20 Most Powerful Prayer Challenge Coins Every Hero Should Own

Prayer is one of the most potent forces in the universe. It can be the difference between life and death on the battlefield and also in the face of a seemingly impossible challenge. Although a prayer coin may not be able to bring you victory in every situation, they are a great way to remind yourself to turn to the power of prayer.

Considering that prayer challenge coins are inexpensive compared to the rewards you can reap from them, they are powerful tools to add to your arsenal.

Here I’ve found the best prayer coins on the market you will enjoy:

Best Prayer Challenge Coins

1. Marine’s Psalm Challenge Coin

This two-sided coin is the perfect gift for your USMC warrior. One side gives comfort and peace with Psalm 91, and on the other side, it’s a prayer for God’s protection for your Marine. This is an excellent gift to celebrate life, honor a loved one, or commemorate a fallen hero. The front of the coin displays, ” He Will Give His Angels Charge Over You,” taken from Psalm 91:11. The reverse side says, “When He Calls to Me, I Will Answer Him. I Will be With Him in Trouble. I Will Rescue Him and Honor Him.”
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2. Serenity Prayer Challenge Coin

This Serenity Prayer challenge coin features a heavy-duty, 1.5 oz., solid bronze base metal with diamond-cut beveled edges and is 3 mm thick. Each coin is double-sided, with the front featuring a classic Serenity artwork engraved on a solid brass oval and the back displaying “God Grant me serenity” prayer. It comes with free velvet gift pouch. It is a unique way to show someone their care and concern for them as they face a tough battle in their lives. This coin will look amazing in their coin display stand as part of their challenge coin collection.
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3. Guardian Angel Medal Be At My Side Pocket Token

This Guardian Angel Medal Pocket Token will be the perfect gift for your warrior. Whether this is your first deployment or you have many, this token will be sure to remind you that you are not alone no matter where you are. Silver-Tone tone medal is made with a guardian angel’s picture on it and saying: Be at my side to light and guard. This beautiful Medal Pocket Token is great as a Christmas gift, birthday gift or any occasion gift for Him or Her.
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4. Prayer Whole Armor of God Commemorative Challenge Coin

Antique bronze finish and hand-painted one-of-a-kind design, this exclusive prayer shield is sure to be a favorite for special occasions. Paired with an inspiring verse, this prayer shield is the perfect gift for your warrior. Comes in an exclusive design gift box with a clear vinyl coin pouch also available.
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5. Angel Always with You Sentiment Coin

This pewter, hand-cast Angel Always with you coin gift is a beautiful way to communicate your thoughts of love, encouragement and inspiration. Carry them in a pocket or purse, place them on a vanity or nightstand; other styles and sentiments available. Handmade in the USA, 1.3 inches in diameter; presented in a signature pouch, perfect for gifting.
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6. Patron of the Military Saint St Michael Coin

Be ready to protect your loved ones from harm and watch over them while they’re away with this Patron of the Military Saint Michael the Archangel Pocket Token. With an antique nickel finish, it features the patron saint of military men on one side and a prayer to St. Michael on the other. Make it the perfect addition to his next deployment with this thoughtful and symbolic gift.
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7. Symbol Arts Armor of God Challenge Coin

This highly detailed Ancient Coat of Arms coin is an inspiring reminder of the protection we have in our Armor of God. Painted with glossy enamels and gold leaf, this collector’s quality artwork is crafted from silver metal and makes an ideal gift for your warrior. Make the symbol of God’s love a part of your life today!
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8. St. Christopher Protect Us Challenge/Prayer Coin

St. Christopher Protect Us coin is the ideal gift for those away from home, including children heading off to school, college students heading off to study abroad, road trippers, and military service members proudly displaying their Western heritage and faith. The front of the coin features a rendering of Saint Christopher carrying Christ across a river. The Patron Saint of travelers carries the Christ Child across a rushing river. Get this one and you won’t regret it.
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9. St. Michael Patron Saint of Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

Inspire the warrior in your life with this St. Michael Patron Saint of Law Enforcement Challenge Coin. Featuring a detailed image of St. Michael, this high-quality challenge coin comes with clear plastic, a protective pouch included helping keep it in pristine condition for a long time to come. No matter where your warrior goes, this award is sure to be a reminder of who they’ve pledged their lives to serve and protect and an inspiration for them to continue the fight as well as those they serve.
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10. Soldiers Prayer Coin

