. Perfect gift for any service member or veteran!
Wall Mounts and Table Stand for Swords
This attractive display fixture is ideal for displaying any kind of collectible or sword on a wall. The crystal clear acrylic will protect the item from dust and damage, so it will be ready when you are. These two brackets are specially designed to fasten securely to almost all surfaces using the included silver screws. Hoisting swords high in a display case draws the eye and adds to the understanding of military swords’ decorative importance.
8-Tier Wall Mount Sword Stand
Designed to hold up to 8 swords, this sword stand is made of wood and painted in a flat black for a sleek, modern look that will go with any decor. Unlike stands that can only hold one or two swords, it has room for you to display almost all of your collectible swords while keeping them clean and undamaged. For an exquisite gift that any military service member or veteran will treasure, consider the 8-Tier Wall Mount Sword Stand.
Swan Shape Vertical Sword Stand Display
If you are a military service member or a veteran and want to display your Marine Ka-Bar, this sword stand will be a perfect choice. It's a lovely home decor, fits most decorative samurai swords between 35cm(14in)-70cm(27in). Display your sword with honor and protect it with style with this Versatile Sword Stand Samurai Display Sword Holder Display.
Deluxe Table Stand for Swords
With our Deluxe Table Stand, you can say farewell to rusted swords getting bent up on the wall. This 3 tier solid wooden sword stand is perfect for patio or living room and features a black piano lacquered wood with red felt. Perfect for holding three swords, this stand also comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you can proudly display that military service pride.
Display Case For Uniform, Sword, or Medals
The Perfect Gift for a Marine, Soldier, Sailor, or Airman...The display case is designed to display a regulation sword with medals and uniforms. This custom display case features a beechwood finish, elegant furniture finish, and 98% UV Ultra Clear Protected Acrylic. This case is available in four different wood colors, and four felt colors. The fully assembled display case includes all mounting hardware with both lockable latches and keys.
1 Sword Display Shadow Box
This shadow box is made of solid wood, stained in a Dark Mahogany finish, and assembled. Whether you're looking for a place to honorably display military service mementos or just want to show off the old sword your grandfather gave you, this box is the perfect way to do so. This shadow box is 45 inches long, 12 inches high, and 4.5 inches deep. The felt interior background would ensure the items within will not be scratched during transit or storage. A stunning decorative piece for your home or office.
Mythrojan Solid Wood Sword Stand
Crafted from natural wood, the sturdy Mythrojan Wooden Sword Stand is the best way to display your choice of swords or blades. Featuring an easy-to-assemble design, this countertop sword stand can be easily placed in your office or library, giving a rustic and elegant touch to your decor. A durable and long-lasting sword stand, you can also choose to use it as a decorative gift item for your favorite veteran.
Single Sword & Scabbard Display Case
These beautiful sword cases look terrific in a home with limited wall space. They are perfect for displaying your sword, saber, or military sword/dagger. Handcrafted in solid furniture-grade beech hardwood with elegant furniture finish and UV clear protected acrylic door. The entire case is lockable and has a matching wood stand included. Perfect for gift giving to a military service member or veteran.
Sword Display Plaque Rack
Whether you want to display your sword as a decorative item or keep it locked up safe from children or house guests, this wooden wall mounted sword plaque rack makes the perfect home for your sword. At 44 inches long, 11 inches tall, and 4 inches deep, this sword plaque rack is large enough to store long swords and short swords. This sturdy wooden plaque rack is built with a mahogany finish, which provides a warm, rustic feel that will complement any décor.
Two-Tier Sword Stand
Ten Ryu's Two-Tier Sword Stand in black lacquer finish is designed to hold two swords. While providing support for all major blade sizes, it allows for maneuverability and the quick, easy positioning of weapons. A unique decoration piece sure to be treasured by any military service member or veteran as a gift.

Wrapping It Up

So did you find what you came looking for? A fantastic sword display case as a gift? Or was there something missing in the list? Shoot out your suggestions, experiences, or whatever is it you want to say in the comment section below.

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