72 Military Girlfriend Gifts Guaranteed To Make Her Smile

There are two types: Active Duty and others are civilian, but one thing is indisputable: They both serve! The ones back home have to endure the wait, constant fear of death, sacrifice their career, and much more. The ones on duty are already in harm’s way. Either way, they both need appreciation and love from you and there’s no better way to express those feelings other than gifts!

These cute military girlfriend gifts will add spark to your love life, especially for long-distance relationships. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the Navy, Army, Air Force, and United States Marines; your gift will lighten up their day. Ideal for deployment, homecoming, basic training, bootcamp, and holidays.

Best Military Girlfriend Gifts

New Balance Women’s Cross Trainer

The Go-to Shoe for Everyday Style. Wondering what to gift your recruit for basic training or a seasoned soldier for a casual run? Chances are your serviceman/ woman will be running like there’s no tomorrow. It’s great that your recruit is provided with boots. However, she will soon be looking to replace them with more appealing shoes. The New Balance Fuelcore Nergize training shoes will enhance her athleisure look with a comfy and casual feel. Its signature foam provides ultra-lightweight support so she can feel great at every PT test. Unique, comfortable construction allows her to slip it on and go; she will be racing ahead in the timed run to complete BMT! Buy her a fresh pair of running shoes to break in early, to prepare her for every challenge ahead.

Bambusi Cheese Board And Knife Set

Perfect for cheese lovers. Italian Ricotta or French Vacherin with a bottle of your favorite wine! If that’s the kind of combo that drives anyone crazy. There isn’t a better gift for a food lover than this Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set. Present them this beautiful bamboo tray and let them present cheese, crackers, and wine in the most heart-touching way possible.

Protects Us Necklace

If you know someone whose family member is in the military, this novelty necklace is the perfect gift. Customized with the name of the service member, this thoughtful gift shows your support for the safety of our nation’s defenders. In addition, it comes with a stamped prayer along with the military branch of your choice.

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are all the hype these days, mainly because of how much convenience they offer. Fitbit Charge 3 is, however, arguably the best amongst all the fitness trackers out there. Other than being stylish, its battery lasts for many days, and it accurately measures all body vitals, including sleep. Soldiers with their rigorous routine need to be on top of their fitness program, and Fitbit charge 3 is a perfect choice. Its accompanying smartphone app delivers intuitive reports on your performance—an ideal gift for a health-conscious soldier.

Nautical themed Sailing Bookend

Read captain read. Is your retiring Navy sailor into books at all? If they’re a book lover and have a bookshelf at their home library or in their bedroom that needs some embellishment, you need to present them with this marvelous Gifts & Decor Office Library Sailing Schooner Nautical Theme Bookend. Carved in wood, the beautiful display ship will remind this sailor of the days he spent on the sea.

Sports wireless earphones

Our soldiers always have to be in top physical shape for all the grueling ops they are assigned. That’s why these soldiers spend every living moment either training for combat or actually DOING combat. As the saying goes, “the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” To make this fitness time sweet, these rugged sports wireless earphones are the ideal gift. Only 5 minutes of charge time gives you one hour of playback. They are rugged and sweat-resistant, which comes in handy whether it’s Gym time, Long run, or any other activity. This thoughtful gift is sure to make a soldier’s fitness regime easier.

Throw Blanket

After a physically tiring duty, your soldier needs to relax. A throw blanket is a perfect companion during the cold season. This ridiculously super soft microfiber cashmere velvet throw blanket will go beyond your soldier’s expectations. What’s more, is that its reversible to ultra-plush faux-sheepskin, so it’s both sides are usable and comfy—a must-have soft companion for your hardened soldier.

All 50 States Beer Cap Maps

Display your passion. If your warrior is a beer lover, here’s something that’ll showcase their habit and will look amazing on their wall. You need to get them these All 50 States Beer Cap Maps with 73 bottle cap holes. Your retiree will just need to snap the bottle cap in a hole every time they take a drink. On the plus side, it will help them keep track of the number of bottles they have had and when to stop!

Military Shadow Box with Display

Awards on display. So your retiree has won lots of awards during their service? So why keep them locked away in the cupboard? Instantly get them this Military Award Shadow Box with Display Case available with black, blue, or red felt. With this shadow box, they can show off their achievements for everyone to see together with the 3″x5″ US flag as a token of their patriotism.

