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75 Memorial Day Gifts To Help You Appreciate Our Heroes

U.S. Air Force photo by Cynthia Griggs

Memorial day is perfect for honoring our active-duty soldiers and veterans. These guys put their lives for our freedom which is no small feat. Grab this opportunity of doing your part and appreciate them with some cool gifts. Here we have selected some of the best memorial day gifts:

Best Memorial Day Gifts

Zippo Lighter: United States Navy Logo

1. Zippo Lighter: United States Navy Logo

Light away. If your sailor is a smoker and you want to keep their gift simple yet unique, here what you get for them: Zippo Lighter: United States Navy Logo. It’s a sleek navy blue lighter with a US Navy logo on the front to put a smile on their face every time they light a cigarette. It even comes in a sleek box to make it even presentable as a gift.
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Military Veterans Challenge Coin

2. Military Veterans Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are a timeless tradition of the US Military. Engraved with beautifully emblazoned message for our soldier who has spent years in harm’s way for our nation, this coin is a must have. Add to your solider’schallenge coin collection with this beautiful coin. A classy and timeless artifact which can stand the test of time.
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Military Garden Gnome with an AK47 | Funny Army Statue

3. Military Garden Gnome with an AK47 | Funny Army Statue

Meet Jack the feisty garden gnome! Wielding the trusty AK47, this gnome has spent years serving in combat and is nowhere to protect your garden. Just looking at him makes one crack up and your soldier could definitely use a trusty sidekick in their garden. Available in kneeling, prone and standing position, this gnome is always at guard in the garden. Definitely, a fun way to spice up the place and ideal for those soldiers who love their plants
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Personalized American Oak Whiskey Aging Barrel

4. Personalized American Oak Whiskey Aging Barrel

Impress the guests. Forget the expensive champagne at restaurants because now you can age your own spirits and deliver a much better taste to enjoy with friends or family. If your loved one is a perfectionist, you need to get them this Personalized American Oak Whiskey Aging Barrel so that they can create their own personalized drinks right at home.
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Air Force Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

5. Air Force Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

A bottle of wine with a good movie to watch is what your loved one really needs to treat themselves after any ocassion. Air Force Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher not only makes a unique airforce gift but also a practical one. With a cast iron bottle opener attached to a solid wooden plate, it also has a humorous airforce note to lift up their mood. Get one today for it also comes with a small Galvanized Bucket to catch the caps.
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Hot-Z Golf US Military Air Force Cart Bag

6. Hot-Z Golf US Military Air Force Cart Bag

Air Force Hole in Ones. Carry your USAF pride with you around the golf course. Make your loved one stand out in the next tournament or casual game with your friends with this lightweight, stylish golf cart bag. Watch them receive praises from others when they see the Air Force Blue running through veins. This beautiful golf bag is sure to look stylish and functional on the course. For anyone who golfs and is serving or previously served our great country.
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Allied Frame Us Navy Medallion Desktop Box

7. Allied Frame Us Navy Medallion Desktop Box

Honor your sailor. What better way to honor your sea warrior other than presenting them with this neatly crafted mahogany desktop box with a US Navy medallion on top. With a brass lock and key, it will hold their most treasured posessions always safe and protected; with the honor they deserve. Go get one now and win the heart of your mariner.
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Pacific Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

8. Pacific Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Whiskey with everything. No party is complete without a bottle of champagne. If your service member feels the same way, present them with this Pacific Whiskey Decanter Gift Set. With a classic 27FL decanter and four vintage scotch glasses, the decanter set will surely add a classy touch to any gathering and leave the guests amazed.
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9. Mud Jug Stealth Spittoon

A must-have accessory for your tobacco chewing Marine, this famous spittoon is ideal for those who are on the go. It has a screw top-funnel which can easily hold 6 oz. Classy designing is also a big plus however the ultra-portability this offers is just the next level.
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Etched World Decanter whiskey Globe with Antique Airplane

10. Etched World Decanter whiskey Globe with Antique Airplane

A beautiful Way to Serve Expensive Alcohol. Who does’nt love classy drinkware? Gift them this wonderful whiskey gift set and make them feel good when they serve their guests with a luxury experience. Perfect for showing off their finest selection of Whiskey, Vodka, and liquor in a beautifully prese. An absolute essential gift to elevate your loved one’s home bar or desk.
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HCSB Airman

