20 Unique Gifts for Marine Veterans To Lift Their Spirits

United States Marines are always the tip of the spear. Always first on the ground and these devil dogs are trained to be the hardest and baddest soldiers on the field. If you know a Marine veteran, they can talk endlessly about their time in the corps. Their memories of fallen brothers and dominated enemies inspire awe and humility.

These Marines are often neglected when they are reintegrating into civilian life. They need your help, support, or a kind word to make their day. If you want to do your part, honor them with an appropriate gift to lift their spirits, and support them. To make your life easy, I’ve selected some of the best gifts for marine veterans.

Best Gifts For USMC Marine Corps Veterans

1. USMC Military Knife or Pistol Display Case

Your retired grunt probably got a standard shadow box from his retirement ceremony. This is an old tradition of jamming all service memories into a beautiful wooden box and presenting it to a retiring warrior. Make your own memory shadow box for the version of life you have seen unfold before yourself. Get their old photos, medals, and memorabilia and decorate them tastefully in this awesome USMC display box. A Ka-bar knife will do nicely in this case.
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2. Personalized Flag USMC Canvas Wall Art

Feelings of patriotism are always on the rise in a veteran. They love the flag, their service branch and everything in between. For their special occasion get them this amazing canvas wall art with their name and rank. It will look elegant on their home wall and would greatly complement their pride decor at home.
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3. United States Marines Scrapbook

Memories are all that is left when a veteran leaves the military. They gave their all to the country and served with like-minded brothers who collectively defended out freedom. Let them wander down the nostalgic lane by giving them this elegant USMC Album. You can decorate it with old pictures from the start to the end. Reach out to their former mates and get some bonus photos to make this experience more amazing.
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4. Grunt Style Blank Check Men’s T-Shirt

They have served this country proudly and they should openly display their courage and pride. This shirt from grunt style tells all onlookers what it means to be a veteran. With a minimalist design and comfortable fabric, your veteran will love this. And, as always all Grunt style products are covered by their amazing beer guarantee.
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5. Marine Corps Hooded Sweat Shirt

Red velvet is the home color of the Marine corps. This meaningful hoodie proudly displays USMC emblem with impressive detail. It is perfect for an afternoon jog or causal lounging around. Reviewers found this hoodie very comfortable and were happy with the purchase.
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6. USMC Globe and Anchor/US Flag Low Pro Cap

Does your Marine veteran love to go out or wearing low pro caps? if yes, they will love this one here. Its low key USMC and Flag emblem is non-intrusive but conveys the message loud and clear. The message that the one wearing this cap holds these two entities near and dear to their heart. Built breathable fabric and stitched with precision, this cap is immediately going to become their favorite.
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7. Personalized Men’s USMC Military Ring

Marine corps is an identity, a brotherhood, and a lifestyle. Life doesn’t quite remain the same after getting out. Let your veteran embrace the new life after the corps with style. This personalized USMC ring is going to lift his spirits. It proudly displays USMC emblem on the front surrounded by 12 real diamonds. It has the USMC motto “Semper Fi” engraved inside. The option to personalize the ring with your veteran’s name is just cherry on top.
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8. Sterling Silver United States Marine Corps Necklace

Serving with your blood brothers in the corps brings in a new level of bonding with it. Veterans can’t let go of this eternal bond they feel towards their service. They miss it when they get out. Bring some closure by gifting them this sterling silver USMC pendant, which they can always keep near their heart.
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9. “Semper Fi” Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

When it’s time to play and have fun, these devil dogs are party animals. If your veteran loves to have his Grunt buddies over for drinks, this cap catcher is a must-have for their man cave. Emblazoned with their motto “Semper Fi” they can have a good time and thank you for it. Made with quality wood and craftsmanship, this bar-ware will last your vet many parties.
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10. US Marines EGA Decor Globe Whiskey Decanter