3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Propeller and Engine of Vintage Airplane

Art That Inspires Generations. Picture an incredible work of Aviation art hanging beautifully on your living room wall. This detailed propeller and engine of a vintage airplane will lighten up any environment. Its outstanding quality will be the focal point of the room! Perfect for hanging up in the office too. Its visual brilliance gives a powerful Air Force presence in the building. A simple setup means this 3 piece Canvas is ready for take-off! An inspiring work of art for any aviation or Air Force lover.

Juvale American Flag Case

Honorable goodbye. After a career so distinguished as the Military, your veteran deserves an honorable farewell. Juvale American Flag Case gives your veteran a well-deserved burial after everything they have provided for the country and its citizens. Order one now; with the flag of America within the cherry case, the veteran will be displaying their patriotism long after their time in the service.

Godiva Chocolatier Gold Ballotin

Chocolates are a wonderful present for all occasions. Anyone will love enjoying a mouthwatering treat from Godiva Chocolatier Gold Ballotin. The beautiful gift box includes 36 assorted chocolates in all sorts of wonderful flavors to surprise your veteran. Present it to them without wasting time so they can enjoy it with their family.

Casio Women’s Baby-G Shock Watch

A Tactical Approach on Your Wrist. Absolute toughness and advanced technology make this watch an undefeated champion on the battlefield. The Baby-G is the casual watch for active women, the pioneer of strong, tough fashion. This multi-functional watch is shock-resistant with 100m water resistance to handle any military situation. EL Backlights illuminate the dial plate for maximum visibility in the dark. Wrapped in a neat Matte black, these watches are designed to fit the feminine wrist while maintaining plenty of eye-catching appeals. This digital watch is a perfect gift for all the running she will be doing. Also, a great personal alarm clock if she finds those early morning wakeups a bit difficult!

Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera

Finally, a DSLR that is newbie friendly and equally as good for professionals. This Nikon D3500 DSLR can be a welcome addition to your soldier’s tech arsenal when he embarks on some expedition. Compact and comfortable to handle, this DSLR boasts a 15 x large image sensor than mobile for capturing picture-perfect in any condition. Capable of shooting 1080p video with one click of a button, this camera has endless Nikon add-ons available to choose from.

Etched World Decanter whiskey Globe with Antique Airplane

A beautiful Way to Serve Expensive Alcohol. Who doesn’t love classy drinkware? Gift them this wonderful whiskey gift set and make them feel good when they serve their guests a luxury experience. Perfect for showing off their finest selection of Whiskey, Vodka, and liquor in a beautiful way. An absolute essential gift to elevate your loved one’s home bar or desk.

Mixology Bartender Kit: 10-Piece Bar Tool Set

Have an open bar. Hard times are over. Now is the time for your loved ones to fix themselves a sweet cocktail and enjoy. If they like trying out and serving guests with new cocktails every day, think no further. Give them this Mixology Bartender Kit to complement the small bar at their home and see how they’ll treasure it. This 10-piece bar tool set has everything they could require to fix themselves a sweet drink.

US Navy Tabletop Accent Lamp

Honor your sailor. Your sailor is an asset to the country, and their patriotism is not to be taken lightly. So let them feel special and honor them with this US Navy Tabletop Accent Lamp. Order one today to present to your warrior and see how they’ll love the stunning collectible. With a handcrafted sailor from WWII and a 22K gold-plated ship wheel with the emblem of the US Navy, it’s truly a masterpiece in itself.

Military Girlfriend Clothing

Women’s L-2b Flex W Flight Jacket

The Jacket Inspiring Heroism. Style meets performance with this lightweight flight jacket for women. Gift your pilot the most trusted source of quality design for the US military. Four patches of American pride to express her heroism. Others can be added to reflect her style fully. She’ll be a trusted authority. Signature red ‘Remove Before Flight’ flag giving her the original feeling of USAF Let her unleash the pilot within

Women’s Red White Blue Air Force Flyover Tank Top

American Muscle. Does your daughter, friend, or lover adore the USAF and love working out? She will need the most comfortable choice to rock out in style. Vibrant colors make this tank top superfly. Not yet in the Air Force? No problem. This super cute tank top will be receiving compliments on any occasion. Great for Patriotic Holidays too!