11. HCSB Airman’s Bible

Honoring America’s Greatest. The HCSB Airman’s Bible is a book of inspiration and spiritual guidance inspiring America’s great military heroes. It is thoughtfully designed for those serving the cause of US freedom. This special book presents the words of Christ in red, so when times are tough at camp, your brave Airman will be guided with patriotic wisdom. Its collection of protection promises & prayers will provide added encouragement to guide your Airman through this emotional experience. You can feel at peace. This beautiful bible can easily be fit in uniform pockets; they can carry inspiration with them everywhere they go. A truly special gift for anyone in the Air Force.
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INFANTRY Mens 50mm Heavy Duty Tactical Watch

12. INFANTRY Mens 50mm Heavy Duty Tactical Watch

Infantry watches are built for the military men in mind. This large faced analog & digital watch is a stunner to look at. It boasts an anti-scratch mineral dial window for any soldier who is always on the go and needs his timepiece with them at all times. While this watch is one of the budget options. Looks can be deceiving as to its premium look and feel is bound to wow your soldier.
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Air Force Fighter Jets & American Flag Throw Blanket for Couch

13. Air Force Fighter Jets & American Flag Throw Blanket for Couch

The Most Comfortable Blanket for US Servicemen. Show your Air Force loved one your appreciation with a gift that speaks volumes with its beautiful illustrations. Once they run their hands through the super-soft cotton material, you’ll know why this has been made from the last great American weaver. Handcrafted from a small mill in the USA, the quality Air force blanket is versatile for many uses. They can curl up in comfort, take it on an adventure, or place it elegantly on the sofa. Its the best gift they will open during winters, so they can wrap themselves warm with Air Force pride! It’s now time for them to relax; patriot style!
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US Air Force Sapphire Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver

14. US Air Force Sapphire Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver

An Air Force Luxury. This classic, the lightweight bold design brings so much beauty; you wouldn’t even know it represents the Air Force! Handcrafted with excellence, this premium bracelet consists of a beautiful sapphire stone & an engraved ‘US Air Force’ to make her feel special on any occasion. Made in America & officially licensed by US Air Force, this is a gift she will treasure forever.
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HAZARD 4 Reveille(TM) Rugged Grooming Kit

15. HAZARD 4 Reveille(TM) Rugged Grooming Kit

Tactical Grooming. Hazard 4 has summed up this toiletry bag in their name. A dangerous threat once others see how practical it is for keeping all of your toiletries in one place. This rugged grooming kit was built for the toughest military camps, yet is carried in style through hotel lobbies by the professional businessperson. Large pockets are great for separating shavers, toothbrushes, and soaps to keep everything in an organized fashion. The hanging hook makes getting to your toiletries super easy. It will travel with them everywhere they go! A perfect gift to keep them clean and organized throughout.
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Zippo USAF Lighter

16. Zippo USAF Lighter

Light Up the Smoke. Each flick of this windproof lighter will remind him of his dedicated Air Force service. The high polish chrome design uses the double lustre process to create a crisp and clean USAF logo. All metal construction gives an optimal performance to light a cigar anywhere. The distinctive Zippo click will be noticed by any US Air Force troops. Packaged in the Zippo gift box, this is a great gift to add for the USAF collector.
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Nautical themed Sailing Bookend

17. Nautical themed Sailing Bookend

Read captain read. Is your retiring Navy sailor into books at all? If they?re a book lover and have a bookshelf at their home library or in their bedroom that needs some embellishment, you need to present them with this marvelous Gifts & Decor Office Library Sailing Schooner Nautical Theme Bookend. Carved in wood, the beautiful display ship will remind this sailor of the days the spent on the sea.
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Green Army Man Bottle Opener

18. Green Army Man Bottle Opener

ATTENTION!! Sgt Pryer has arrived armed for duty. The duty of opening beer caps effortlessly every time with military precision. This classy piece of die-cast metal will never let your soldier down (in opening any bottle caps). Expect your soldier to be pleasantly surprised by this nifty and efficient piece of hardware sure to dish out years of distinguished service. The manufacturer promises 100% lifetime guarantee which makes you wonder about their confidence in this product. Go ahead and try it for yourself.
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Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

19. Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

Upgrade Your Shave. Your soldier has a mandatory shaving ritual daily as part of military regulations. Treat your serviceman to the luxury wet shave experience designed for the modern man. The soldier on the field becomes the gentleman in the camp with this 8 items deluxe kit. Everything you need for a smooth wet shave is packed in this magnificent kit, no need for individual items! Gentleman Jon upgrades every man to a neat, classy, and superior alpha, making it a gift that every man needs.
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Marine Corps Challenge Coin

20. Marine Corps Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are a staple of military tradition. You can find one for every occasion and every service. Likewise, this USMC coin celebrates your Marine’s valor and embeds a strong prayer to keep them safe. If your Marine loves to collect these coins, this can be the perfect addition to their collection. Its high-quality design is sure to last generations.
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U.S. Air Force long-sleeve T-shirt

21. U.S. Air Force long-sleeve T-shirt

Show Your Pride. Wearing officially licensed Air Force gear would make any man proud. This long sleeve cotton t-shirt has a sporty look and feel to it, with a military sense of style. It features crisp Air Force graphics to represent what you stand for. A shirt worthy of wearing, to show US Air Force pride. A must have for family members with an Air Force background.
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Not As Lean -Still As Mean - Always a Marine - USMC Sign

22. Not As Lean -Still As Mean – Always a Marine – USMC Sign

Marines are notoriously mean, especially towards their enemy. This emotion is instilled in them right from their basic training and is essential for combat. This beautiful laser-etched sign is meant to be a perfect gift for a Marine on Memorial day. Engraved with this famous slogan, the last words signified their famous saying: ‘Once a Marine, Always a Marine’. The scorch marks at the edges of this beautiful sign give it a unique rustic look. Gift this sign to your favorite Marine and it will surely look great on their home wall.
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23. Women’s Top Gun Themed Movie Shirt

Calling Top Gun Lovers. If you’ve watched Top Gun, you’ll know that anyone would appreciate this fashion fitted T Shirt. This cute and funny premium Tee will give her the courage in any dangerous situation! It will also receive many compliments from other Top Gun lovers. Approved by Tom Cruise, she will be the maverick in the sky and a badass on the ground. She can show off this classic line at parties or next to her friends, sending a friendly reminder to stop complicating things and just Talk to Me Goose! For any fan of the movie classic, this T shirt is a must-have!
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Army Custom Whiskey Stone Set and Buckman Glasses

24. Army Custom Whiskey Stone Set and Buckman Glasses

We all know soldiers have style! Let them impress us even more with this Army Custom Whiskey Stone Set and Buckman Glasses. This customizable set can have your veteran’s name on the whiskey glasses with a note of appreciation below it. Present your soldier with this whiskey set to complement their home bar.
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Recliner for Comfort

25. Recliner for Comfort

Hard work needs to be rewarded and you know that military life is hard. If you are thankful for the service rendered by your soldier, nothing screams comfort more than a cushy recliner. Be it binging on tv, watching a game, or just plain old lazing around, the recliner is your best friend. Put your soldier at ease by putting their bum on this comfortable recliner. See their tired eye sockets turn into puppy-eyes when they get your gift. Go ahead, picture it.
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Front Line Flags Air Force Flag

26. Front Line Flags Air Force Flag

Supporting Your Troops. Let your Air Force pride fly high with this true portrayal of the American spirit. Pledge your allegiance and get behind the nation with a beautiful display to be proud of. This double-sided patriotic flag will let any American honor their country. Gift it to your patriot so they place this beautiful flag on their front porch, garden, or storefront. The 13 white stars and American bald eagle will make a powerful statement of their loyalty and support. This Air Force flag is proudly made in America and is a wonderful gift for every proud American.
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The Medal of Honor: The Evolution of America

27. The Medal of Honor: The Evolution of America’s Highest Military Decoration

Medal of Honor is the ultimate honor that any soldier can dream of being awarded. This medal has a rich history behind it and it has been beautifully narrated in this informative book. If your soldier loves to read, this is THE book for them as it contains never known before history which has garnered stellar reviews from critics. Go ahead and pick this title and earn a place at your soldier’s bookshelf.
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U.S. Army Art Piece

28. U.S. Army Art Piece

Here’s something to display on the wall for your loved one from the Army. They would love their home decor to speak of it. This beautiful U.S. Army Art Piece includes hundreds of famous army saying, slogans, phrases, and bases. These US Army identifiers surround an embossed US army medallion to make it a perfect gift for any home. Get one today for your patriot to hang on their wall.
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US Marine Corps Medallion Desktop Box

