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Top 10 Gifts For Navy Veterans To WOW Them!

Getting appropriate gifts for these salty Navy veterans is never easy. They’ve seen the world and know good from the bad. If you’re lost and thinking about what to get your beloved sailor, this is the right place for you.

Instead of bombing you with several gift options, I’ve just chosen the top 10 Gifts for Navy Veterans that will impress the heck out of them. Whether they are Officer or Enlisted, these will show you have done your homework and sincerely care for them.

Let’s get started.


Best Gifts For Navy Veterans

#1: Scrapbook album

Veterans love to look back and cherish the good times they had in the service. A scrapbook is a wonderful way to capture the essence of their good days. Flipping through the pages they will feel pride in the good work they’ve put in to make their county safe. 

There are practically endless options out there to capture your sailor’s time in the Navy. Get something that’s sturdy, personalized that will last a long time. It can even become a family heirloom. I’ve found some fantastic options for you to look at. Anyone of these would be a good choice:

Patterned Nautical Album

This patterned Navy anchor themed scrapbook is a perfect gift for your veteran. You can fill it out with their memories from service and home both. 

Lighthouse by The Sea Scrapbook

The soothing Nautical design of this scrapbook is very appealing. The lighthouse on the front depicts a life well served to help others out. Fill it up with memories and your veteran will treasure it forever.

United States Navy Scrapbook

Beautiful pristine leather scrapbook which is a sight to behold. The best thing is that it’s Navy themed and your sailor will appreciate your fine taste.

Adventure Wooden Scrapbook

Beautiful scrapbook for making your adventures come to life. If you’re a spouse who has PCS’d all over the world with your veteran this is perfect for you. Mark your locations on the cover and make this gift extra special.

#2: Custom Drinkware

It’s a known fact that personalized gifts are way better than generic ones. Your Navy sailor will love a personalized drinkware set. This says that you care about them and were willing to put in the extra effort to show your love and support. 

Take a hint from their choices and preferences. Which kind of drinks they prefer and any hints you can gather. The most popular choices are Etched name whiskey decanters, shot glasses, scotch glasses, and much more. You can go the extra mile and get them a complete set of a decanter with glasses. This will make their day.

See some of the options below which will be a perfect choice for this occasion:

Personalized Decanter & Scotch Glasses


Naval Anchor Personalized Decanter Set


Custom Engraved Beer Mug


American Heroes Rustic Custom Flask Gift Set


#3: Military Shadow box

Shadow boxes are often given as a parting gift to money service members. The venue is usually the official retirement ceremony at the base or unit. Despite being given officially, there’s no reason you can’t honor your Navy veteran with a custom shadow box of your own. 

You can embellish it with the memorabilia you have with you. Few options for decorating this shadow box can be:

  • Retiring rank medals
  • Uniform
  • Official sword or saber
  • Cap & patches
  • Any appreciation certificates
  • Challenge coins

These are only a few of the many options out there. Get hold of these items and select an appropriate high-quality shadow box. Solid wood with quality front acrylic pane is most popular. 

To make your life easier, I’ve found some pretty decent options. Hopefully, they will make your sailor very happy:

Large Flag & Medals Military Pins 5×9 Flag Display Case


Flag Display Case with Certificate & Document Holder


Military Flag and Medal Display Case – Shadow Box


Challenge Coin Display Case

#4: Anchor themed gifts

Forged by the sea as they say. The Navy boys are tough both mentally and physically. The high seas and violent storms don’t deter these men from fulfilling their mission. An anchor is a symbol of their resolve. No matter, how harsh the conditions, they remain firm and steady.

Naturally, this symbol is a very popular gift theme for the Navy. Your veteran will love any gift that brings back the sweet memories of their time in the service. 

These gift options below will make a decent gift for your salty sailor:

Coat Key Holder 4 Hook Rack


Anchor Hook Bracelet


Anchors Ceramic Latte Travel Mug


Nautical Wooden Anchor Coasters


#5: Ship’s wheel

Like the Anchor, a Ship’s wheel is another popular Naval gift. Used for maneuvering the ship through treacherous waters, the Ship’s wheel is a very critical component.