Leg Avenue Women’s Top Gun Flight Suit

The Sexiest Flight Suit. Do you have a themed party coming up? Halloween around the corner? This sexy suit will allow her to play Tom Cruise or Goose with interchangeable name badges. If you’re looking for the perfect outfit to match your own suit, you’ve found the right one! Designed to make her feel sexy and comfortable at the next costume party. You won’t regret it when you both walk into the party and steal the show! Guaranteed to ‘Take Your Breath Away

Leg Avenue Licensed Top Gun Bomber Jacket

Officially Licensed To Fly. Looking for the perfect Halloween outfit? Top Gun obsessed? The officially licensed Top Gun Bomber Jacket has Tom Cruise’s approval; you can’t go wrong! This lightweight jacket comes with Maverick and Goose patches to let you both relive this movie classic. Not only is it perfect for Halloween, themed parties, and couples costumes. It can also be worn outdoors daily, as it has a stylish casual look. An amazing choice for any couple looking to liven up the place.

Sexy Pilot 2 Piece Cute Air Force Costume

The Sexiest Pilot You’ll See. This sexy costume gives ladies a one-way ticket to their lover’s heart. The seductive Air Force costume features a molded underwire cup bra with adjustable straps. An attention grabber that promotes all women to first-class flying. It’s a perfect gift for ladies, girlfriends, and wives. It’s the best surprise a man can get and the sexiest display a woman can give.

Ouray Sportswear W Deviate Pullover Jacket

For Air Force Falcons Fanatics. Be part of the team and get ready for another championship run with this athletic pullover jacket. This zip style is designed for maximum mobility and weather-resistant to keep your friend or family member powering through the rain. Let your close ones embrace their love for their favorite team every time they wear this warm and stylish jacket. It’s great for someone to show off the AF graphics on campus, on duty, at home, or on the training grounds.

Women’s 1950s Vintage Short Sleeve Pleated Pencil Dress

Bringing It Back to the 50s. Is the lady in your life elegant? If so, you will definitely want to present her with this beautiful vintage pencil dress! This classic design was the hallmark of 1950s fashion and gave a professional look. An extremely comfortable fit for a lovely dinner date, smart look in the office, or a party. Its stretchy material fits beautifully over the body. It finished off with a hidden zipper at the back, making this dress as elegant as hers. Sometimes good old fashion never dies!

Women’s Top Gun Themed Movie Shirt

Calling Top Gun Lovers. If you’ve watched Top Gun, you’ll know that anyone would appreciate this fashion-fitted T-Shirt. This cute and funny premium Tee will give her the courage in any dangerous situation! It will also receive many compliments from other Top Gun lovers. Approved by Tom Cruise, she will be the maverick in the sky and a badass on the ground. She can show off this classic line at parties or next to her friends, sending a friendly reminder to stop complicating things and just Talk to Me Goose! For any fan of the movie classic, this T-shirt is a must-have!

Care Package Ideas For Girlfriend

Shower kit for Women

Ladies in the military are especially known to be careful of their hygiene. So all for a good reason due to sweat and physical excursion, one needs a good shower. This shower kit for women contains all the good stuff ladies need for a luxurious shower. Also, such liquid items are usually not allowed to be sent through mail overseas, so gifting them prior departure will be highly appreciated; believe me.

All-weather Playing Cards

Entertainment for soldiers is often limited while they are at duty stations. However, they do have plenty of time for bonding with their fellow soldiers, and there is nothing that says bonding than a good game of poker. These All-weather Playing Cards are built with 100% PVC and are washable. They will outlast traditional cards by over 500 times and are built to last. A perfect companion for a rugged outdoor environment, this thoughtful gift will score your soldier some buddy points at his base.

Wireless Headphones

To ensure the inhumane pressures off military life, entertainment is a necessity. One of the best entertainment is watching one’s favorite tv shows and movies. Quality wireless headphones are a no-brainer if you want your soldier to have the best entrainment experience. These best-selling headphones come fully loaded with all the bells and whistles like extended range, 40 hours of battery life, etc. While wearing these cushy headphones, your soldier will be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Rugged Portable Hard Drive

A portable Harddrive is the modern equivalent of a vault where we keep our most valuable digital possessions. Rugged Harddrive is a necessity of a modern-day soldier because it can withstand a rough environment and help keep your soldier sane. Filling up a dependable Harddrive with movies is the most important pastime of these soldiers. Gift this quality Harddrive and see your soldier’s eyes light up with delight.