29. US Marine Corps Medallion Desktop Box

One of the finest desktop accessories here is this USMC desktop box. Made 100% in the USA, this is made with Cherry wood and comes with a brass lock & key. The USMC die-cast medallion fixed firmly on top looks like a crown jewel. Its classy look makes it the perfect eye candy on your Marine’s desk at home or at the office. If you want a small, classy, and durable gift, look no further.
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KA-BAR Knife Desk Display Stand

30. KA-BAR Knife Desk Display Stand

If you’re looking for a new style to display your veteran’s treasured military possessions, here’s one. This display stand will hold their military knife and will look great on their library table or work desk. Fashioned in walnut wood, it can carry a full-sized KA-Bar knife and carries a USMC emblem in the center. Present your marine with one of these right away for they’ll love it on their table!
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Angel of Peace Statue with Sword Lady

31. Angel of Peace Statue with Sword Lady

If she is from the US Air Force community she’s a warrior, a fighter and deserves to be honored! Here’s an Angel of Peace Statue with Sword Lady so she can see her reflection every time she looks at it. Sculpted with cold cast bronze and handpainted in bronze finish, it’s a beautiful art piece to display in her living room or library. Get her this well deserved present today.
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Ask Me What I Was Marine Corps Plaque

32. Ask Me What I Was Marine Corps Plaque

For those of us who love motivating slogans, this ‘Ask me what I was’ plaque is just the perfect gift. Etched on a piece of plywood along with EGA are powerful words that showcase the extent of sacrifice your Marine has done for our country. The burnt edges are rustic looking and give the impression of being forged by fire.
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RETIRED AIR FORCE BEER ME! Funny Air Force Retirement Shirt

33. RETIRED AIR FORCE BEER ME! Funny Air Force Retirement Shirt

Ts are one of the more popular gag gifts and, therefore, no reason to not include them here. As always, who doesn’t love a witty comeback? This is one of the best ways to get back at your soldier in a funny way and have him smile when they see the quippy remarks on their Ts. This T-shirt is perfect for the beer-loving air warrior who has earned his due share of beer-chugging now they are finally retired.
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SEMPER FI Military Desk Set Gift

34. SEMPER FI Military Desk Set Gift

What can be better than a personalized desk gift set for a Marine? They can proudly display their association with the Marine corps with this iconic piece. Made with 1-inch solid pine wood and a free personalized nameplate, this one is no brainier. Your Marine will love you for it.
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DD-214 US Army Alumni T-Shirt

35. DD-214 US Army Alumni T-Shirt

This t-shirt reminds your army soldier in a fun way that they have finally joined the DD-214 club. They should now look forward to a whole new exciting world beyond the Army.
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Air Force Academy Falcons Competitor Ladies Watch with Two-Tone Band

36. Air Force Academy Falcons Competitor Ladies Watch with Two-Tone Band

Representing Team Spirit.Does the woman in your life like to keep things classy?Nothing completes an outfit like a perfect Two-Tone timepiece placed on your wrist.Let your woman complete the ultimate executive look & prove she is a part of Falcon Nation.23kt gold-plated bezel with a quality stainless steel case and date function will prove her class and compliment her business attire.It would make a perfect addition to her Air Force Falcons collection.
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Large Marine Corps Iwo Jima Statue

37. Large Marine Corps Iwo Jima Statue

Iwo Jima holds a very special place in every Marine’s heart especially for any veteran. This battle represented the ultimate price paid by the corps with a mindblowing 26000 casualties. Roughly 800 Americans died for every square mile of this black volcanic island. This piece of history has been beautifully sculptured in premium quality resin with amazing detail. This large statue is the piece of history your Marine has looked up to for inspiration throughout their career. So why not make it a permanent feature in their living room or office?
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Modern Abstract Wings Art Sculpture

38. Modern Abstract Wings Art Sculpture

Does she love sculptures? Here’s one she’ll especially adore if she’s from the US Air Force community. Made with Resin and available in two colors, it’s a beautiful depiction of Abstract Wings that she can display on her living room table or bookcase. Get her one today and add an Air Force touch to her home decor.
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Sterling Silver USMC Men

