21 Protein Gift Basket Ideas For The Healthy Foodie

With a focus on health and wellness, protein gift baskets make healthy holiday gifts that keep on giving. They’re also a great alternative to candy and other unhealthy gifts that people give out.

A good protein gift basket should include a mixture of healthy foods and items that promote health. It should also include protein-rich and healthy items.

If you know someone who loves both fitness and food, then these healthy gift baskets below would make the perfect present.

Best Protein Gift Basket Ideas

1. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Care Package

Now, this is what I call a perfect-sized box of snacks! With only eight pieces of perfect jerky with a sweet and spicy kick to it, this box is ideal for service members’ deployment care packages, housewarming gifts, or even as snacks for camping or hunting. It’s quick, it’s clean, it’s easy, and it’s got everything your taste buds could ever want!
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2. Vegan Jerky Sampler Gift Box

The perfect gift for vegans and vegetarians, this sampler box of vegan jerky is an incredibly healthy snack that comes in 8 delicious flavors. With fresh ingredients like Jackfruit, Seitan, Soy, and Fruit, the meatless jerky is not only healthy but tastes great! Each box comes decorated with beautiful grasses for an artistic touch. Treat yourself or someone special to this memorable vegan jerky gift basket.
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3. High Protein Healthy Snack Box

Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack to add to your care package or gifts for an athlete in training, this Bunny James Fitness gift basket is the perfect fit. This collection of healthy options is guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters and is so much better than the typical office snacks. There’s nothing like a tasty treat when you’re feeling a bit drained, and our vegan recipes are packed with nutritious ingredients that are guilt-free.
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4. Beef Jerky Gifts For Men

Looking for the perfect gift for someone hard to shop for? The Bunny James Beef Jerky Sampler Box is a great gift box for any occasion. Make healthy choices for your loved ones’ health with our high protein beef jerky snack. This variety box has 12 fresh and tasty flavors; each individually wrapped beef jerky snack pack comes in a range of different spices and flavors. These delicious snacks make great gifts, party favors, stocking stuffers, or additions to care packages. All boxes are made in the US with 100% premium USA beef so that you can receive fresh and delicious jerky or pork rind.
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5. Oh! Nuts Holiday Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket

The Oh! Nuts Holiday Delight features 12 varieties of premium high-quality Dried Fruit and Nut Mixes. This is ideal for any holiday occasion. It is a gourmet gift that will surely wow your guests or loved ones as it contains 2-1/2 lbs of Premium Mixed Dried Fruit & Nuts in this intricate Gift Basket. This includes premium almonds, pecans, walnuts, pistachios, dried cranberries, raisins. Make sure your special someone eats healthy.
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6. Healthy Snacks Care Package Snack Box (40 Count)

Enjoy fresh, healthy snacks with our Healthy Snacks Care Package Snack Box. It’s the perfect snack choice and a great addition to any care package, birthday party, or special event. It contains various tasty snacks you know and love, such as chips, cookies, and granola bars. Also included are nuts that are rich in essential fatty acids. They’re also high in protein, so eating them can help you stay satisfied until your next meal. The snacks in this care package come from famous brands like Planters, Welch’s, and Nature Valley.
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7. Healthy Snacks Gift Basket Care Package – 32 Items

The idea behind College Survival Kit is to provide quick ready, nutritious, healthy food snacks before big tests, work, or studying. Healthy Snacking, Healthy You! was the thought that went into this health care package. Filled with 32 individually wrapped snacks and drinks that help provide a quick energy boost to the recipient. With six different varieties, there is something to please everyone. The taste buds will never get bored again, from granola bars to healthy pita chips, trail mixes, and protein bars. With packaging already included, it’s a job-free hassle for the person sending it for the first time or the millionth time.
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8. GIVE IT GOURMET, Jumbo Gift Basket

Your gift recipients will feel spoiled and loved with so many delectable yummy possibilities in store for them. Catered Cravings’ variety packs are designed to be the ultimate way to surprise them with a delicious healthy snack gift. These guys have worked hard to compile yummy flavors that will receive rave reviews from those dedicated junk food junkies who wholeheartedly crave something different. You will not be disappointed!
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9. Healthy Care Package (30 Count) Natural Snacks

This package of 30 count snacks from Healthy Care Packaging is the ideal gift for your loved ones looking to make healthy choices for their health. Packed with a variety of healthy snacks that are still sweet and savory, this snack package contains all of your favorite individually wrapped nibbles and goodies. And with the variety of unique flavors and brands, you can really give someone a tasty treat that they’ll enjoy eating.
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10. MEGA MAN HANGRY KIT – Care Package

The Mega Man Hangry Kit is much more than a box of snacks. It’s a wide assortment of tasty meaty treats designed to make your mouth water and have you chewing in no time. The Hangry Kit offers the perfect gift for men: meat, jerky, protein bars, nuts, and more. They are all individually wrapped and can be stacked up inside. These delicious snacks are colorful and fun for anyone, not just men!
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11. People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box

