20 Exquisite Soldier Statues To Enhance Your Home Decor

These lifelike, incredible military statues will be the ultimate icon of your home decor. You can also get these as a perfect memorial gift for veterans.

They will add inspiration and patriotism to your home decoration while utterly redefining the notion of contemporary and memorial decor. These artworks are finely crafted with attention to detail and are sure to inspire appreciation in anyone who steps into your living space.

Here are some of the best soldier statues to improve your home decor and sense of pride.

Best Soldier Statues For Gifts or Home Decor

Band of Brothers Soldier Figurine
Display this figurine to pay tribute to our military heroes. The figurine depicts an American soldier wounded in combat being rescued by his fellow soldier. This collectible would be a great addition to any military family's home and is perfect for displaying on a mantle, table or bookshelf.
US Army Soldier Honor and Courage Statue
'Honor and Courage' engraved on the base of a cold cast bronze statue. It features an actual soldier standing at attention, guarding our freedom. Perfect as a display piece for anyone in the military, or their families.
Battlefield Kneeling Soldier Statue
Gone, but not forgotten' is a sculpture of an American soldier on a battlefield kneeling position. Paying tribute to a fallen soldier is an age-old tradition in the military. This statue is its perfect representation. You can give this stunning piece to your friends or loved ones who are serving, or who have served, in our Armed Forces.
Soldier Battle Cross Statue
You'll love this unique Soldier Battle Cross decoration. Made of cold cast bronze, this statue is intricately sculpted with great attention to detail. It's a wonderful way to pay tribute to our servicemen and women, who have paid the ultimate price. This hand-painted statue will look great on a mantel.
Kneeling Soldier by Cross Figurine
This Lifelike Kneeling Soldier by Cross Garden Statue is a beautifully crafted statue. Made in the USA and hand-painted with great detail, this statue is sure to attract guests' attention. Made out of polyresin, this statue is durable and will last. At 8 inches tall, it is a perfect size for display on a tabletop, bookshelf, or nightstand. Great gift for the veteran in your family.
Washington DC Vietnam Veteran Memorial Statue Figurine
This Vietnam Era Memorial Statue of 3 Soldiers is a great gift for all Vietnam veterans. This piece depicts three soldiers standing as comrades. It's a replica of the Washington DC Vietnam Veteran Memorial. The detail is exceptionally well done, paying tribute to the men and women in uniform past and present. This makes for a unique gift, encouraging respect and appreciation for our servicemen and women.
Large Marine Corps Iwo Jima Statue
This Iwo Jima Statue is handcrafted in cast resin with great attention to detail. This statue stands 11.5 inches tall and is made of a durable resin material that will last a lifetime. This item is hand-painted, so no two items will ever be identical. It's Made in the United States of America and would make a perfect gift for friends or family members that have served, or are currently serving our country in the Marine Corps.
Leonidas Spartan King with Spear & Shield Statue
As a military commemorative gift, this statue is a wonderful representation of our armed forces. The Spartan King Leonidas was known for his bravery and ultra-modern style of swordsmanship. He was the hero of the Battle of Thermopylae, where he sacrificed himself in combat. This heroic statue will look great in any room of your home or office.
US Army Soldier And Dog Figurine
This US Army Soldier And Dog Statue is a great piece to pay tribute to our American soldiers. Being in the military in dangerous times is honorable, and this piece of art reminds everyone to honor courage and commitment. This statue details everything faithfully from the United States Uniform to the Dog outfitted with a vest. A perfect gift for all active-duty military members or a great collectible.
Female U.S Army Soldier Sculpture
Display this beautiful and elegant 11.5-in Female U.S Army Soldier Statue Sculpture proudly in your home to show your support for our servicewomen and their families. Perfect for a gift or as a decoration for the military enthusiast, this statue will surely turn heads. Professionally crafted from quality resin and painted with expert detail, this statue is sure to be admired by all who see it.
Salute to Our Heroes Military Soldier Statue
Pay respect with this crushed stone and resin statue to all our men and women in uniform. The life-like statue features a soldier on patrol, complete with full combat gear. The piece is hand-painted for realistic detail and quality craftsmanship. This statue makes a great gift for anyone in the military or their families. Ideal for a living room or entryway table, but also looks great on a bookshelf or even on the mantle of your fireplace at home.
Army Statue - Figurine
If you are looking for the perfect gift for a military enthusiast, this Army Statue Figurine is one of the most popular figures! This piece makes an excellent subject of conversation, and whether you want it as a reminder of your loved one who serves or to pay tribute to all those who serve as well, this statue really does have something to offer everyone. With great quality craftsmanship and realistic hand-painted detail, you can't go wrong with this choice.
Kneeling Navy Seal Diver Figurine
Whether in your garden, by the front door, at the base of a tree, or on a walkway, this Navy SEAL statue is sure to grab attention and make an intriguing addition to your outdoor decor. It can also serve as a symbol of those who honor and uphold our country's ideals despite the dangers they may face. It stands 6-in tall and is hand-painted.
Kneeling Soldier Statue
This Ebros Military Figurine is the perfect gift for any service member or anyone who appreciates America's brave men and women. It depicts a soldier in combat gear kneeling in a prayer of courage. The figure is made with resin and hand-painted with great attention to detail. It measures about 6 inches high and would make a perfect addition to any military collection, or a great gift.
Navy Sailor Statue - Figurine
The statue of the U.S. Navy Sailor in his traditional uniform and seabag is a magnificent addition to your home or office. The statue exemplifies the courage that our sailors carry out when deployed, making it a powerful aspect of this statue. Utilizing resin for the construction of the figure ensures that you will be able to enjoy your statue for years to come.
Bronzed Modern-Era Sniper
In modern battlefield, a sniper's most important tools are patience and a steady hand. This highly collectible statue depicts a modern era sniper equipped with an M82 .50 BMG anti-material rifle. He has clad in desert fatigues, and his face is both intelligent and determined. This is a classic for military enthusiasts of all ages, especially those serving in the armed forces.
Navy Seal Statue
Presenting the Ebros 12.75-in tall Navy SEAL statue. This statue features an elite Navy SEAL unit standing tall on a solid black base displayed proudly on any tabletop or mantle. It stands with all weapons and heads held high as it prepares for its next mission. With lifelike detail of a full loadout gear, this statue will surely be a standout in your collection, whether you have a military-themed living room or home office or if you enjoy the artwork of the soldier.
Molly Marine USMC Statue
Molly Marine Statue is a classic, stunning tribute to United States Marines. It signifies the values of an ideal marine and is awarded to exceptional marines. This is a fantastic way to pay tribute to the USMC, Veterans, Active Duty and especially the new marines.
Airforce Pilot Statue
This Airforce Stunning Statue is an excellent way to pay tribute to our Air Force. Each piece is handcrafted and cast in quality designer resin, then meticulously hand-painted to the highest standards, with unparalleled detail and accuracy. It is sure to be an instant focal point for your guests upon entering your home.
F-22 Raptor Jet Pilot Sculpture
Pay tribute to the brave men and women on the Air Force who serve our country through this stunning military pilot statue. This American hero is depicted in his flight suit, ready to deploy. Designed with incredible attention to detail and high-quality materials, this 12.25-inch tall resin figurine will be a powerful addition to your home or office desk.

Wrapping It Up

So did you find what you came looking for? An awesome soldier statue as a gift? Or was there something missing in the list? Shoot out your suggestions, experiences, or whatever is it you want to say in the comment section below.

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