39. Sterling Silver USMC Men’s Ring

Is your Marine the one who does not shy away from proudly stating his ownership of the corps? If so, this is the perfect gift for this patriot. Made with silver and having a breathtaking design, nothing makes a bolder statement than this ring. Custom made by a Marine owned company right here in the USA. You cannot go wrong with this one here.
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Retired Navy Chief Only Way Happier TShirt

40. Retired Navy Chief Only Way Happier TShirt

Navy chiefs are immensely respected in service due to their hard work and professionalism. This puts them in stressful environments to always deliver their best. Take a load off your retired chief and tell him to chill out in this fun way by donning this t-shirt and relax.
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All 50 States Beer Cap Maps

41. All 50 States Beer Cap Maps

Display your passion. If your warrior is a beer lover, here’s something that’ll showcase their habit and will look amazing on their wall. You need to get them this All 50 States Beer Cap Maps with 73 bottle cap holes. Your service man will just need to snap the bottle cap in a hole every time they take a drink. On the plus side, it will help them keep track of the number of bottles they have had and when to stop!
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New Balance Women

42. New Balance Women’s Cross Trainer

The Go-to Shoe for Everyday Style. Wondering what to gift your soldier for Memorial day? Chances are your serviceman/ woman will be running like there’s no tomorrow. The New Balance Fuelcore Nergize training shoes will enhance her athleisure look with a comfy and casual feel. Its signature foam provides ultra-lightweight support so she can feel great at every PT test. Unique comfortable construction allows her to slip it on and go, she will be racing ahead in the timed run to complete BMT! Buy her a fresh pair of running shoes to break in early, to prepare her for every challenge ahead.
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American Flag Cornhole Boards w/Bean Bags

43. American Flag Cornhole Boards w/Bean Bags

American camper. Now that work is out of the way, your soldier needs to go out on a well-deserved vacation. Tailgating with family or friends will be much more fun for them with this Tailgating Pros Rustic American Flag Cornhole Boards. Present them with this US flag-themed tailgating gear to let the fellow campers catch a glimpse of their love for the country.
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The Chef

44. The Chef’s Portable Multi-Tool

Every food lover should be on the ready with this Chef’s Portable Multi-Tool. They can pursue her passion for culinary treats and this tool will become an important tool in their arsenal. It includes twelve high-quality stainless steel tools so they are ready for just about anything in the kitchen. Present it to them today and let them be a Superman/ Wonderwoman at home, just like they were in the military! Especially suitable if that someone is retiring, now that they will have all the time in the world.
"Semper Fi" Bottle Opener

45. “Semper Fi” Bottle Opener

Another timeless USMC memorabilia, this Bottle opener, and cap catcher is a true beauty. Built with handpicked wood and prepared on order, this one is made with love. Perfect for your fence, bar, kitchen, or any place! Designed for single-handed operation, this Made in USA gift will wow your Marine.
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Marine Corps Prayer Sign

46. Marine Corps Prayer Sign

A wooden prayer sign to help your Marine reminisce his old memories. The scorched edges give it an awesome rustic look. Etched on high-quality wood, this sign will look beautiful in your Marine’s home.’
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Marine Corps Cufflinks & Tie-tack

47. Marine Corps Cufflinks & Tie-tack

Perfect gift for a classy Marine. Beautifully designed Cufflinks and tie tack to go with any suit of your devil dog. Packed neatly in a velvet box, this is the quintessential gift choice.
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USAF 14kt Gold Filled Miz PAH Pendant

48. USAF 14kt Gold Filled Miz PAH Pendant

A Gift from the Lord. Long-distance relationships can be tough at times. It’s the powerful bond of love between you both, which will keep you connected when your partner is out on duty. The 14kt Gold Mizpah medal will represent your unbreakable bond, and keep your hearts close for as long as God is watching over you. The pendant makes sure that no matter how far away you are, you will always be together.
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US Navy American Beer Glassware

49. US Navy American Beer Glassware

Toast to the Navy. Drink to the good old, glorious days in the US Navy with this set of 24 US Navy Pint glasses. Traditional in design and imprinted with their favorite logo, get your sailor this beautiful glassware to complement their bar. These 16oz pint glasses are durable, fashionable, and an excellent means to honor your warrior.
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Casio G-Shock Stealth Black Watch

