25 Best Gifts For Marine Who Is Deployed

Marines are hardcore warriors and the tip of the American military strength. Their training is unforgiving and standards high. You should be proud of your Marine who stands guard for our great nation. They sacrifice precious time with the family, harsh work environments, and face real mortal danger during deployments.

You can show your support to these warriors by getting them some awesome gifts that will make their life easier. Here are some of the best gifts for a Marine who is deployed:

Best gifts for Marine who is deployed

CraveBox Healthy Care Package (40 Count) Natural Food Bars
Deployed locations don't always have the luxuries of Nutri-grain bars. This treat is something to give out that can be kept for one or shared with an entire unit. Your deployed one will be healthier and will keep enjoying these individually wrapped treats for a considerable time. Also, this gives them a reason to stay away from any unhealthy snacks. These are perfect for care packages because of the convenient packaging.
7 inch LCD Digital Photo Frame
Load with pictures from home to remind them of the family that waits for them. Homesickness has to be endured until the soldier comes home but this photo frame can ease that pain. You can fill it up with the latest pictures of family, kids, and even the neighborhood to make your Marine feel right at home.
Darn Tough Tactical Over The Calf Extra Cushion Sock
Nothing helps lift spirits better than a fresh pair of socks. These have an extra cushion for those long road marches. Also, this helps replenish their stock as soldiers tend to burn through their socks like wildfire because of extensive use. Being custom made for military use helps them last longer and stay comfy. It’s the little things that count.
Cold Shower Field Towels
Sometimes a combat shower is the only kind you have time or resources for. These should help keep anyone clean and fresh. Duke cannon paired up with US Military to develop these towels especially for hot and dry places where soldiers can’t get a proper shower. After using these, one gets a soothing chill feeling of a cold shower. This feeling is luxury when deployed.
LEATHERMAN, Limited Edition Multi-tool
Keeping all the little bits of kit in top shape will be easier with a multi-tool. Plus, it's useful in many different situations! Leatherman is a name synonymous with quality multi-tools so you can be assured this item will be used by your Marine throughout his service because of its build and utility. They can even find it useful during hunting and outdoor excursions. It’s a true side-kick for life!
Camelbak Water Bladder Universal Tablets Brush Cleaning Kit for Hydration 4 in 1 Pack
Most of the time Camelbaks are issued, but it may take a bit for someone to find cleaning supplies that get the job done! If you are looking for a practical and thoughtful gift for your Marine, this is the holy grail. This useful kit keeps their water bladder clean and dry to keep their water supply non-toxic and fresh. Makes the water bladder cleaning activity a breeze.
Military Care Package From Hero Care Packages
Are you running out of time to send a care package? Or don’t have the energy to find the “PERFECT” items? Hero Care Packages just solved all your woes by neatly packing the most vital items in a neat care package box and will ship them directly to your Marine’s APO/FPO address. It contains Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker | Mini Tactical Flashlight | Pocket Notebook & Pen | In-Ear Headphones | Folding Tactical Pocket Knife | Raquetball | Playing Cards | Chapstick | Hand Sanitizer | Axe Body Wash. All premium products and also includes a postcard for your loved one to write back.
Under Armour Men's Locker III Slide Sandal
The showers can be a dangerous place for your Marine’s feet. Protect them with these awesome Under Armour slides. They are lightweight making them a good addition to your care package. These slides have some fancy design makeover which keeps the water away from feet, keeping them dry. They are also comfortable and sturdy, which is a luxury during deployments.
Long-Distance Couple Keychain
Staying apart sucks! This keychain expresses this emotion in the cutest of ways. You can send him or her the one half and you can keep the other close to your heart. These can be reunited when the deployment ends. Perfect for a loved one to send during Valentine’s day or other special romantic occasions. Military couples should have these small tokens of love as a way of saying ‘I miss you & love you’.
Paracord Bracelet 8-in-1 Personal Survival Kit
While you wish your Marine never ends up in a life-threatening situation, it is what they are trained for. It’s an occupational hazard and you can play your part to keep them safe by gifting this All-in-one survival bracelet. It can be worn on the wrist, is lightweight and trendy. Almost as handy as a multi-tool, this compact bracelet has 8 survival tools in a small package. This is also a neat tool to have for any outdoor hunting or camping trips.
2TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive
In the digital age, sending movies or other media can be as easy as sending a hard drive. This one is rugged and shockproof. Fill it up with family photos, popular TV shows/ movies and you have yourself a very happy Marine. Fresh entertainment is hard to come by during deployment and this 2 TB drive can hold lots of it. They can even share it with their fellow Marines and spread joy.
Portable Solar Panel Charger
Pro tip: Combine this with a battery pack and your Marine can charge personal devices on the go! Field deployments can often have scarce charging facilities and here your portable solar charger will come in handy. Its wind, dust resistant, and built with durable materials to ensure it can handle any outdoor usage. It supports fast charging so your Marine can get back to using their laptop, phone, or battery pack ASAP.
