13 Gifts For Engineers Who Want To Fix The World

If you know an engineer with a heart of gold or even one who’s got a bit of a god complex, they’re probably taking it upon themselves to fix the world. That’s why this list of gifts for engineers is a good place to start if you’re in the market for some tech-savvy presents.

Best Gifts For Engineers

1. Engineer Glass Half Full: Funny Engineering Joke T-Shirt

Looking for a funny engineering joke shirt? Look no further. Surprise your engineer, or civil engineer, with this original Engineers Glass Half Full Design. Engineers are obsessed with efficiency. This funny t-shirt will surely bring laughter to all your friends and family. It’s perfect for casual wear and is available in five colors.
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2. Engineer’s Brain Funny T-Shirt

Let them know just how much they mean to you with the Engineer’s Brain Funny T-Shirt. This funny novelty tee is made of cotton and makes a great gift-giving idea for birthdays, Christmas holidays, Halloween parties, etc. The advanced printing process protects the design from cracking, peeling, or fading even after being washed repeatedly, so your shirt will stay looking new for years to come.
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3. Women in Science: 100 Postcards

Featuring illustrations from Rachel Ignotofsky’s best-selling book Women in Science, this box of 100 postcards is the perfect gift to inspire a friend, mentor, or mentee! Two sets of each of the fifty most iconic cards make it easy to send messages and keep a few on hand for yourself. Encourage curiosity and celebrate women in science with this must-have collection that will look great hanging on a wall or tucked into an album.
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4. ComputerGear Caliper Tool Pen

This Caliper Tool Pen makes a perfect gift for an engineer or architect, especially one you want to encourage and show your love for. This unique, German-manufactured, 5-function pen is precision engineered with a caliper tool that retracts into the pen’s barrel. The 6 inches/15cm barrel also features a thread scale and tire tread gauge.
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5. Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

You are a mover. A shaker. An innovator. And I think that’s pretty cool. Honor that ingenuity and gumption with this Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit now made easy to assemble at home without fancy tools or years of training in engineering! It’s the perfect gift to show support for our engineers in the making who will keep building and pushing our world forward! Those interested in Medieval history or those looking to learn the basics of model making would love to receive this gift.
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6. I’m An Engineer Good With Math Coffee Mug

The rich tapestry of the universe can be broken down into problems with solutions that can be understood by someone who possesses the gift of engineering. The engineer has this gift. He sees in shades of deep chipotle and enjoys long naps underneath trees when he’s not designing bridges or programming VCRs to play Bruce Lee movies on loop for his enjoyment. A perfect gift for an engineer or someone you know who will not take no for an answer.
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7. Engineer By Day Chef By Night Bamboo Cutting Board

Engraved cutting boards make the perfect gift for an engineer who loves to cook. Show them that you appreciate and love everything they do with this meaningful, non-technical, practical, and well-made gift. Made of sustainably harvested bamboo. They can use it or hang it; it will look good either way.
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8. Math Wall Clock

This Math Wall Clock makes an excellent gift for engineers, mathematicians, or anyone who appreciates math. The clock’s simplistic design eliminates confusion and allows you to focus on the hour markings, each marked by a different equation. The sleek black and white color scheme look like a chalkboard, yet the clock will complement any color palette. It makes an excellent gift for teachers, engineers, or mathematicians!
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9. Engineer I’m Not Arguing Shirt

This fun, funny engineering shirt will show your love, respect, and gratitude to an engineer in your life. These curious souls love to argue and get their point across with passion, and this shirt is all about that. Perfect for wearing in all seasons, this one is available in five colors. Go nuts!
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10. Mechanical Model-Wooden Craft Kit

Construction enthusiasts everywhere will appreciate this unique and rewarding ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle Model Kit. This collection of four wooden concept puzzle models features different intricate designs and is made from natural wood for a realistic effect. The durable pre-cut wood pieces are easily separated from the sheets. With just a few essential tools, your recipient can put their skills to work as they reassemble each model.
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11. What Part Of Funny Mechanical Engineer T-shirt

Treat your engineer to a job well done with this funny t-shirt. With its spirit of humor and memorable message, this fantastic design is guaranteed to put a smile on their face, as well as yours. It’s also an ideal present for any occasion, from birthday (or other) celebrations to Christmas, anniversaries, and Valentine’s day gifts.
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12. Engineer Large Travel Coffee

This adorable tumbler is sure to make an excellent gift for any coffee or tea-loving engineer. These guys run on insane amounts of caffeine to make sense of the complex problems of this world. It’s perfect for someone who is always on the go and fits perfectly in the car too. The straw is sealed with a lid that helps prevent spills, and the stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages hot or cold for hours. If you’re looking for a great gift idea… this is it!
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13. The Pocket Engineer Reference Card

This pocket engineer reference is a minimalist’s dream. Carry it anywhere, from the lab to fieldwork, or keep it in your wallet or money clip. This incredible tool includes a ruler, protractor, and angle guides which form a perfect 60-degree angle when laid flat on the table. Laying on its side against the edge of a table, you can use it as a T-square for technical drawings. Constructed out of stainless steel, it will never rust, making the Pocket Engineer tough enough for everyday use. Any Engineer will love it!
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Wrapping It Up

I hope you found this article insightful and that it helped you find some great gifts for engineers. I would love feedback on what other ones might be helpful, so please feel free to leave me comments below with any suggestions.

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