25 Best Gifts For Romantic Care Packages To Surprise Your SO

Romance is in the air. Maybe you have an anniversary or valentine’s day coming up. Unfortunately for you, your significant other is deployed. My heart goes out to you in such a case but please know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Take charge of this romantic event and make this one special for both of you. How? By choosing your care package items wisely of course. Here are some of the very best gifts for romantic care packages. Enjoy!

Best Gifts For Romantic Care Packages

The Five Love Languages Book
It’s the perfect gift for any romantic relationship. It is also a good way to rekindle the romance when you’re apart. Also, this will help with the transition back to normalcy after the deployment is over by figuring out what each other's Love Languages are. Your soldier will be a new person. All the questions they ever had about relationships are answered in this breakthrough book. This is a must-have!
‘I love you more than the miles between us’ Keychain.
Deployment is bound to increase the physical distance between you but not the distance in your hearts. In fact, when apart, you think about how much you miss each other, and this keychain is the perfect reminder for such an emotion. Handmade and sweet, a small glance at it can make you remember all the good times and how you can’t wait to get back in each other's arms.
Leather Journal Notebook
A compact journal is great for keeping a record of experiences and funny stories during deployment or just unloading private thoughts as a useful form of therapy. Deployment is perfect as servicemen have quite some time available to them and they can reflect and reorganize. Let this gift change them for the better.
Luxury Wooden Ballpoint Pen
This high-quality pen is perfect to go with their writing supplies or journal. It’s made from a blend of two wood types and beautifully handcrafted. It even comes with its own stand to make it look presentable in an office. This one is made by a small business in the USA and comes with two refills that will suffice the whole deployment.
Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me Gift Box Included Standard 20x30, Black
This is a pillowcase with a sweet message they can curl up to at night. It’s not just words; the pillowcase is made of luxury microfiber that will make them sleep better. The writing is not scratchable but rather etched into the fabric, so it’s not going to wear off. This can act as a sweet reminder of your love long after the deployment is over.
Ice Breakers Gum
Need to keep that breath fresh, even on deployment? Boredom is the number one complaint of soldiers during deployment so, keep’ em moving and keep' em fresh with this gum. It’s sugar-free, so they’re not adding unnecessary pounds, and it actually feels fresh in the mouth. Ideal for placing in a care package as it comes in a bottle pack.
Double-Sided Photo Frame
No romantic care package is complete without pictures. No Boudoir pictures, though, as they can be seen by security. The good thing is that this frame can be placed on a desk or hung on the wall. Include sweet pictures of you both, which they can see during deployment and draw strength. It’s rustic and sturdy, so it will hold well in the care package.
Beef Jerky
It’s an always-welcome treat in a deployment care package. Romance or no romance, missing jerky shipment in a care package is a serious offense. Your soldier craves the flavor of home, and there's nothing better than the taste of food ol American beef. This one comes in four flavors so it will satiate his craving sufficiently.
Flameless Battery Operated Candle
A battery-operated candle is a fun way to make things feel romantic without having to worry about the fire hazard. Here's a fun idea: get a few of these and send three or more in the care package. On your special day, you both can decorate the room with these candles, so it seems you're in the same space. Just think about it.
Levi's Slim, Trifold Wallet
This one is a slim, classy new wallet. It's the classic old gift that is always welcome and always practical. Levi's makes quality stuff, so you can be assured that this one is going to last him a long time. It also has a large ID card window so he can flash his military ID without having to fumble around.
Sleep Headphones
The best gift you can get your loved one is the gift of peaceful sleep. This would be perfect for listening to sleep sounds and good if they have trouble sleeping. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly to facial contours and doesn't let any light in. It's a life-saver if your soldier sleeps in a noisy place.
Top Gun DVD
Woo-hoo! Now, this is what I call quality entertainment. This is the fast-paced hearty action we miss in today's movies. Instant nostalgia will kick in, and this will be viewed with a full house. It's a well-loved American classic, and if your sailor is aboard a carrier, he may get some eye rolls from the pilots.
