23 Best Marine Corps Shadow Box Ideas For Your Devil Dog

Rich, strong, meaningful… Just like the men and women they represent. Shadow Boxes are a great way to honor someone who has served or served in the United States Marine Corps. Whichever USMC Shadow Box you choose, you are honoring a member of the finest fighting force in the world.

These Shadow Boxes are perfect for enhancing the decor of your Marine’s living room, office, or man cave.

Please take a moment to look through this collection of Marine Corps Shadow Boxes and select something special for your favorite Marine.

Best Marine Corps Shadow Box Ideas

USMilitaryStuff Memorial Flag Case
The traditional military burial flag is a symbol of ultimate sacrifice and patriotism. There's no more cherished display for this revered symbol than this Memorial Flag Case in Cherry Finish. This handcrafted display case is constructed of solid wood, finished with a rich cherry stain, and designed to showcase the flag. Its frame also has a recessed bottom so it can be placed on the floor as well as wall-mounted.
Military Pin Display Case
You'll be able to keep your marine's military memorabilia safe and secure in a display case with this military-themed display cabinet. This secure storage box has a pin-able pinnable background that can attach pins/medals/badges and a fully UV protected acrylic door with latches. The display case can be mounted vertically or horizontally, making it easy to display or store items.
Large Military Medal Shadow Box
The perfect gift for a marine. Crafted from solid wood and heavy-duty aluminum with a glass door to protect the flag from dust or damage, this military flag display case is specially made to hold folded U.S. Flags that measure 5 inches 9 1/2 inches, which is the standard size of a folded American flag. It is also available in black felt. The bottom section referred to as the “shadow box,” can be used to hold framed memorabilia or photos while displaying the folded flag on top or separate on its own.
1 Sword Wall Rack Shadow Box
Make your Marine the envy of their neighbors with this versatile case! This strong mahogany display case is a high-quality way to show off their prized sword collection, and the natural finish perfectly accents its beauty. The acrylic door also provides added protection from dust and sunlight. The 100% UV protection means that they can confidently display the rest of your collection without worry! With an extra felt background, this case is the perfect storage solution.
USMilitaryStuff Shadowbox
USMilitaryStuff offers this shadowbox that's designed to be a complete conversation piece for any room. Developed for military display, it allows you to display your Marine's pride in a quality accessory. The frame is made of solid wood with a cherry finish and durable UV protected acrylic. The velcro inserts keep the photo or certificate easily accessible and protected.
Extra Deep Uniform Display Case
This Extra Deep Jacket, Uniform, Jersey Shadow Box Display Case Cabinet w/98% UV Protection is a special way to show off your favorite pieces of Marine Corps memorabilia proudly. Handcrafted in solid furniture-grade beech hardwood with an elegant finish, the Extra Deep Jacket Shadow Boxes are built to last. The 98% UV protected acrylic door, and lockable latches provide security and protection for your most cherished belongings.
US Marine Corps Burial Flag Display Case
This handcrafted American made Flag Case is a beautiful mahogany stained solid hardwood display case to hold any U.S. Marine Corps flag that is either active duty, veterans or retired. The display case will preserve and protect the ideas and memories important to a service member or veteran. A great way to show you care!
Flag & Military Medal Award Display Case
The Burial Flag Display Case makes it easy to show off your flag in style. This beautiful gift box is made from solid oak wood with a red crushed velvet interior bordered by a USMC emblem. The front glass panel provides preservation and protection from harmful UV rays while also allowing you to display your lost marine's flag proudly.
DECOMIL - Flag Display Case with Certificate Holder
The Marine Corps flag display is a great way to show your love for the Corps proudly. With easy access from the back and velcro-friendly backing for easy mounting of memorabilia. Each flag case features a distinctive mango finish glass front cabinet; black felt covered bottom, antiqued solid brass medallion holder with the seal of the USMC prominently displayed on the front and reversed solid brass plate with room to engrave.
Americanflat - Shadow Box Frame
Our 8 x 10 shadow box frame is a sleek, minimalist design that is perfect for active-duty Marines, veterans, and anyone who loves the marine corps. The frame displays an 8 x 10 photo in both horizontal and vertical configurations to hang flat against the wall or sit comfortably on your table. It's made of composite wood with a premium black finish, solid brass hardware and a soft linen colored backing.
Sword Display Plaque Wall Rack
Constructed from sturdy black wood, our Sword Plaque Display is the perfect way to display your sword collection. Displayed on a wooden plaque with metal brackets, this display can be mounted on any wall to show off your pride and joy. Perfect for displaying a single sword or a collection of swords. It makes a great gift for active-duty Marines or veterans.