Personalized Photo Album

Soldiers are cursed to stay away from their families for months and months at a time. These souls feel homesick, just like any regular human being. Make them feel closer to their family by gifting them a personalized photo album filled with pictures of their near and dear ones. There is no substitute for the distance apart, but seeing pictures invokes deep emotions within us humans, making us feel closer to our loved ones.

2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet

These days, the military people are some of the most tech-savvy guys there are, thanks to all the cutting-edge military technology. Suffice to say, they know their tech and will surely be blown away by this ultra-fashionable 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet. Extremely useful for both office and entertainment, the tablet mode is ideal for presentations and movie viewing. Moreover, does it come with a massive 1 TB HDD for storing loads of movies and ultra-sharp 14? screen for the best viewing experience.

Universal Travel Adapter

Soldiers are routinely deployed overseas to US Military bases or embassies all around the world. If you have experienced plugging your device in a foreign country, you can relate to the hair-pulling experience one experiences when your plugs don’t match the sockets. This Universal Travel Adapter comes with a unique push/ pull plug design for all the adapter types one can ever need. It is also built-in with electrical safeties to prevent any hazard. So trying to make your soldier’s life easier by gifting this best-selling Universal Travel Adapter will certainly draw you both even closer.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

An ultimate gift for any book worm, the Kindle is a world leader in the E-reader world. So it’s no surprise that this Kindle Paperwhite E-reader boasts some of the best specs for any E-reader, including; ridiculous battery life of weeks, a 300 ppi high-resolution display, and a No-glare reading experience. What’s more, is that Prime members read free with unlimited access to over a thousand titles. Improve your soldier’s life quality with this gift of knowledge.

Anker PowerCore 20100

We live and breathe with our mobiles and tablets. However, as these devices are gradually becoming high-performance, their power requirements are also surging. This has been a sore point to which every soldier can relate: to power one’s phone when out in the field. Anker PowerCore 20100 power bank comes to the rescue with the ideal size, weight, and power capacity. Capable of charging iPhone 8 seven times, Galaxy S8 five times, and Ipad mini 4 twice, this power bank can easily take care of your device during your time away from the electrical outlets.

Hydro Flask

Whether working out or out on a routine patrol, a sturdy water bottle always comes in handy. The Hydro flask shines through all the rest with its innovative wide-mouth design and special anti-slip outer coating. In addition, its Temp shield double-walled interior will keep your beverage-of-choice at its temperature (Hot up to 6 hrs and cold up to 24-hrs). Soldiers would love this flask for its durability and ease of use.

Apple Ipad

Entertainment is incomplete these days without movies and TV shows. The Apple Ipad provides one the luxury of viewing your favorite media in the best portable device there is. This tablet is ideal for soldiers who cannot carry bulky laptops into the field. The Ipad is also best suited for bedtime viewing when your soldier lies on his/ her bed and wants to have pre-sleep movie time.

Bluetooth speaker

Music is the rhythm of life, and any sane person can’t live without it. So here we have the best Bluetooth speaker, manufactured by the world’s leading audio-tech company. Whether your soldier is working out at the gym, chilling out at a campsite, or just plain relaxing on the bed, this speaker is sure to satisfy his audio craving. It features a 12-hour life and the best sound quality experience as lead traits amongst reviewers.

Army Girlfriend Gifts

US Army Straight Edge Fighting Knife

Even though they have retired, our veterans have been our heroes and always will be. There is no better way to show them your support other than presenting them with a US Army Straight Edge Fighting Knife. This traditional Ka-Bar 1220 Utility Knife has a leather sheath and grooved leather handle. Get it for your soldier as a tribute to their services in the army.

U.S. Army Art Piece

Here’s something to display on the wall for your loved one from the Army. They would love their home decor to speak of it. This beautiful U.S. Army Art Piece includes hundreds of famous army saying, slogans, phrases, and bases. These US Army identifiers surround an embossed US army medallion to make it a perfect gift for any home. Get one today for your patriot to hang on their wall.

Personalized Army Military Woven Throw Blanket

Your soldier deserves a good night’s sleep! This Personalized Army Military Woven Throw Blanket is very comfortable to sleep in. Woven to perfection with American-grown cotton, it is soft, fade-resistant, and washer and dryer safe. Order one today and have it customized with the soldier’s name and rank for a personal touch.