Game of Thrones Complete Novel Set
Free time can be used to catch up on favorite book series. These are the Game of Thrones novels that were made into a popular series. If your Marine is a GOT fan, they will freak out at this amazingly thoughtful gift. With plenty of time on their hands, they can read all five novels which inspired this iconic TV show. This activity will be entertaining and improving reading habits both at the same time.
AA Batteries & AAA Batteries Combo Pack
Not everything can be recharged. 48 batteries in the two most common sizes. These AA & AAA batteries are the most underrated items in a care package. Everyone focuses on food and hygiene but not on the frustration of things running out of batteries. Your Marine will be grateful for your thoughtfulness and you will surely hear back from them. This high-quality battery supply will last them a comfortable time. Another life stressing event vanquished!
Retro Mini Handheld Game Console
Deployment entertainment just got a boost! This retro-styled handheld gaming console holds 400 games! It’s sturdy and can easily fit into pockets. It can even be hooked up to a TV for a two-player gaming experience. Your Marine can play with his buddies and have a good time. It’s lightweight and small size makes it perfect for a care package.
Laundry Detergent Pods
These pods are meant to keep your clothes clean without a powerful smell that could tip off an adversary. Detergent pods are one of those practical daily use items that everyone needs. These are a must-have in any care package.
Ziploc Slider Storage Bags
Another one of those practical but essential care package items. Locker storage space is scarce during any deployment. Ziploc bags are thus essential for your Marine’s sanity by keeping his/her belongings neatly organized. With a flat bottom, they can even keep their stuff clean, dry, and organized even in duffel bags.
Liquid Water Enhancer Variety Pack
Water flavors are one of those small blessings that will stimulate your Marine’s taste buds and make the boring activity of being hydrated a bit more interesting. This Variety pack has four different flavors that can be mixed to create more new flavors. With zero sugar and calories, this flavoring is the perfect keto-friendly option.
Men’s Premium 20 Items Convenience Kit
If you don’t have the time to pick every toiletry and grooming item for your Marine, this convenience kit is perfect for you. With 20 of the most important daily use grooming essentials, you can stand assured that you haven’t missed anything important. All items are premium quality and in small size to save space and reduce weight. After all, you also have other goodies to stuff into the precious space of that care package.
Mint Flavored Sugarfree Chewing Gum
Your Marine likely misses everything from home and if they liked chewing gum, this one is a must-have for you. This pack of gum will help reduce boredom, satiate hunger pangs, and improve the feeling of freshness in the mouth. Being sugar-free is also a bonus making sure that no extra calories are being added, making it a healthy choice.
Ten Things I Miss About You Care Package Sticker Kit
Often boxes just contain the items you send. Personalize it with messages from loved ones. This sticker set is perfect for sending some extra love to your service member. Take some time to brainstorm and write the ten things you miss that make this box extra special. Just imagine the look on their face when they open your care package. Sunshine and smiles all the way.
Deployment Time Killer: Activity Book for Military Members Serving Overseas
Everybody gets bored on a deployment. If your service member is somewhere inhospitable where they can't get the luxury of batteries, this activity book is the perfect cure for their boredom. Loaded with a variety of puzzles and cryptograms, this workbook will keep them entertained for months. These brain teasers will keep their mind sharp too. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow
This is a soft pillow that can be compressed to a small size to rest or sit on. If you worry about your Marine getting a good night sleep, this one is no brainier. Military issue pillows can sometimes be uncomfortable, so he's going to have to make other arrangements. It can be compact enough to fit in their ruck and is designed especially for the outdoors. Wise owl is renowned for its solid outside gear so you know this one is gonna last him a long time.
Battery Operated Fan With Flexible Tripod
A lot of deployed locations are hot. Your Marine can stay cool with a portable fan that can grip onto anything. It's flexible tripod legs are perfect for holding onto any structure, be it at the gym, on the bike, or on the bed. He will always have the cool breeze at his side and rest comfortably. An average run time of 3-6 hours is enough for him to have a sound sleep and wake up fresh.
2 Packs Cooling Skull Cap Elastic Sun Shade Hat Neck Shield
Marines are often deployed to harsh, and hot environments. Their long patrols can be made much easier if they use this sunshade skull cap. They can just fit this under a helmet to keep the neck and ears from being burned by the sun. Its mesh material will absorb sweat and evaporate quickly to give a cool feeling. It's light and comes in a pack of two so your Marine never goes unprotected again.

Wrapping it up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of gifts for Marine who is deployed. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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