Awesome Gifts For Air Force Veterans To Thank Them For Their Service

23 Awesome Gifts For Air Force Veterans To Thank Them For Their Service

Veterans should be respected for their time in the service. After all, they didn’t ALMOST join, they actually did. In this breed, the USAF veterans hold a special place as these guys are almost always the first in combat. The eyes and ears of the military. The tip of the spear, if you will. You get the gist. Its almost natural that you would want to celebrate your favorite serviceman, so here are our suggestions for some awesome gifts for Air Force Veterans:

Best Gifts For Air Force Veterans

1.    Rustic Burnt Wood US Air Force String Art Sign  

Gifting a veteran means you need to stick to the patriotic theme and what better than the good ol’ American flag. This rustic burnt wood deisgn will captivate their imagination and it comes with awesome string art too.

Your vet will feel the pride swell in his chest at seeing his name next to the flag he swore to protect.

2.    Air Force Going Away Plaque  

Made with solid oak, this is as good as it gets. Quality craftsmanship by this Etsy shop is truly breathtaking. They also customize the plaque with a message with unit emblems and awards.

They offer Free shipping if you send them your unit’s challenge coin for their collection. That’s a win-win if you ask me.

3.    Air Force Playing Cards  

Don’t let your vet miss out on the fun times they used to have in the Air Force. Get them this novel USAF playing cards set and I bet their response will amaze you.

Gathering their buddies and having a quick game of cards will take them back to the good times in service. Try it and see for yourself.

4.    Air Force Tumbler  

Supporting our veterans is a noble cause and this tumbler is a certified veteran made product. Gifting something meaningful which is practical for daily use while supporting our Veterans is beyond.

You know you have played your part and your veteran will appreciate you for your charitable act.

5.    US Air Force Decanter  

Celebrating a veteran is always a good cause. What better way than to raise a drink for them and thank them for their service?

This cool and classy decanter has the perfect five-star reviews who loved its quality and looks. And, oh the logo in the front just makes the whole look soo much more awesome.

6.    US Air Force Medallion Desktop Box  

Looking for something classy which will look good in an office? This USAF desktop box is PERFECT for such a space. Made with mahogany-colored wood and premium craftsmanship, this piece of work is going to last forever.

Made a 100% in the USA, you know you are supporting your country and appreciating a veteran while at it.

7.    US Air Force Picture Frame

Veteran treasure their memories more than anything. Ask them of their time in the service and before you know; it’s storytime!

This photo frame is perfect for remembering those precious memories. Frame their favorite picture in this USAF frame and it will become their most cherished gift ever.

8.    USAF Gunmetal Rifle Bullet Pen  

Reach out to your veterans to tell them they are not alone. They are cared for. This bullet pen enclosed in a leatherette case is a perfect gift for lifting spirits of such a person.

Made with Gunmetal alloy, this product is made 100% in the USA. Go ahead and support your local veterans. Your actions may save a hero’s life.

9.    United States Air Force Cross  

Faith is something to hold on to whenever making a big shift in your life. Do you know an Air Force warrior who is retiring and would love a renewed purpose in life? This USAF cross is perfect for such a person.

Intricately crafted, this work of art may just push them to connect with God and become happy. All this, just because you gifted this awesome Air Force Cross.

10.    US Air Force Expandable Wire Bangle Charm Bracelet 

Do you know a brave Air Force lady warrior or spouse? This is the perfect gift for them. Ingrained with the USAF’s three core values of integrity, service, and excellence; you cannot ask for a better gift.

See the smile spread on their face when they receive this gift. Its beautiful design and finish is to die for!

11.    Military Challenge Coin Display Case 

Your veteran has collected quite a few challenge coins in the service. They are valuable pieces of nostalgia and bring back warm memories.

Why not gift them this elegant and beautiful display case to showcase their collection. I’m sure they will appreciate the thought and proudly display these on their mantle.


12.    Military Home Sign  

Home is where the Air Force sends us! This iconic slang is ingrained within every Air warrior and their family. Made with oak, poplar, and other premium wood, this is a piece of art.

You can cover the entire career of your veteran’s duty stations in this single sign. Just keep on adding the planks. They will jump with joy when they see their whole career snapshot on a single sign.


13.    US Air Force Picture Frame  

Beautifully crafted with Oak, this picture frame is a sight to behold. Complete with a picture of your veteran, their rank emblem, and a personalized message; this one really takes the cake. Elegant, wholesome, and Made in the USA.


14.    Folded Book Art – Air Force  

Bet you never thought of this one! These guys handcraft the USAF emblem on a pre-loved (used) book. It’s a piece of art and picture can’t really do justice to the effort behind this gift.

Perfect for any book lover. They can proudly display this in their library and thank you for it.


15.    United States Air Force Wooden Sword Wall Hanging  

Giving a weapon as a parting gift was an ancient Roman tradition. This wooden sword called ‘Rudis’ was traditionally given to Gladiators when they were finally freed. A glorious gift to a befitting achievement. This is a must-have for every veteran.


16.    USAF Personalised Retirement Wall Clock  

Let your veteran celebrate their newfound freedom with this wall clock. It can be personalized with their name and service branch. That’s some quality woodwork which has a funny spin to it.

They can mount it on the wall in the living room and it can become a fun conversation starter!


17.    Air Force Carved Wooden Flag  

This USAF wooden flag is carved out of solid pine and this has a spectacular finish. Made by a Veteran and beautifully carved, this piece of art is a must gift for any veteran.


18.    USAF Men’s Military Ring  

Danbury Mint is a renowned name in the ring business. They have designed this fabulous ring with the USAF logo and 12 original diamonds. The quality is beyond amazing and it can also be personalized by your veteran’s name.

The price they are offering is a steal for all the quality craftsmanship. Your veteran will love this everlasting piece with all his heart.


19.    Damascus Steel Knife 

Damascus steel blades are almost mythical as their blade is made with hundreds of layers. This unique forging gives the blade a unique texture which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

This is a perfect gift for your veteran. What better way to honor their service with this beautiful handcrafted masterpiece.


20.    Original Pilot Aviator Sunglasses  

Pilots love their eyewear. They wear it during every flight and rock it during off-duty hours too. These authentic AO sunglasses are going to remind your USAF veteran of the good old flying days. Don’t you want to see them rock that Top Gun look again?


21.    US Air Force Flag for Outdoor  

Is your veteran proud of their service and are not afraid to show it? This is the perfect gift for such a warrior.

Embroidered with detail, this flag will look awesome in their garden. It will proudly flap away during their backyard BBQ and make them feel more patriotic.


22.    US Air Force Cufflinks 

Cufflinks are such a crucial part of a Gentleman’s suiting attire. Complete your Veteran’s wardrobe with these quality USAF cufflinks.

They will love the premium feel of these babies and surely admire the detailing of the USAF emblem. It will make them noticeable during their Black tie events and add to their charm.


23.    US Air Force Veteran Embroidered Baseball Cap  

Not every gift has to be all show and tell. This baseball cap is as practical as it gets. Your veteran can wear it every day and never get tired of it. Made with high-quality materials and finest stitching, this cap will last them years.


Wrapping It Up

These gifts may be a bit much for you to process but I’m sure you’ve gotten some great ideas by now. This Gift Guide for Air Force veterans was created with love and respect, and if you have any suggestions, please comment below and I will gladly add it to this guide. Fly, Fight, Win!

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