Army Scrapbook Album

Let your retiring soldier hold all their memories from the army in a single place. Keep their precious pictures safe so that they may be enjoyed at any time. This Army Scrapbook Album is made of bonded leather and can hold, in top loading style, ten 12 x 12-inch photos. Get one for your veteran, so they have all the precious moments safe in a beautiful album.

Military Garden Gnome with an AK47 | Funny Army Statue

Meet Jack, the feisty garden gnome! Wielding the trusty AK47, this gnome has spent years serving in combat and is nowhere to protect your garden. Just looking at him makes one crack up, and your soldier could definitely use a trusty sidekick in their garden. Available in kneeling, prone and standing position, this gnome is always at guard in the garden. Definitely, a fun way to spice up the place and ideal for those soldiers who love their plants

Beret Leather Women Pink Flat Top Military Cap

Casual Design with a Military Shape. This faux leather autumn cap is a perfect blend of military & style. Keep her head warm this winter with a cute cap to add that final touch to her military look. Undeniably one of the biggest current trends in headwear, the Beret cap is made with a stylish retro look. The caps neat symbol placed on the side represents military power. It really does make her look pretty in pink!

Marine Girlfriend Gifts

50.Cal USMC Bullet Bottle Opener – Previously Fired

The mighty 50 cal instills fear into the hearts of the enemy. Still, out of the battlefield, this bullet has been given the coveted responsibility of making sure Marines have fun! Made from a fired 50 cal bullet, this EGA emblazoned bullet is an ideal gift for any Marine’s kitchen man cave or living room. Heck, it also comes with its keepsake bag. Built by Marines, for Marines!

US Marine Corps Natural Stone Coaster

Made with natural sandstone and backed with cork, these are the most awesome coasters your Marine will ever own. Beautifully embellished with the Eagle Globe and Anchor, these are impressively high quality. Backed with a guarantee in case of damage, this gift is perfect for any Marine.

Semper Fi Marines 3D License Plate Frame

All Marines are car lovers, and this is a perfect present for them. The company promises this plate to look new in years to come, thanks to special tech. Decorated with impressive 3D USMC decals, this plate will surely boost the looks of your Marine’s car. Sleek, shiny, and good quality. What more can you ask for?

Marine Corps Prayer Sign

A wooden prayer sign to help your Marine reminisce his old memories. The scorched edges give it an awesome rustic look. Etched on high-quality wood, this sign will look beautiful in your Marine’s home.’

USMC Round Emblem Truck SUV Auto-Decal Magnet

If your Marine or their family has a truck, but they don’t like to make loud statements, this is their ideal pride apparel. With a 14 gauge flat metal sign, this EGA emblem is an ideal car decal. It decently states the vehicle owner’s USMC affiliation without getting in everyone’s face like most other decals.

Marine Corps Flask-Matte Black

A quality flask is something everyone wants and needs. What makes this one stand out is that it has been personalized for the USMC. With Matte black color and laser engraved EGA & Marine chant, this flask is a must-have for any Marine. Made by a hard-working veteran company, they exactly know what a Marine wants. Gift it to your Marine, and they will surely love it.

Officially Licensed USMC Pint Glass

A .50 cal bullet biting into a beer glass is beyond cool. This fantastic and intuitive design is bound to pleasantly surprise your Marine, who will love its novelty and uniqueness. But, it’s not just all looks; built with quality glass and solid copper bullet, this glass is 100% lead-free to drink from. It looks just as good in the hand while drinking beer as it does on a mantle where your Marine’s pride will be on full display.

Marine Corps Playing Cards

Real Marines play cards, period! This right here is the ideal past time of Marines, whether deployed or otherwise. This beautiful USMC playing cards set is a perfect gift for that Marine who loves playing cards or aspires to learn them. Packaged neatly in a wooden box with EGA on top and custom marine ranking cards inside, the sheer aesthetics of this gift are 10/10. Go ahead, and don’t miss this awesome gifting opportunity.

Air Force Girlfriend Gifts

Cute Air force Necklace

A thought is all that matters when it comes to gifts. To always remind you of the love for your airforce serviceman, this beautiful necklace is a perfect gift. An ideal gift for airforce wives, sisters, mothers, daughters who surely want to keep their airforce guy close to their heart. Hand stamped with love; this symbol is made to last.