The Soldiers Prayer Coin will make a remarkable gift for your special warrior, or coin collector. This coin is the perfect reminder of God’s blessing through the power of prayer and will be treasured by anyone proud to carry one on their person or in their pocket. Gold plated and hand painted, this coin is double sided with stunning detail that features both the front and back profiles with cross and soldier’s prayer.
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11. United States Army Challenge Coin with Hero’s Valor Prayer

This coin is a great, inexpensive gift for the United States Army loved one in your life. Get two coins and give them one as a birthday present and keep one for yourself so you can pray daily for your friend or loved one. The design depicts the US Army emblem on the front in a manner uniquely suited to our nation’s fighting heroes. On the reverse side is a unique prayer that holds the strength of America’s fighting men and women and their families in an impressive medallion.
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12. United States Air Force Challenge Coin with Hero’s Valor Prayer

The US Air Force Challenge Coin is minted with the highest of quality in the industry. This high-quality coin has a durable finish and long-lasting enamel colors all come together to make a lasting gift or keepsake that can be passed on for generations as a family heirloom. The back of the coin features a hear warming prayer for your loved one. Clear plastic, protective pouch is included to protect your investment as this coin protects your hometown hero.
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13. Emergency Medical Services Medic Challenge Coin with Hero’s Valor Prayer

If you are a First Responder, you have an extremely difficult job. You risk your life every time you go out on a call or mission. The Hero’s valor prayer on the back honors First Responders and our Military. This coin package honors those chosen few who answer the call of duty and serve in areas of high risk to ensure that we can all enjoy the freedoms we so proudly hold to heart.
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14. Armor of God EPH 6:13-17 Challenge Coin

This coin is shaped like a shield and features two sides: A warrior holding a shield and wearing God’s full armor. Scripture stating that we should put God’s complete armor can be found in Ephesians 6:11-17. Put this gift in your pocket, or give it to a loved one that will always remember to put on the Armor of God as they face their day. They will strengthen their faith with this reminder that God goes with them and protects them in battle.
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15. The Task Ahead Challenge Coin

Add this uniquely designed 1.3/4in Metal Challenge Coin to your collection, gift for a loved one, those who are in the military, or love the military. Its antique gold design is ideal for the artwork of soldier kneeling and praying. The prayer on the back is inspiring and motivational. Perfect for any collector, display with pride and honor in your home or office.
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16. Saint Michael God Bless The Police Prayer Coin

Show pride and respect for the law enforcement officers in your life with our Saint Michael Police Challenge Coin. This police challenge coin features Matthew 5:9–Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of god–and a police prayer with the words “God Bless The Police” above a cross. This police challenge coin also makes for a great gift for law men and women on holidays like Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and National Police Week.
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17. Armor of God High Relief Challenge Coin

This High Relief Challenge Coin is a beautiful and heavy gift to give to a warrior, soldier, or anyone who feels challenged in their life. The coin has an antique bronze finish. The Armor of God is truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, prayer, and the word of God. When a believer puts on the full armor of God, it gives them strength to stand up for their convictions and resist evil.
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18. United States Coast Guard Challenge Coin with Hero’s Valor Prayer

This epic Challenge Coin is made to honor heroic military service for those who protect and serve, making them a unique gift for graduation, retirement, or promotion. This beautiful coin’s obverse features the United States Coast Guard’s Official emblem in striking red color. The reverse has a moving valor prayer to keep your coastie safe.
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19. United States Firefighter Prayer Challenge Coin

Give that firefighter in your life the ultimate challenge coin. It has a real firefighter respirator on the front and a prayer on the back. Made of Zinc alloy plated ancient bronze, it’s hand-crafted with love and pride in USA by dedicated craftsmen. This is one of a kind token which will make man in your life so proud and ardent with eternal loyalty.
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20. Marine Corps Valor USMC Challenge Coin

Shield your warrior from evil thoughts with the power of prayer. This USMC Prayer Coin, emblazoned upon our exceptional fine quality coin, is a great gift for the Marine Corps family, as well as a touching tribute to the hero’s of the Marine Corps. An unmitigated representation of excellence and possessiveness forged with noble resolve, this exceptional coin honors those who have made sacrifices in defense of our nation and serves as an ongoing reminder that ‘Once A Marine, Always A Marine’ Show your love and respect for these mighty men and women with this exceptional gift.
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Wrapping It Up

I hope you found this article insightful and that it helped in finding a great prayer coin to give someone who is part of your family, or just an avid collector! I would love feedback on what other coins might be helpful so please feel free to leave me comments below with any suggestions.

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