Nowadays most ships do not have the round wooden wheel but traditionally old ships used to be controlled by these wheels. Because of this, Salty old sailors love this nautical gift item.

This is the perfect Home Decor gift. Mounted on the wall or mantle, it will add a look of class everywhere. Take a look at these wonderful options below:

Nautical Sheesham Wood Ship Wheel


Nautical Time Tide Clock


Ship Wheel Premium Brass Desk Decor


Nautical Sheesham Wood Ship Wheel Table


#6: Ship model as a Gift

Navy, Sea, Ship. It’s pretty obvious that Ship would be a great choice as a gift for a Navy vet. But, you need to keep somethings in mind before getting them one. Getting a good quality ship model is going to cost you a pretty penny. If you’re getting it for someone who appreciates history; there can be no better gift than a ship’s model.

Nowadays you can get pretty much any kind of ship model but doing a little homework can get you some serious love from your sailor. Choose the type (class) of ship wisely. This is the single most important thing. You have the following options to consider:

  • If your Navy veteran has commanded a ship, consider getting them a model of that class of ship. Navy captains are very sentimental of their time in command of a ship.
  • You can choose the first ship your sailor served on. This will bring back the sweet nostalgic memories and they can become teary-eyed.
  • For a history buff, you can get a ship from their favorite battle or era. Wooden ships within glass bottles are also a nice and classy touch.

Take your pick from the following list:

Wooden USS Constitution Tall Model Ship


Ohio Class Submarine Mahogany Display Model


USS Enterprise CVN-65 Model Kit


USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7 Model Kit


#7: Navy apparel Gifts

Apparel can mean anything that can be worn by your navy man or woman. If your veteran has been retired for a while, you can choose from a wide variety of T-shirts, Sweatshirts, or Jackets to make them feel they’re back in the game. 

For more recently retired people, you should focus on jewelry like watches, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

If you’re trying to be low-key, just get them a Navy ball cap with their ship’s name and they will love it.

Take a look at these apparel ideas that are most likely to resonate with your veteran:

Navy Wrist Watch


Sailor Necklace Nautical Jewelry


Navy Military Ring


Navy Veterans’ Cap


#8: Other Nautical themed gifts

Anchor, ship’s wheel and Ship’s model are the most popular gift items in the Navy but they are by no means the only ones out there. In fact, the Nautical theme for gifts is so broad that this is itself a huge category.

You will find Nautical enthusiasts that have ordained their whole houses with this Nautical theme. From ship’s portholes, Compass, Clocks to Captains binoculars, there is a treasure trove of gifts to impress out there.

Few of the best ones are listed below:

Solid Brass Sundial Compass


Antiqued Brass Sextant 


Vintage 1915 Retro Sailor Marine Telescope


Mariner Cheese Board and Tool Set

#9: Experience-based gifts

What I suggest is that you take a deep look at your veteran’s service experience and specialty. Did they serve on Ships, Submarines, Aircraft, or Special Forces? Were they Engineering, Administrative, Surface combat, or something else?

This will give you a better idea of what to get them. For example, someone from the engineering side would prefer a ship’s propeller gift, while Gunner’s Mate will love a piece made from Ship’s gun or an empty Gun shell.

Take a few ideas from the items we have listed below and get one for your sailor:

Ship Propeller Side Table


US Navy Electronics Technician Lapel Hat Pin Tie Tack


Endeavour Nautical Knotboard


Civil War Miniature Naval Cannon

#10: Navy Gag gifts

Depending on your relationship with your veteran, you can choose an appropriate Gag gift for your Navy sailor too. These funny gifts range from funny puns on T-shirts, coffee mugs to Quotes on the wall, and much more.

If you are a close friend, shipmate, or family member, you already know what they like or dislike. My only advice is to not overstep as you want to cheer them, not offend.

Here are the best Navy gag gifts for you to choose from:

Funny Navy Captain Mug


Property Protected by Sailor U.S. Navy Funny Tin Sign


Funny Navy T Shirt 


Navy Chief Coffee Funny Mug 

Wrapping it up

I hope you like this Guide on Gifts for Navy Veterans. It is definitely not conclusive and is kept short enough so it’s easy to consume. If you think I’ve missed anything or you want me to add an item, just comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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