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17 Must-Have Navy Chiefs Challenge Coins For Any Active Duty Or Veteran Chief

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For any active duty or veteran chief who has dedicated their life to the US Navy, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of holding a well-crafted coin. Whether you’re searching for a memorable souvenir for your Chief’s Mess or want to reward an exceptional CPO with a unique reward, you can’t beat the wide selection of coins available from these Navy Chiefs Challenge Coins.

Best Navy Chief Challenge Coins

1. US Navy Deck-Plate Leadership Challenge Coin

These coins honor Command Master Chief Petty Officers (CMC) in the United States Navy. It features an antique nickel-plated coin in deck plate theme with a double enameled finish. The front of the coin is embossed with the Chief anchor emblem, and the back of the coin highlights their leadership position within the U.S. Navy as forged from the hard iron top.
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2. USN Chief Petty Officer – Ask The Chief, Challenge Coin

The USN Chief Petty Officer challenge coin is visibly enhanced by a distinctive cut out. The center of this unique coin is cut out to allow the emblem of the USN Chief Petty Officer to transmit a heightened tactile feel to the holder. The letters “USN” are stamped boldly across the USN emblem, symbolizing the CPO’s creed: Honor, Courage and Commitment.
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3. CPO CHIEF Male Compass Coin Navy Chief

This is a custom-made Challenge Coin for any Chief Petty Officer (USN/USMC) Navy. The Navy Chiefs are proud to be honored on these special coins and will enjoy displaying them proudly as a token of honor. Each coin is handmade in the USA with pride. These coins are hand polished to bring out the detail on the compass. Navy pride!
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4. American Flag & Deckplate Navy Challenge Coin

This Navy Challenge Coin is hand struck in a gold-colored alloy with antique finished-over die. Featuring the exclusive deck plate background design and laser engraved United States Navy seal, this coin makes an ideal gift or memento for any Navy chief. If you have a navy chief in your family or know someone who does, there isn’t a better way to celebrate a Navy chief than with this Coin.
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5. US Navy CPO Squadron Chief Mess – Iron Man Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are an inexpensive, yet meaningful way to recognize a service member’s achievement and service. This 3D coin features Tony Stark, Iron Man, in a masterful rendition of the United States Navy’s “Chiefs Mess”. Remember any Navy Chief Petty Officer with the utmost respect.
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6. U.S. Navy Master at Arms (MA) Challenge Coin

Hand-crafted, solid Nickel U.S. Navy MA Challenge Coin is a marvel of design. The front depicts the official seal of the United States Navy and the reverse an MAA medal. It’s in two-tone color with a Navy theme to reflect the service. It’s well crafted and something they will cherish.
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7. United States Navy Chief’s Charge Book CPO Challenge Coin

A challenge coin in the Chief’s charge book’s shape is an ideal gift for any new Navy Chief. Honor their service and commitment to our nation with this Coin. The detailed image showing a chief finally reaching his rank is amazingly detailed. Finally, the message “Welcome to the mess” says it all.
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8. Navy Chief Chopper Motorcycle Challenge Coin

The Navy Chief CPO motorcycle challenge coin is made from zinc-aluminum alloy and has vibrant enamel color. It is cut out in the shape of a chopper motorcycle to commemorate their saltiness. Coin comes with a challenge coin stand, and makes for a great keepsake to remember your Navy chief by.
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9. USN Captain America Shield Challenge Art Coin

This challenge coin highlights a colorized Captain America shield with the iconic wording “Ask the chief.” It’s the perfect CPO pride item with deck plate texture too. This challenge coin/medal is perfect for any Navy chief or fan of Captain America. Each piece is plated in beautiful gold and comes with its acrylic protective case. This item makes a great collectible or gift.
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10. United States Navy Challenge Coin with Prayer Don’t Tread On Me

The United States Navy Challenge Coin captures the essence of the United States navy in its names, symbolism, and imagery. This coin’s stunning design makes it a great gift for your fellow sailors. Be proud to carry this coin that is 1.57 inches in diameter and 0.12 inches in thickness. The coin comes with a clear plastic pouch to protect it from scratches or damage and comes in an elegant display box. If you want to honor someone who went through Navy Boot Camp, look no further than this unique challenge coin set.
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11. Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Rank Challenge Coin

The US Navy Chief Petty Officer ranks are the highest in the U.S. Navy, just beneath the commissioned officers. This coin commemorates their roles as chief advisors to commanding officers. The front of this coin has the US Navy Chief fouled anchor that is unmistakable. It is the perfect gift for their promotion or retirement.
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12. US Navy Chief Military Challenge Coin Dart Shape

This is the most gorgeous challenge coin you will ever see! Shaped like a ninja star, it’s incredibly detailed. With double sided casting, this coin has Chief’s core values on its fangs. Any chief will fall in love with its amazing design and would love to have it. Coin them and they will surely keep it for life.
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13. CPO Holiday Season Christmas Challenge Coin

Try this new US Navy challenge coin which is sure to please any chief. Featuring a Xmas tree in the background it’s a must this holiday season. It acknowledges their status as vital leadership and has a witty theme. Any chief will appreciate it’s sentiment.
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14. US Navy Chief Deadpool Challenge Coin

Are you looking for something fun and witty? This Dead pool coin is perfect for these superhero chiefs. They carry the Navy on their back and run the entire operation. It also takes a humorous jibe at the officers too. All the more reason to gift it to any chief; they will love it! It is made of solid brass metal and color enamel, brushed finish makes this collectible challenge coin a masterpiece.
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15. Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor Chief Petty Officer Challenge Coin

This is a beautiful challenge coin commemorating the Navy Chief Petty Officer rank. These cool cats run everything in the Navy, and they know it! Inspired by the Mad Men TV series logo, any chief will sure love this. It’s the ideal Navy pride for them. The back shows the words “A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor,” with a fouled anchor completes the theme.
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16. Vanguard Navy Coin: E8 Chief Petty Officer

With this coin, you can unleash a story of honor and dedication. It features an E-8 with the Navy’s trident on its chest. Honor your Navy chief with its lasting quality and representation of their dedication to our country. Housed in a clear-top, protective PVC sleeve that allows the coin’s fine details to shine through.
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17. Navy Chiefs Mess Knock Loudly Remove Cover State Your Business Challenge Coin

This incredibly detailed and elegant gold-plated challenge coin features the Navy chief’s emblem. There isn’t a better way to celebrate a new Navy chief than a challenge coin. It’s a welcome to the club gift. Crafted from solid metal, this coin is built to last.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Navy Chief Challenge coins. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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