50. Casio G-Shock Stealth Black Watch

G-Shock needs no introduction. This iconic piece of hardware holds a special place in the military especially the Marines. Built with ruggedness in mind, this watch has a plethora of features. Other than the standard bells and whistles, this watch is water-resistant up to 200m and displays time for 48 cities. Finally, the design is just perfect for any soldier who loves to get their hands dirty. Get it for your favorite soldier and see it last a lifetime.
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Marine Corps Chrome Double Ring Neon Clock

51. Marine Corps Chrome Double Ring Neon Clock

Wall clocks are boring but this one is not! Fitted with red neon light on the outside and white on the inside, this clock illuminates the USMC logo to give it a classy look. This officially licensed product is perfect for any man cave, game room, or home bar and will add a unique dimension to its decor. Grab it and Gift it to your fun-loving Marine.
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52. Women’s Red White Blue Air Force Flyover Tank Top

American Muscle. Does your daughter, friend, or lover adore the USAF and love working out? She will need the most comfortable choice to rock out in style. Vibrant colors make this tank top superbly. Not yet in the Air Force? No problem. This super cute tank top will be receiving compliments on any occasion. Great for the Patriotic Holidays too!
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50.Cal USMC Bullet Bottle Opener - Previously Fired

53. 50.Cal USMC Bullet Bottle Opener – Previously Fired

The mighty 50 cal instills fear into the hearts of the enemy, but out of the battlefield, this bullet has been given the coveted responsibility of making sure Marines have fun! Made from a fired 50 cal bullet, this EGA emblazoned bullet is an ideal gift for any Marine’s kitchen, man cave, or living room. Heck, it also comes with its keepsake bag. Built by Marines, for Marines!
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Globe Bourbon Decanter for Air Force Veteran

54. Globe Bourbon Decanter for Air Force Veteran

Is your favorite friend or family member retiring from the US Air Force? Do they love whiskey? If yes, Globe Bourbon Decanter for Air Force Veteran will make an excellent Memorial day gift for them. This 1000ml globe-shaped Decanter has an intricately designed airplane in the center. Present it to your special soldier today and let her enjoy whiskey in style.
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9" Polished Premium Brass Nautical Sextant

55. 9″ Polished Premium Brass Nautical Sextant

Beautiful reminder. Now that they’ve retired from the most amazing career, what our sailor really needs is some reminder of the good old days that they can hang on to. Get them this Nagina International Brass Nautical Sextant with Rosewood Handcrafted Luxurious Case to make an impressive addition to their collectibles. The sextant may be decorative but is a replica of the original and fully-functional to impress your veteran.
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USAF I Love My Airman Compression Socks

56. USAF I Love My Airman Compression Socks

Where’s the Proof? Want to give your boyfriend or girlfriend some Airman entertainment? Just wait for them to come home and rock these compression socks around the living room. If you don’t like waiting, send it as a gift to them, so they can let all the Airmen know how much you love each other! The Sgt won’t be laughing at your airman for long when he sees how warm these soft and stretchy socks are helping them in training. This is a great gift for your husband or wife. If you want to prove your love for your Airman, these socks couldn’t express it in a better way!
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Leg Avenue Women

57. Leg Avenue Women’s Top Gun Flight Suit

The Sexiest Flight Suit. Do you have a themed party coming up? Halloween around the corner? This sexy suit will allow her to play the role of Tom Cruise or Goose with interchangeable name badges. If you’re looking for the perfect outfit to match your own suit, you’ve found the right one! Designed to make her feel sexy and comfortable at the next costume party. You won’t regret it when you both walk to the party and steal the show! Guaranteed to ‘Take Your Breath Away’
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US Navy Cufflinks Blue Cuff Links

58. US Navy Cufflinks Blue Cuff Links

Dress in style. If your soldier likes to dress in style or even if they don’t already, you need to help them out! What would complement a three-piece suit for any formal occasion best is this Cufflinks Inc. Men’s Enamel US Navy Cufflinks. Get them these gold-tone cufflinks with the US Navy motif on its enamel center so that everyone can know what a fantastic career they have had.
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Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Snuff

59. Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Snuff

Tobacco chewing is widespread in the USMC and if your Marine also indulges in this activity, Smokey mountain is the perfect gift. 100% tobacco-free, this great-tasting tobacco alternative is safe to use and is made with premium ingredients. You can suggest this healthy alternative as it is used by pro-athletes and encourages a nicotine-free lifestyle.
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Rugged grooming & toiletries Kit