Vintage Merlot Wine Soap
They can't have a glass of wine, so why not wine scented soap? If your guy or gal is a wine lover, this is a perfect romantic present. This is made from real wine and carries all the benefits that are good for the skin. It smells sweet and made with natural ingredients.
Beer Soap Gift Set
Same with the beer - unfortunately no beer on most deployments, so this is as good as it gets! This may come off as teasing, but it's a way of getting them a taste of what they love. Beer! Craftsman is a California based company making these artisan soaps and has quite a fan following. With four distinct flavors, this pack will meet their hygiene needs for a long time.
Engraved Wallet Insert
It can be a reminder of your love he can keep in his wallet and pull out whenever needed. This is an affirmation from the depth of your heart. Write a heartfelt note to go along and tell him to keep it in his wallet. These words can do wonders when there are dark days. It's made of metal, so this will become a perfect keepsake even after he returns.
Compass Necklace
Let your warrior lady find her way home with this amazing handmade necklace. The compass signifies that they may find a way to safety wherever they are. It’s made from sterling silver and supported by a heavy chain that will last a long time. It comes in a neat little box with a sweet message inside. Perfect for any romantic occasion.
‘I Love You’ Sign
Love is all about reminding your beloved that they are sorely missed. This cute little decor will sit neatly on their shelf or bedside to reinforce the idea that you await their safe return. It’s made from wood and is rustic in design, like other awesome creations by Kathy. Check it out, and you won’t be disappointed.
Moments of Love Wall Calendar
This is a cute calendar - and you can pre-mark any important dates in it, including the date you may be reuniting! Catana comics are such a cute collection of hilarious and sweet moments that you will instantly relate to. It’s a must-have for couples. Every month has a new strip, and your soldier will get a good laugh out of this treat.
‘In Love & Pajamas’ Collection of Comics
Are you sending some books in the care package? Add this silly comic to the mix. This funny comic is a good read for couples in love. This will rekindle sweet memories and just spread that precious smile. Warm, cuddly, and love are the words that come to mind when you read Catana comics. Don’t let your soldier miss out. They’ll love it.
Consider this benign object for your care package as they are one of the most in-demand items in any care package. With an overload of gizmos and gadgets these days, your soldier needs to be prepared. Having the battery run out in the middle of having fun is the worst thing ever! Don’t let your soldier go through this agony ever again.
Neck and Back Massager Pillow
Giving a back rub or a massage maybe your special thing on every romantic occasion. But, for deployment, this is the next best thing. It can be used to massage the neck, shoulders, back, and feet. One of the awesome features is a control cord that can easily manipulate the settings. An integrated heating therapy can also do wonders for sore muscles. The best thing is, it’s perfect for car package travel because of its small size. Go ahead and give them this miracle of relaxation.
Pocket Prayers for Military Life
This is something for when they need words of encouragement, inspiration, and prayers. Deployments are dangerous, and you need the lord at your side, protecting your soldier. This handy little prayer book contains forty scriptures and is easy to carry. Encourage your soldier to find faith and protection through this book.
Bond Touch Bracelets
This is revolutionary! These touch bracelets let you stay connected to your beloved through touch and vibration sensations. If you miss him, just tap your bracelet, and his bracelet will buzz to remind him that someone is thinking of him. WiFi is a must for these to work. It's the ideal way to feel connected while being thousands of miles apart.
Laser Star Projector
Looking for something to spice up your soldier's quarters? This compact little laser projector will be a perfect surprise. He can set it up any way he likes, on the ceiling, wall, or even the floor. The mesmerizing projections of the Galaxy and stars are ideal for sleeping or even a party.
Andes Mints
Mints & chocolate are a match made in heaven. These are a must romantic treat so don't forget to add these to your care package. These come in a one-pound box (80 pieces) so they keep your soldier happy for a long time. If you’re concerned, you’ll be glad to know that these treats are certified Kosher.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of gifts for romantic care packages. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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