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Rite Of Passage: 11 Gifts To Honor Military Retirement

The men and women who have served our country deserve special retirement gifts. They’ve spent years putting themselves second to protect our freedom. They’ve sacrificed time with family and friends and put their desire for the comforts of home on hold. Now, the military serviceperson in your life is retiring. Show them how much they mean to you with one of the following military retirement gifts.

Medal and Flag Display Cases

Flags and medals are prominent fixtures in military households. The retiring serviceperson will greatly appreciate a wooden shadow box or display case for their flag or medals. Wherever their retirement plans take them, they can proudly display their flag and military medals.

Customized Wooden Gifts

A rustic, wooden home décor piece could make a beautiful retirement gift. You can choose a simple wood slab, porch sign, cheese board, or nameplate, and then you can have it customized with their branch, years of service, or family name. Alternatively, you can have the wooden decorative piece painted with patriotic colors. The options with this type of gift are truly endless.

Model Military Vehicles

Does the retiring service member in your life have a ship, aircraft, or land vessel that they love sharing stories about? You could buy them a miniature model that resembles their particular vehicle. They’ll appreciate having a replica to show off as they recount their stories to their house guests.

Military Blankets

Everyone enjoys being cozy and warm every once and a while. Gift your retiree a blanket with their branch insignia, their name, or the American flag. They’ll love being able to cuddle up with their grandkids under the blanket on movie night or display it on the back of their couch in their assisted living community. A blanket is a gift that keeps on giving.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

Does the retiring service member you know enjoy drinking beer? Consider getting them a wall-mounted bottle opener. You can get one with their branch’s insignia or the American flag. Or you can get a simple black one with a bottle cap catcher. Beer-loving veterans love showing it off to their friends.

Playing Cards with Their Military Branch Insignia

If the serviceman or woman you know is retiring, give them dice and cards set with the insignia of their military branch. It comes in a beautiful wooden box that looks classy sitting on their shelf between games. Perhaps, you’ll be able to start a poker game among the retiree’s fellow service members on the night of the retirement party, giving them a special memory to cherish forever.

Customized Garden Flag

For a retirement gift that the retiree can display all year round, give them a veteran garden flag. You can choose an Army, Navy, Marine, or Air Force flag. They’ll be able to express their pride in serving our country to their neighbors.

Dog Tag Holder

Just like their flag and medals, veterans need a dedicated place to keep their retired dog tags. If you’re looking for the perfect military retirement gift, consider getting a dog tag holder. It’ll brilliantly showcase their commitment and sacrifice from the past several decades.

Desk Accessory

Retirees still have important business to attend to, and sometimes that requires using a desk. Consider gifting a desk accessory to the retiring serviceperson. These could be fun little gifts that also hold a special place in their heart. For the army retiree, gift them an army tank shaped out of bullet shell casings. For the marine, get an “Oorah” wood sign.

Keepsake Box

Military servicemen and women hold a lot of memories close to their hearts, and sometimes these memories are associated with little keepsakes. Why not give them a box to keep all these keepsakes in? You can choose a simple wooden box for dog tags, challenge coins, or medals. Or you could get a keepsake chest with even more room.

Chess Set

Chess-loving retirees will enjoy a nice chess set that they can leave out in the corner of their living room and play from time to time with a well-matched opponent. From wood to marble to brass, there are all different types of chess sets that can set a retired veteran’s home apart. You can even find military-themed or patriotic chess sets.

Wrapping It Up

Military retirement gifts can honor the serviceman or woman in your life when you shop with their individual interests in mind. The right gift can help communicate your appreciation for their service while also valuing them as a person.

Hopefully, if you’ve felt intimidated by the gift-giving process, this guide on the best gifts for retiring veterans helps you confidently choose the perfect gift. Remember: your presence at the retirement ceremony or party is what really counts. Enjoy the celebration and know that the retiree will love your gift no matter what!

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