60. Rugged grooming & toiletries Kit

Specifically designed for extreme environments including military usage. This rugged grooming & toiletries kit is classically styled in such a way that it won’t look out of place at a posh hotel neither at a campsite. Hazard 4 brand is synonymous with high-quality gear and this kit is built with genuine Cordura (R) 1000D fabric for a lifetime of reliable use.
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Decomil - Military Challenge Coin Display Case

61. Decomil – Military Challenge Coin Display Case

Coins to display. Does your soldier have a huge set of challenge coins collected through all these years serving in the Military? If they haven’t been displayed already, now is the time to help them do so. Present them, for Memorial day, this remarkable DECOMIL – Military Challenge Coin Display Case to keep their challenge coins achieved through hard work in a safe and presentable manner.
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Personalized US Military - Square Whiskey Label Decanter

62. Personalized US Military – Square Whiskey Label Decanter

Ahhh Alcohol, our favorite pastime which is especially popular amongst the soldier. Why not gift our soldiers, what they actually love? Add a pinch of extra love by personalizing it with US Military emblem. A timeless piece of classy whiskey decanter that will serve a lifetime and rekindle their love for the service is always a good choice. This one ticks all the boxes.
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Beret Leather Women Pink Flat Top Military Cap

63. Beret Leather Women Pink Flat Top Military Cap

Casual Design with a Military Shape. This faux leather autumn cap is a perfect blend of military & style. Keep her head warm this winter with a cute cap to add that final touch to her military look. Undeniably one of the biggest current trends in headwear, the Beret cap is made with a stylish retro look. The caps neat symbol placed on the side represents military power. It really does make her look pretty in pink!
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F-22 Jet fighter handmade sterling silver stud earrings

64. F-22 Jet fighter handmade sterling silver stud earrings

Jets on Her Ears. Probably the smallest jets you’ll ever see! These cute little F-22 fighter studs fit perfectly for everyday wear. Handmade in the USA with polished sterling silver, these earrings will receive many compliments from her friends and family. A beautiful gift box will make her smile and show her that you care. A truly unique gift for your air force woman or family.
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50 Caliber Bottle Breacher Bottle Opener

65. 50 Caliber Bottle Breacher Bottle Opener

Ah, sweet 50 Cal. The ultimate beast of a bullet striking fear into the hearts of enemies comes to service once again. Now, making your life easier by opening your soldier’s favorite beer bottles. Tell your soldier to relax and use this handy sidekick to enjoy the good times. Built-in the USA, this product uses actual 50 Cal bullet casing which will last forever.
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Brooks Mens Running Shoe

66. Brooks Mens Running Shoe

The Ghost 11 running shoe has a lightweight secure fit with a soft cushioning to provide accelerating performance and superb comfort on every run. Integrated shock absorbers will cushion every step for a smooth ride on the training grounds. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone on Memorial day, start with comfortable footwear, so he can always be one step ahead!
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Retro Vintage Just a Woman Combat Boots T-shirt Veteran day

67. Retro Vintage Just a Woman Combat Boots T-shirt Veteran day

The best T-shirt to honor your bad-ass lady soldier who has done her due share of duty for the nation. A shout out to the world thanking her for her service and inspiring other girls to saddle up.
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Casio Women

68. Casio Women’s Baby-G Shock Watch

A Tactical Approach on Your Wrist. Absolute toughness and advanced technology make this watch an undefeated champion on the battlefield. The Baby-G is the casual watch for active women, the pioneer of strong tough fashion. This multi-functional watch is shock resistant with 100m water resistance to handle any military situation. EL Backlights illuminate the dial plate for maximum visibility in the dark. Wrapped in a neat Matte black, these watches are designed to fit the feminine wrist, while maintaining plenty of eye-catching appeals. This digital watch is a perfect gift for all the running she will be doing. Also a great personal alarm clock if she finds those early morning wakeups a bit difficult!
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Bambusi Cheese Board And Knife Set

69. Bambusi Cheese Board And Knife Set

Perfect for cheese lovers. Italian Ricotta or French Vacherin with a bottle of your favorite wine! If that’s the kind of combo that drives anyone crazy. There isn’t a better gift for a food lover than this Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set. Present them this beautiful bamboo tray and let them present cheese, crackers, and wine in the most heart-touching way possible.
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Grunt Style American Spartan 2.0 Men