Artificial Horizon Necklace and Earring Set

Every Pilot Flying In Style. She will be soaring in style wearing the handmade jewelry set. The beautiful Sterling Silver wrapped around her neck will see her glide in the sky with elegance. The 14k Gold necklace & lever back earrings are sure to distract anyone looking over. The perfect gift to complement any lady, the Artificial Horizon set will give her an immediate fashion advantage.

F-22 Jet fighter handmade sterling silver stud earrings

Jets on Her Ears. Probably the smallest jets you’ll ever see! These cute little F-22 fighter studs fit perfectly for everyday wear. Handmade in the USA with polished sterling silver, these earrings will receive many compliments from her friends and family. A beautiful gift box will make her smile and show her that you care. A truly unique gift for your air force woman or family.

Ralph Lauren Women’s Aviator Sunglasses

The Classic Aviation Look. Pilots are exposed to harmful UV rays, which can weaken the eyes. Polarized with a delicate metal frame, these glasses will protect your close one from dangerous light. For style and class, Ralph Lauren Aviators are the best a woman can get! Any woman will be pleased to wear one of the world’s biggest brands. Multiple color choices allow her to match any outfit, lenses included. She will be commanding all the respect with a complete pilot’s look.

Nike Women’s Air Force Casual Sneakers

Military Inspired Boot for Everyday Style The number one Air Force boots for women. Engineered for premium style and comfort, the Air Force 1 sneakers upgrade the iconic Af1 design. This special force model has durable nylon and removable ankle straps to provide a versatile fit for everyday wear. She’s probably fed up with wearing the same worn-out training boots. These military-inspired boots will be the right gift to give her super comfort in style.

USAF Air Force Portable Leather Casual Handbag

Carry the Air Force on Your Shoulder. This casual but graceful shoulder handbag is a practical choice for everyday use. The classic USAF logo puts an inspiring spin on the fashionable leather tote. A waterproof and functional bag that can be taken shopping, work, or other daily activities. Its 2 compartments and 1 zipper pocket will hold her purse, makeup, iPad, phone, and other necessities—the best gift for your Air Force mom, daughter, girlfriend, or friends. Carrying around the USAF wings over her shoulder is guaranteed to make her smile.

U.S. Air Force Expandable Bangle

Here’s something special for someone who proudly belongs to the US air force community on any special occasion. Made in brass, this U.S. Air Force Expandable Bangle carries the ‘Aim High’ motto and US Air Force logo to let everyone know of their honorable service. Order one today; it will come in a sleek pouch that’ll make it even more presentable.

Sterling Silver Air Force Dogtag Locket

This is a Sterling Silver Air Force Dogtag Locket that your Airwoman or any lady friend will love adorning herself with. This 925 Sterling locket is empowering to wear. It also bears a US Air Force engraving to make it even more special for your loved one. Order one today, and you’ll receive it with a gift box.

Angel of Peace Statue with Sword Lady

If she is from the US Air Force community, she’s a warrior, a fighter, and deserves to be honored! Here’s an Angel of Peace Statue with Sword Lady so she can see her reflection every time she looks at it. Sculpted with cold cast bronze and handpainted in bronze finish, it’s a beautiful art piece to display in her living room or library. Get her this well-deserved present today.

Custom Carved Military Clock- Airforce Clock

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the proud Air Force warrior in your life? Give a gift that really means something with a custom carved military clock. The clock holds a beautifully 3D carved insignia that represents Air Force. Even though the uniform is hung back up, their time in the Air Force always stays with them with this wonderfully personalized clock. The thoughtful engraving makes it a special retirement gift for your beloved.

Leather Air Force Scrapbook

Here’s a scrapbook that your Air warrior will love being presented with on their retirement. This Leather Air Force Scrapbook carries the US Air Force logo on the blue cover and includes multiple picture inserts. Now they can organize all her treasured pictures from days of her services in the US Air Force safe and organized. Order it for them right away and help secure beautiful memories here.

Air Force Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

A bottle of wine with a good movie to watch is what your loved one really needs to treat themselves after any occasion. Air Force Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher make not only a unique airforce gift but also a practical one. With a cast iron bottle opener attached to a solid wooden plate, it also has a humorous airforce note to lift their mood. Get one today, for it also comes with a small Galvanized Bucket to catch the caps.