Open a People’s Choice Beef Jerky gift box to find the most popular and savory flavors like the famous Nashville Hot Beef Jerky, meaty Hot & Spicy beef sticks, Chili Habanero beef jerky, and more! They offer many flavors of jerky ranging from the best selling sweet Honey BBQ, Smokin’ Mesquite, Traditional, Bourbon Steak, Tickled Pink, Peppered Bacon, and more!
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12. CraveBox Healthy Care Package (30 Count)

These Healthy Snacks make a fun gift basket for a friend, a relative, or even “just because.” What a great surprise! This gift package is full of good treats for the health-conscious people in your life…it’s motivational! This large gift assortment is perfect for deployed military, teachers, business associates, co-workers, bosses, friends, customers, and just about anyone who enjoys healthy snacks on the go.
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13. Keto Gift Box Sugar-Free Snacks

These Keto gift boxes are high-quality, delicious snack boxes that will be the perfect addition to your care package or as a gift. And because each purchase supports a fantastic organization, you can feel good about your snacks. Each package comes with six different delicious turkey sticks, from our original turkey sticks to spicy turkey sticks to sugar-free turkey sticks. Plus! Each box comes with two grass-fed beef sticks. Great value for high-quality, healthy food products!
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14. Ultimate Healthy Fitness Box

If you need the perfect gift for a health nut or someone who loves healthy snacks, this Signature Box is for you. It’s the perfect nutritious gift. This bulk healthy snack box is full of the best and most tasty snacking choices around. Keep your loved ones well stocked with a variety of healthy, low carb, non-GMO, low calorie, gluten-free, and Paleo-friendly snack and protein bars.
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15. Healthy VEGAN Snacks Care Package

The Good Grocer Vegan Snack Box collects the highest-quality vegan protein and energy bars, nuts, mix nuts, seeds, trail mix, treats, and jerky. They’ve tried everything in the box before the selection of each tasty morsel, and there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. This vegan snack box idea is perfect for any deployment care package, college student, or anyone who likes to sample new foods. #VeganBox #GiftBasket #CarePackage
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16. Healthy Snacks Care Package – Premium Sampler Gift Box

Let’s face it; we could all use a little more healthy snacks in our lives. Why not send some love in the form of a Healthy Snack box sampler gift! This is a gift that will be well-loved and enjoyed. Perfect for any occasion, this is sure to be a hit at the office, college student, lunch box, road trip, camp, house warming, get well soon, or even keep it for yourself! From bars to trail mix to veggies straws, there really is something for everyone. What are you waiting for? The Healthy Snack Box Sampler Gift is the perfect gift for anyone!
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17. Keto Snack Box (20 Count)

This gift box is the perfect low-carb essentials for anyone. It’s the ideal keto snack kit and snack ideas for a busy lifestyle. It’s also the best low-carb pantry staples for dieters who want to keep it simple. This gift box has all-natural low-carb snacks and treats that are satisfying for your taste buds. The snacks have only 0-4 net carbs and are healthier than standard high-carb junk foods. Enjoy this variety pack, one-of-a-kind treat. Add to your care package or send it as a surprise gift for family and friends (or yourself!).
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18. Oh! Nuts Healthy Granola Gift Basket

Creating an unforgettable moment for loved ones is easy with this Nuts gift basket. Their 6-jar ensemble of gourmet granola comes arranged in a wooden box, making it easy to send and arrive gleaming. Made with only the finest ingredients, vegans and those allergic to gluten can enjoy this diverse collection of cereals. It will be a gift they will thoroughly enjoy!
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19. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky Variety Pack

Made with 100 percent premium beef, then seasoned with simple ingredients like water, salt, and spices, this 1.25 ounce Jack Link’s Beef Jerky bags are a healthier choice for snacking while still providing the great taste you crave. They’re 94 percent fat-free and baked or slow-cooked, depending on the flavor, to produce meat perfection in each bag. These highly portable bags make it easy to get the protein you need without adding anything else to your diet.
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20. Deluxe KETO Snacks Gift Box

Have a friend or family member who is on a Keto diet? This care package gift box is the perfect pick-me-up gift for someone following a ketogenic diet. Low Carb snack food box includes protein bars, keto beef sticks, and pork rinds to satisfy their hunger and boost energy. This unique gift idea is delivered in decorative grass packing and makes a fun Easter basket filler for kids or the whole family!
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21. PALEO SNACKS Variety Pack

When you’re searching for snacks that also meet the paleo diet’s standards, look no further. This variety pack is full of all-natural, gluten-free snacks to help you get through long days without any empty cravings. Whether on the go at work or out for a military deployment, there is always time to quench some cravings! The large variety box offers many treats and flavors that are compatible with your Paleo or Vegan lifestyle.
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Wrapping It Up

I hope you found this article insightful and that it helped you find some great protein gift basket ideas. I would love feedback on what other ones might be helpful, so please feel free to leave me comments below with any suggestions.

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