15 Best Gifts For Army Veterans To Honor And Appreciate Them

15 Best Gifts For Army Veterans To Honor And Appreciate Them

Joining the Army is a dream of many young men. Why? Because they want to serve and protect to ensure our freedom. They aren’t those who “Almost joined”; they did. By the time they retire, they’ve seen a lot of loss in such a short period. Brothers and sisters lost in combat, PTSD, suicide; you name it. They’re a hardened bunch and very realist.

If you’re a friend or family, you need to jump in and help them transition back to a healthy life. Share a laugh with them. Hear their stories. Debate their beliefs. Just engage with them. This might just save a life.

Appreciate them. No one wants to hear they wasted their life for nothing. No one! Tell them what they went through has helped our country today achieve the strength it has today.

Honor them. The best way to appreciate and honor a veteran is to give them tasteful and thoughtful gifts. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a gift speaks a million.

Here are some of the best gifts for army veterans out there. I hope you choose one and make your Veteran happy!

Best Gifts For Army Veterans

Nostalgic gifts

They have spent their sweat and blood in the service and gathered some good memories along the way. Some gifts will remind them of the good old days and make them crack up. Pictures, scrapbooks, and similar items are most popular in this category.

1. United States Army Scrapbook

Any veteran will love nothing better than to relive the old sweet memories of their time in service. Gift them this unique Army scrapbook and see their face light up. Get their friends and family involved and get some memorable pictures printed and placed in this wonderful scrapbook. If you can get their old buddies to write some quirky remarks, that’s an added bonus.
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2. Flag Display & Medal Shadow Box

Yes, I know, shadow boxes are usually reserved as official gifts from the unit. But, just look at it. It’s so glorious, magnificent, and classy. Go ahead and break the norm and gift one of these to your beloved veteran soldier. If you are a family member, get a hold of their old uniform, medals, and commendation certificates. Get their spouse and siblings on board. You can make your own family version of this shadow box. There are fewer gifts as timeless as this shadow box.
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Army Apparel (Clothing & Jewelry)

Talk about practicality, a gift that can be used daily is much better than something that sits on the desk, and gathers dust. T-shirts, running shoes, caps, and jewelry are some of the good ideas in this category. You will feel happier when you see them actually using your gifts.

3. Army Star Est. 1775 T-Shirt

Want to gift something practical and personal? This T-shirt right here fits the bill. It’s low key and will be used by your Veteran every day. It doesn’t have a cringe-worthy quote in the front, and I’m sure your Vet will love it. They can wear it for a casual afternoon run or a barbeque. Finally, something they can use daily.
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4. Eagle Crest U.S. Army Retired Baseball Cap

Headgear is something all soldiers are familiar with. They wear it daily when in service as part of their uniform. The habit is so set in that you’ll find the majority of vets wear it every time they leave home. If your beloved soldier is one of those creatures, this gift is perfect for them. Army green color with the U.S. Army logo and a quality finish can become their perfect pride wear. Perfect for any outdoor adventures or a sunny day stroll.
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5. Personalized Men’s Military Army Ring

If you want something premium as a gift for your soldier, this right here is what you need. Studded with 12 original diamonds and a U.S. Army crest in the front, any soldier will love it. The Army motto is also engraved on the inside to remind them of the oath that they took for a lifetime. The best part is, it can be personalized with your soldier’s name to make it special.
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6. Sterling Silver United States Army Medal Necklace

This necklace is perfect for both men and women of the U.S. Army. Made with Sterling silver it’s stamped with Army emblem on the front. Made with quality silver, this is built to last a lifetime. Those veterans who love their service will wear it next to their heart.
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7. SUUNTO Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

Once a soldier, always a soldier. Your Veteran is out of the Army, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love adventure anymore. This impressive modern watch is going to push them to go outside and explore the wild. Built for military expeditions, this is one tough SOB. Packed with high tech features like GPS, compass, barometer; this is a hiker’s best friend on a trail.
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Glassware Gifts For Army Veterans

Help your Veteran have a good time. Go out with them to the bar, camping, or just a run. Gift them tumbler, beer glasses, or scotch glasses to encourage them to have a good time.

8. Army Tumbler For Veterans

Everyone loves coffee, and this Tumblr is a perfect gift for your coffee head Veteran. Made with quality durable metal and a cool matte finish, it’s a beautiful piece of work. Perfect for traveling around, it will keep their coffee hot and their heart happy.
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9. Officially Licensed Army Pint Glass

Drinking beer and having a good time is our national pastime. What better way to celebrate your Veteran’s new life ahead than to gift them this beautiful Beer glass. When they’re not drinking in it, they can admire the quality artistry. It comes with a real bullet expertly embedded in the glass, which also makes it a cool bar decor piece.
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10. American Heroes Custom Whiskey Decanter Set

Honor your Army vet with a personalized decanter set. This one right here is the best of the best when it comes to glassware. Made with premium glass, this decanter comes with five solid Rock glasses. You can customize it with your hero’s name. It’s not overly dramatic, and your Vet will love its subtle design.
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Army Home Decor Gifts

A home is a place where every Veteran likes to decorate their accomplishments. Play a part in tastefully decorating their home with elegant wall and desk art. They will love you thought and cherish your presents.

11. Military Heroes Collectible Figurine

Looking for something to adorn on your Veteran’s desk? This Hero figurine is perfect for this task. Made with crushed Stone and having a brass finish, this is a collector’s item. It’s wonderfully detailed, and hand fished to bring this art to life. Go ahead; they will love this.
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12. American Flag Canvas Personalized Wall Art

The Flag, the dog tags, the rank; they all bring back memories of a good time served in the military. Memorialize your Veteran’s time in the Army with this truly amazing canvas wall art. You can personalize it with their name and rank. Army green color will make It Army specific, and I’m sure it will look amazing on a wall in their home. 100% Made in the USA, you will also be supporting your country by buying it.
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Hobby Gifts

Hobby gifts are perfect as they are practical and not just vanity possessions. Dive deep into your Veteran’s likes and dislikes and get them something they need. Running, Outdoor camping, Gun shooting are a few ideas to keep you going.

13. EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit

Does your veteran love to go on outdoor adventures? Even if they don’t, this 250 pieces outdoor survival kit is a must for every household. Talk about being practical; this kit has got you covered in every emergency like Earthquake, floods, injury, and much more. Its been designed by a Veteran owned company so they know what a soldier would need in case of emergency. Go ahead and gift this practical kit to your beloved Army soldier to ensure they are safe wherever they go.
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14. Honeywell Impact Shooting Earmuff with Shooting Glasses

Elevate your Veteran’s Gun shooting experience by presenting this awesome Shooting muffs and glasses. These state of the art muffs are intelligent where they suppress gunshot noise and enhances human speech frequencies, which makes this whole experience a whole lot safer. Also, your Veteran can plug in their favorite music player directly to the muffs to get an immersive shooting experience. Glasses are also high quality and pair perfectly with the muffs. This is a Gun enthusiast’s dream gift.
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15. U.S. Army Fleece Throw Blanket

Retiring from the stressful and action-packed life of the Army means your Veteran deserves to have some R&R or relax time. Introducing this amazingly comfortable fleece blanket made with 101% polyester. This makes it super light and comfy. Your Veteran will love the huge U.S. Army logo printed on top of it. It’ll make them feel right at home.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Gifts for Army Veterans. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.


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