Personalized Laser Engraved Flag Case
Simply elegant. Ideal for display or storage of an American Flag presented to a Marine Corps family member or a veteran in recognition of their service to the United States of America. Personalize the glass with your choice of 3 lines of text, including servicemembers' military branch logo. Comes with a keyhole on back for wall hanging mounting.
Flag Display Case Pin Medal Shadow Box
Your marine or veteran will love this shadow box quality flag display case crafted from solid wood. Felt Interior background inside, easy to access hinged door, ULTRA CLEAR UV Protection Acrylic door. This is a unique military gift that is sure to be a favorite as it catches the eye as soon as it is opened.
Deep Shadow Box Frame
The perfect gift for anyone who served in the U.S. Military, whether it be a Marine Boot Camp Graduation Gift, or a gift for wounded warriors, the soldier in your life will love and cherish this decorative frame. This walnut finish shadow box's frame and unique black back wall feature give this a very professional look and add chic to any space. It is made completely of high-quality material wood with memory foam backing that ensures that the memories are protected by an archival-quality material that will last a lifetime .
USMC MCRD Parris Island Yellow Footprint Photo
This photo is an authentic reproduction of the iconic yellow footprints that symbolize the journey thousands of recruits take when they march through boot camp at MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego. This photo is an excellent reminder for any Marine or veteran to follow their dreams and never give up. Perfect gift for Marine recruiters or fresh bootcamp graduates.
Mahogany Shadow Box & Flag Case
Admire your service member's flag and memorabilia in the Military Shadow Box & Flag Display Case. The frame is constructed of solid mahogany wood, finished in a smooth, rich color. The frame can also be used for many different kinds of memorabilia or medals because it has Velcro-friendly backing for easy mounting. If you are looking for a shadow box that anyone would be proud to display, then this is a perfect choice.
KA-BAR Display case
The dome presentation case protects and displays your Marine's valuable collectible KA-BAR knife. This attractive case is made of clear acrylic plastic with a wood base and a clear protective cover. The top of this display case lid is pinpoint beveled and lightly polished with a fine finish compound to give it an elegant look and feel while protecting the blade.
Shadow Box for Military Medals
Make a special member of the family feel appreciated with this wooden shadow display case cabinet. A beautiful cherry finish highlights the solid wood frame, and the door opens to an ultra-clear UV protected glass that will show off your collection. Thanks to the solid wood construction, you can use this display case for any number of items, from military medals and buttons to high school football Pop Warner League patches.
Challenge Coin Display Case
The Challenge Coin Display Case Cabinet makes a beautiful gift for military personnel. Beautifully made, this wooden case is crafted from solid wood. It features a mahogany finish---ideal for holding Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine, or any other military Challenge Coins and medals. A hinged glass door provides extra protection to your collection from dust and damage-----a mirrored background provides a lovely display for your coins.
Military Shadow Box Uniform Sword/Gun Display Case, with Lock. (Black Finish)
This military shadow box display case, is designed for collecting, displaying, and preserving military medals, swords, service uniforms, unit photos, mementos, and more. Crafted from solid wood in a rich mahogany finish, the display case comes with a lockable glass door to protect the items inside. The felt interior of the case features a bright red color that really pops.
Military Flag Shadow Box Display Case
Honor those who have served with pride in your home or office. This military flag shadow box is handcrafted from solid wood and polished to a warm, fine mahogany finish for a beautiful and distinct appearance. The shadow box features a real glass door for an elegant presentation; This shadow box compliments the folding 3'X5' American Presentation flag.
3x5 Flag Display Case with Document Holder
This beautiful flag display case and document holder, combines the finest in framing and flag presentation into one compact case. Perfect for a marine room or veteran's office, or library. The hinged rear of the case opens up to reveal the inner flap that serves as a display document holder for awards and service records. This display holds a 3' x5' flag.
Americanflat White Shadow Box
Give your Hero a gift that they will be able to enjoy every day for years to come. A photo inside the Shadow Box Frame makes the perfect gift for Army, Marines, or Navy Veteran's Day, Retirement, or any other special occasion. This Shadow Box Frame in white is made from composite wood and features shatter-resistant glass front face with a linen backing.

Wrapping It Up

So did you find what you came looking for? An incredible Marine corps shadow box as a gift? Or was there something missing in the list? Shoot out your suggestions, experiences, or whatever is it you want to say in the comment section below.

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