17 Stunning Memories Keepsake Boxes To Preserve The Past

Once you have created a memory that you’d like to save for generations to come, you need a box to store it in. Memories can be powerful and hard to let go of, so it is important to store them safely.

Five minutes with these beautiful boxes, and you’ll know why they’re described as ‘works of art.’ Made from the finest woods in a rich range of finishes, these hardwood keepsake boxes have been carefully crafted traditionally. With so many stunning designs to choose from, it is not difficult to find one that will be perfect for you or your loved one.

Below are 17 stunning memories keepsake boxes that are perfect for storing your memories inside:

Best Memories Keepsake Boxes

DIY Wood Box with Hinge
The memory token box is great for storing mementos, jewelry, tickets, and more. This unfinished box is made of high-quality wood products, sanded smooth, and ready to be painted or stained in your color of choice. This colorful box will hold special keepsakes for years to come.
Don't Grieve for Me Remembrance Keepsake Box
Remember someone who has passed with this Cottage Garden Final Flight Remembrance Keepsake Box. With a heart-moving poem on front, this photo keepsake box is an ideal way to commemorate the life of your loved one. The magnetic clasp on the front opens to reveal a velvet-lined area, perfect for storing photos or mementos. Perfect for personalizing with other designs and decals!
Rustic Wedding Chest
The Rustic Wedding Chest is a stunning scenery-drawer box. It is an ideal gift to keep your love notes, wedding invitations, wonderful pictures as well as collectibles, and many more. The wishing tree is the symbol of love and good fortune for every Chinese. According to Chinese tradition, people hang red envelopes containing money in front of the tree, so their wishes will come true. You can choose to display it or use it as a keepsake box that can be passed down for generations!
Baby Memory Book w/Keepsake Box
What an adorable way to preserve your baby's first year... The Baby Memory Book w/ Keepsake Box is the ultimate way to memorialize all of your baby's special moments. Plus, there are thirty additional stickers for monthly milestone pictures, so you'll never miss a beat! You can even decorate the cover with included stickers before putting photos in the back. If you have multiple children or plan on having more, don't worry - there's room for more pictures and memories later on. Get this one right now!
Shadow Box Display Case
Organize memories in a convenient shadow box display case. The case has a glass window door and deep depth so trinkets can be displayed with ease. Easily hang on the wall or place on any flat surface to store and view items of your choice, such as family relics, pictures, medals, awards, and other keepsakes of special occasions. Decorate it's outside to make it more colorful and personalized.
Polish Handmade Jewelry Box
The Extra Large Wood Box features a large capacity to hold sentimental treasures or keepsakes. Built-in lock and key for added security. Its handcrafted in Poland using ancient skills passed down generations. This elegant box is of premium-grade wood that is sure to last. Your photos, jewelry, family heirlooms, and collectibles are sure to fit inside. Durable construction with deep sides allows for years of use. If you like the vintage look, then this is the box for you!
Koyal Wholesale Glass Photo Box
Protect your most precious photos and mementos in this Koyal Glass photo box. This charming glass photo box features a gold rose design and a secure lock for added safety. Organize all your meaningful keepsakes with the help of this decorative photo box! Make an unforgettable gift this holiday to family and friends!
Let's Make Memories Where It All Began Memento Box
Customize this premium wooden box with the memory of where it all began. It's a perfect anniversary gift. The case is made of wood with black suede lining, which helps show off the wood grain's natural character and turns it into a charming masterpiece that will last for generations. Put inside a thoughtful gift, and you're all set!
Wedding Day Memory Box Rustic Country
This handcrafted, personalized Ginger Ray memory box will hold the special mementos of your special day. It is sanded and sealed for an heirloom-quality wood look. Put your favorite pictures and small souvenirs of your time together. Perfect as a wedding or anniversary gift.
Exclusive Wood Treasure Box
Use this box to organize your jewelry, picture frames, family heirlooms, and the like, or give it as a special gift - it's perfect for almost any occasion! The amazing natural grains and colors of the wood inside the box will be more brilliant as you use it. Arolly Exclusive Treasure boxes are made by elaborate wood-work and finishing process in smooth glossy piano lacquer with detailed metal parts which make each treasure box look so attractive.
My Baby Keepsake Box
A large storage box with long-term preservation for photos, scrapbooks, keepsakes, and other personal items. It is a perfect mid-sized gift for anyone who keeps their memories stored in paper format or for those who need extra storage space to keep clutter under control. Decorate its outside to make it more colorful and personalized. Store pictures, jewelry, family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, and more.

Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box
A keepsake box that beautifully and artistically captures the spirit of friendship. Artist Susan Lordi designed this inspiring sculpture to become a treasure chest for mementos, jewelry, and other beloved special treasures. Willow Tree sculptures have won countless awards and are among the most popular collectible items in the world today.
Modern Keepsake Storage Organizer
How To Organize Your Jewelry? Never lose something sentimental like your great-grandmother's gold ring again. It's all in one place, behind the attractive walnut wood drawer, and best of all, it's easily portable so that you can take it with you. It's a simple, innovative, and practical way to keep jewelry contained and organized. This sleek jewelry box is fashionable with hidden storage drawers and an exterior that's as attractive as what it hides inside.
Decorative Storage Bin
A simple and functional way to organize your home or office. It's the ideal size for odds and ends that gather on shelves, dressers, or tables. Or, use it in your child's room for toys, books, and snacks. The sturdy handles make for easy lifting and transporting when full. This storage box is also a great gift idea for anyone who likes to travel or wants a convenient way to store items at home. And, it's easy to decorate to match your color scheme and décor!
Pioneer Photo Storage Box
The Pioneer Photo box is great for preserving your memories and can be customized to suit a range of occasions, from weddings and family reunions to graduation parties or milestone birthdays. Made of durable cardboard, this photo box easily holds standard 4x 6 photos in one or multiple collections.
Large Polish Wooden Chest
This large wooden chest is sure to be a lifelong family heirloom. This pretty chest is adorned with a beautiful flower motif mosaic design and handmade by artisans from Poland's Tatra Mountains. With a locking lid, you can safely store inside keepsakes and other small treasures. The key is included.

Wrapping It Up

So did you find what you came looking for? An awesome Memories Keepsake Box? Or was there something missing in the list? Shoot out your suggestions, experiences, or whatever is it you want to say in the comment section below.

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