70. Grunt Style American Spartan 2.0 Men’s T-Shirt

Patriotic wear is always a good idea for any soldier. These guys live, love, and protect our country, so what’s wrong with publically stating your passion? This Grunt style T-shirt has a cool print with the iconic spartan helmet imprinted in the American flag. This is symbolic of the length your soldier will go to defend his country like the spartans. Overall well made, comfortable fit and cool design make it a perfect gift.
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US Marines Veteran Garden Flag

71. US Marines Veteran Garden Flag

Marine veterans love their heritage and time served in the USMC. They love to share stories of brotherhood and valor. Enhance their Marine pride by gifting them this beautiful USMC veterans garden flag. Prominently displaying the sacred EGA emblem, this flag will loudly state their pride in the service.
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Casio G-Shock Men

72. Casio G-Shock Men’s Tough Solar Sport Watch

The Watch That Never Breaks. Early wake-ups, hours of training drills, tactical skill tests. There is only one tool your serviceman needs for his daily challenges. That is the industry’s most durable digital watch, trusted by military personnel. G-Shock’s best-selling design has tough solar power to make you the last man standing; you’ll never have to replace the battery! Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping gives superior accuracy no matter where you are on the planet. Shock-resistant & an impressive 200m water resistance, it’s the most reliable option for harsh environments. Powerful illumination from the EL Backlight will give your soldier incredible visibility at any time of day. If you want to give him something that lasts, get him the watch that never breaks.
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Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer

73. Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor with Front Digital Hygrometer

Most soldier’s love a good smoke. If your soldier loves them too, you can get them this beautiful and efficient humidor. This will keep their smokes in perfect seasoning and has a tempered glass top to show off their collection too. A digital hygrometer keeps tabs on the humidity and Spanish cedar coaming makes this humidor a moisture-holding machine. Complete with a bottom drawer for holding other accessories, there truly is no other humidor like this.
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Disgruntled Decks - USAF Veterans Card Game

74. Disgruntled Decks – USAF Veterans Card Game

Side-splitting Laughter on the Decks. What’s the best way to share your many military experiences? Bonding with your fellow service members on game night with hysterical fun! It’s military humor with a little twist. Laugh your way through some shockingly absurd moments with your Air Force buddies. The 400 hilarious cards won’t be leaving you disgruntled. Grab some beers, hit the decks, and bring back those special memories. This is a perfect gift for veterans & active service members to play on Memorial Day.
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Personalized,silver bullet tie clip

75. Personalized,silver bullet tie clip

Suits are the armor of modern-day man. Every man should own a few of the classics. As expected no suit is complete without a tie. A tie’s elegance is further enhanced by a suitable tie clip. Here is where this awesome silver bullet tie clip comes in. When your soldier snaps on this clip to his tie, the clip will speak for its self. Built with the finest materials, the clip can be personalized with your soldier’s name. Small, elegant, and a perfect gift for the perfect gentleman.
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Artificial Horizon Necklace and Earring Set

76. Artificial Horizon Necklace and Earring Set

Every Pilot Flying In Style. She will be soaring in style wearing the handmade jewelry set. The beautiful Sterling Silver wrapped around her neck will see her glide in the sky with elegance. The 14k Gold necklace & lever back earrings are sure to distract anyone looking over. The perfect gift to complement any lady the Artificial Horizon set will give her an immediate fashion advantage.
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United States Navy Porcelain Stein

77. United States Navy Porcelain Stein

Symbol of excellence. Their glorious career in the US Navy isn’t something that your mariner needs to keep locked away. Showcase their excellence, display their patriotism, and get them this United States Navy Porcelain Stein With Sculpted Medallion. It’s a beautifully handcrafted collectible with a 22K gold plated US Navy medallion, making it a perfect gift item for anyone who is linked to the US Navy.
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Godiva Chocolatier Gold Ballotin

78. Godiva Chocolatier Gold Ballotin

Chocolates are a wonderful present for all occasions. Anyone will love enjoying a mouthwatering treat from Godiva Chocolatier Gold Ballotin. The beautiful gift box includes 36 assorted chocolates in all sorts of wonderful flavors to surprise your veteran. Present it to them without wasting time so they can enjoy it with their family.
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Wrapping It Up

So did you find what you came looking for? An awesome gift for your veteran on Memorial Day? Or was there something missing in the list. shoot out your suggestions, experiences, or whatever is it you want to say in the comment section below.

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