Devil Dogs are known to be wild creatures that can survive the harshest environments on Earth. That doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate the fine tastes in life. Let your Marine indulge in a fine whiskey experience with this awesome decanter custom made for the Marine corps. An Eagle, Globe, and Anchor in the middle give it a unique look, which can also be used as a home decor piece.
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11. USMC Barware Glasses Set

Marines often like to party hard and these USMC barware glasses are the perfect gifts for their home bar. Decorated with highly detailed Corps emblem in the front, this glass set will make their bar look badass. Perfect for all occasions like birthdays, retirement, Christmas and more. They’re also covered with a 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.
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12. Flag of Marine Corps Signs Art for Living Room

If you want to liven up your Marine veteran’s living room, office, or bedroom; this wall art is perfect for the task. This high definition artwork is printed in premium quality canvas that will take your veteran’s breath away. They have lived with the Marine corps ethos for their entire time in service, looking at this lifelike flag wall art will make them teary-eyed.
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13. Large Marine Corps Iwo Jima Statue

This moment has been etched in the mind of every American as the symbol of ultimate sacrifice and devotion. Decorate your Marine’s home with this amazing life-like statue of American heritage. It’s built with high-quality resin and is extremely well made. Its huge size makes it a perfect centerpiece which can also become a quality conversation starter
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14. Semper Fidelis Throw Blanket

Make your veteran warm, comfortable, and happy but gifting this Semper Fidelis blanket. Made from 100% American cotton, your veteran will feel happy to support a local company. As this throw is woven and not printed, this will last a lifetime, never fade or shrink. Perfect for naps on the couch or even sleeping on the bed. Let them feel right at home under the protection of their EGA.
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15. Overstuffed Recliner Chair

Now that your veteran is out of the Military, advise them to unwind and relax. If they enjoy books or movies, this recliner chair will be a perfect companion. Overstuffed with polyester and providing firm support, they will feel cozy, warm, and right at home. This premium chair will be a welcome addition to their living room, theater room, or man cave.
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16. Flag of The United States Marine Corps Area Rug

Don’t know what to get your veteran for house warming gift? this USMC rug right here is perfect for the occasion. This will also do nicely in any party situation and will quickly become the talk of the show. Its texture is smooth, anti-slip and soft colored. This can also be used for kids rooms as an educational play mat. They can educate kids on some good old Marine values and culture on top of this quality rug.
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17. I Have Neither Time Nor Crayons to Explain This to You T-Shirt

No gift guide for Marines can ever be complete without mention of crayons. Looking to get a good laugh out of your Marine vet, then this Tee is perfect. Challenge them to wear this to a public gathering and see how many people strike up a conversation on this topic. Its lightweight fabric makes it a perfect wear for summer.
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18. US Marine Funny Mug

You know when you see a quality mug, and this USMC mug here is a perfect example. Perfect low key gift for your veteran who loves his coffee. It has a high-quality glassy finish which will never fade. Mugs are one of those gifts which are perfect for every occasion, but a quality EGA mug never gets old. Packaged and shipped in the USA, you know you’re supporting the good guys.
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19. Gun Rifle Roll-up Cleaning MAT Pad

Your gun-loving marine will be jumping up and down when you hand over this awesome gift. Made of 600D and fleece-lined, this gun cleaning mat is exceptionally well made. It comes with multiple pockets to store magazines and gun cleaning tools. The accompanying bag is also high quality, meaning it can be taken on hunting expeditions without problems. The size of ideal for pistols and rifles both. A must-have for gun-lover.
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20. Marksman Precision Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Another must-have for any Gun-lover, this precision quality gun cleaning kit is a best seller. All accompanying tools are high quality with brass rods for barrel cleaning. The kit can service tactical weapons, rifles, shotguns, and pistols. All tools are neatly placed in quality inserts and encased in a solid plastic case. Your gun-loving veteran will never need any other kit once they get a taste of this.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Gifts for USMC Marine Corps Veterans. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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