13 Stunning Pistol Display Case Gifts for Military

If you’ve served or know someone serving in the military, you will understand why gun owners want to display their handguns. This article features a list of stunning pistol display case gifts for service members or anyone who serves the US armed forces.

I’ve found a great selection of pistol display cases for military members and veterans. Whether you’re looking for a handgun case for a gift or just for yourself, you’ll find a solution here.

Here are our favorites:

Best Pistol Display Case Gift Ideas

Flag connection Pistol Display Case
Our military service members and veterans use this case as a way to store and display their prized souvenirs and memorabilia. A solid Oak block is covered in crushed velvet and includes an emblem of your choice, allowing you to create a beautiful showpiece to hold your memorabilia of service or sacrifice.
Shadow case for 1911 Pistol
Display a 1911 pistol and other precious belongings in the shadow case for 1911. This exceptional wood and glass framing equipment comes with a velvet background, which offers the perfect opportunity to display medals and badges alongside it. The case is also equipped with a solid hardwood casing and can be hung from a wall if you prefer to display your memorabilia on shelves or a bookcase.
Americanflat Shadow Box Frame
A proud display of military service, this shadow box frame will preserve the memory of a loved one's time spent on active duty. It features a molded composite wood with polished glass and soft linen back for wall and tabletop display. This frame also looks great hanging on a patio or over the fireplace and makes an ideal military family gift. Perfect for showcasing their prized pistol or revolvers.
CASTLECREEK Handgun Display Case
This Handgun Display Case is a beautiful and functional way to protect and showcase rifles. Constructed of select hardwood with a durable Walnut finish, it features front-door access. Its thick clear acrylic glass door helps protect your collection from dust, dirt, and debris, ensuring it remains as attractive as the day it was displayed. No assembly is required. The Perfect gift for your military service member or veteran.
HandGun Concealment Flag Box
The Handgun Concealment Flag Box is an ideal way to stash your stuff in plain sight. This unique item is designed to look like the Old Glory presentation box. It is covered in a high-quality American flag material and has a black fine nylon line interior that can hold any handgun. The inside of the box features a no-scratch lining that protects the finish of your gun from harmful scratches or other damage. Keep valuable items and personal treasures safe in this excellent looking prop.
Handgun Hanger and Gun Storage for Pistols
Hold Up Displays handgun hanger is a handy tool for displaying or storing pistols neatly and safely. The handgun hanger is perfect for any pistol enthusiast, gunsmith, or anyone who wants to show their pride and joy. This display can mount on a wall or shelf to keep your pistols always in reach and yet out of sight.
American Concealment Cabinet for The Home
This American Flag made out of Carved Burnt Wood is exactly what you are looking for to show your patriotism for the country that you love. Every piece is handcrafted to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. Perfect for stowing away that special concealed weapon. Showcase in your home, office, or any place you want to add that extra touch of uniqueness. It is the perfect gift for Veterans Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, or any other special occasion.
Single Pistol Display Gun Holder
This wall-mounted display case is the perfect gift for your servicemen or veteran. They are crafted from solid beech hardwood in an elegant furniture finish. It features a locking front door with a crystal clear UV100% protective encapsulated acrylic viewing window. The hidden tempered glass back allows them to show off a presentation grade pistol and other collectibles.
Wooden Loading and Display Stand for Revolvers
This stand is the perfect addition to any display or collection of antique & vintage handguns. Its solid hardwood construction provides a sturdy and attractive platform for displaying your special revolvers, pistols, or muzzleloading weapons. Whether used in your home or office, the wooden loading and display stand makes an impressive addition to any revolver collection.
DoublePistol Handgun Display Case
This Large/Double Pistol Gun Display case is a perfect gift for your Military service member or veteran commemorating their service. This fully assembled case comes with all mounting included and is 98% UV protected for long-lasting durability. The Acrylic door is completely see-through and lockable to ensure your collection is well preserved.
Pistol Shadow Box With Lockable Door
This Pistol Display Case is the perfect gift for any service member or veteran. This cabinet has a solid wood frame and is built to display your collection in style! The included lock holds your handgun in place while also making sure that your loved ones won't accidentally get their hands on it. This pistol display case has lockable doors allowing you to easily access your firearms when you need them.
Glass Top Display Case
This Show-Off Display Box is a great way to protect and showcase your handgun or revolver. The compact size will fit into a suitcase easily; the metal latch keeps out dust, and the many different inserts available can allow you to customize your display just the way you want. Initially made for jewelry, this box can easily keep any handgun safe.
Universal Double Stack Clear Acrylic 9mm 40s&w 10mm 45acp Pistol Display Stand
Whether in an office, living room, den, or wherever you go with your pistol, this acrylic display is sure to complement any décor. Displayed alone, it shows the beauty of these fine firearms. Displayed with other books and memorabilia, they become great conversation pieces.

Wrapping It Up

So did you find what you came looking for? A fantastic pistol display case as a gift? Or was there something missing in the list? Shoot out your suggestions, experiences, or whatever is it you want to say in the comment section below.

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