U.S. Air Force Tungsten Comfort Ring

Perfect for any air force lover who loves simplicity. A gift he’ll truly love seeing for any occasion is this U.S. Air Force Tungsten Comfort Ring. It’s made with Tungsten, which is one of the strongest and safest metals to wear. Engraved with laser is the US Air Force insignia on the top. This is what makes it a special present for your father, son, brother, husband, or friend, so get one right away.

Air Force Academy Falcons Competitor Ladies Watch with Two-Tone Band

Representing Team Spirit. Does the woman in your life like to keep things classy? Nothing completes an outfit like a perfect Two-Tone timepiece placed on your wrist. Let your woman complete the ultimate executive look & prove she is a part of Falcon Nation. 23kt gold-plated bezel with a quality stainless steel case and date function will prove her class and compliment her business attire. It would make a perfect addition to her Air Force Falcons collection.

Lockheed F-35A JSF/CTOL USAF Model

The Only Model You’ll Need in Life. The supersonic F-35A is multirole combat, all weather-stealth, an iconic symbol of air dominance: a fifth-generation fighter and a crucial part of the JSF program. The Lockheed Martin has replaced other fighter jets with its exceeding performance levels and superior dominance in the air. This makes it a powerful Air Force display in any home or office desk to express their passion. The Lightning II is expected to be the world’s premier strike aircraft through 2040, making it a superior gift for any plane lover who loves getting the best Air Force memorabilia.

USAF 14kt Gold Filled Miz PAH Pendant

A Gift from the Lord. Long-distance relationships can be tough at times. It’s the powerful bond of love between you both that will keep you connected when your partner is out on duty. The 14kt Gold Mizpah medal will represent your unbreakable bond and keep your hearts close for as long as God watches over you. The pendant makes sure that no matter how far away you are, you will always be together.

Air Force Fighter Jets & American Flag Throw Blanket for Couch

The Most Comfortable Blanket for US Servicemen. Show your Air Force loved one your appreciation with a gift that speaks volumes with its beautiful illustrations. Once they run their hands through the super-soft cotton material, you’ll know why this has been made from the last great American weaver. Handcrafted from a small mill in the USA, the Air force blanket is versatile for many uses. They can curl up in comfort, take it on an adventure, or place it elegantly on the sofa. It’s the best gift they will open during winters, so they can wrap themselves warm with Air Force pride! It’s now time for them to relax; patriot style!

Air Force Hero Infinity Cross

She’s a national hero; let her feel like one with this simple yet elegant Air Force Hero Infinity Cross necklace. What makes it so special is the beautiful gift box that encloses it. It carries a thoughtful message to acknowledge her services in the US Air force. Get one today in gold-plated brass, rose gold plated brass, or silver-plated brass, depending on your veteran’s preferences.

U.S. Air Force Academy pearl bracelet and sterling silver charm

Timeless Elegance. Compliment her beauty with a US Air Force Academy pearl bracelet and finest grade sterling silver charm. The luminous pearls feature Freshwater to keep her look dazzling. USAFA seal delicately engraved on the front with a strong interlocking clasp for a secure and stylish hold. She will always be a member of the team. This charming bracelet is a perfect present to reward her dedicated service.

Airforce Women Multicam Camo Sports Shoes

Air Force Ultimate Performance Shoes. Her trendy shoes will be making all those around go WoW once she’s up and running? The Air Force command sports shoes will keep her feet protected and comfortable at all times. These lightweight shoes don’t just represent Air Force; they are designed for maximum performance in every activity. From walking, running to casual streetwear. Perfect gift for her birthday or Christmas. Or to treat her on BMT graduation day. She can power through with intensity on the Airman’s Run!

US Air Force Pendant Necklace

Those who had a great time in the US airforce community will love having this US Air Force Pendant Necklace. Made with 925 sterling silver with the US Air Force logo in the center, it is something she will keep close to her heart. It even carries a beautiful prayer in embossed letters at the back to make it even more of a treasured gift item. Get one today since any woman from the airforce and will love wearing it.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you found this article insightful and that it helped you find some great Military girlfriend gifts. I would love feedback on what other ones might be helpful, so please feel free to leave me comments below with any suggestions.

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