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15 Funny Police Gifts That Will Crack Up Your Cop Friend

Gifts are the best token of love and appreciation. You can easily cheer up any person with a gift. And while we’re talking of cheering moods up, what could be better than gifts with quirky and funny notes? So if you are a humorous person who wants to poke fun at your police officer friend’s profession, you have landed at the right place. We have created a list of the best funny police gifts that would crack them up with genuine laughter. After all, laughter is the best medication, so you’d be doing them a favor!

Keep reading about the 15 funniest gifts you could give to a police officer.

Best Funny Police Gifts

Donald Trump Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is guaranteed to make the day of your police officer friend by giving them a good laugh. It contains the image of Donald Trump along with a funny sentence. You can provide a gift for any Donald Trump supporter, conservative or republican, and they will truly appreciate your gesture.

Retirement Party Survival Hat And Sash

Gifting this to a friend retiring from the police force will make their day very memorable. It will help them uniquely celebrate their retirement day. So if your friend has a humorous side, they are guaranteed to find this gift funny and will probably wear it to their retirement party.

Workplace Violation Sticky Note

If your police department is full of pranksters, you could play a prank on them. This workplace violation item is perfect for your next joke on your police officer friend. You buy the sticker and stick it on the desk of the person you want to prank. The whole department will get a good laugh out of it.

Fake Parking And Violation Tickets

These fake parking and violation tickets look as realistic as the original ones. So you can use them to play a classic prank on your police officer friends by pretending to be the police. It even has uncoated text paper so that you can fill out all the necessary information about your friend. It’s a fun little prank for you and your friend! 

‘It’s Not A Party Until The Cops Show Up’ Bottle Opener

The sarcastic phrase on this bottle opener makes it an excellent gift for any of your police officer friends. They will surely get the sarcastic note, as many parties are shut down because of them. Plus, police officers are known to enjoy a bottle of cold beer after work. So it comes in handy for them.

‘49% Sergeant, 51% Badass’ Travel Mug

First, look at this gift, and know why your police officer friend will crack up on this. The phrase on the mug will surely be a conversation starter and is likely to amuse anyone who sees it. Plus, your police officer friend will appreciate your gesture of acknowledging their ‘badass’ side. 

‘I Like Big Busts, And I Cannot Lie’ Coffee Mug

The coffee mug containing the mock lyrical phrase, ‘I like big busts, and I cannot lie,’ will crack up anyone who sees it. This mug will make an excellent gift for your friend, a police officer, and will also give a good laugh to people in their department.

Cosmetic Bag

This is a practical and empowering gift for female police officers. It says, ‘I’m a police officer! What’s your superpower?’ It is guaranteed to make your friends’ day if you give it to them. The phrase on this makeup pouch will also bring a laugh to your friend’s mouth. Plus, it will come in handy to them on an everyday basis.

Branded Donut Coffee Mug

We all know that police officers are known for their love of donuts. So what will be a better and more humorous gift than a donut mug? It is perfect for their coffee breaks on duty and will bring a smile to their face every time they see it.

Accouterments Bacon Strips Bandages

What is more hilarious than a piece of bacon stuck on a person’s skin every time they cut themselves? Well, most probably nothing! However, these bacon strip bandages are an awesome gift for your police officer friend, as it is likely to bring a laugh to their face every time they hurt themselves.

Cop Jokes Pocket Guide

The cop jokes pocket guide will be a perfect jab at a cop’s humorous capabilities. This can be gifted to them as a joke on any day you want. The pocket guide full of cop jokes will make them crack up. Plus, it can even come in handy if they’re going to lighten the mood at their job.

Police Officer Coloring Book For Adults

Police officers encounter danger every day at their job. So a good stress reliever that is also funny is guaranteed to give them a lifted mood. It is full of funny phrases and beautiful designs that can instantly make anyone happy. They will have a smile on their face once they finish coloring a page.

‘A Cop Like You Is Harder To Find Than Toilet Paper During A Pandemic’ Notebook

Who doesn’t love a notebook with a humorous message on the front page? This notebook contains a phrase that praises a loved one in a funny way. So gifting it to a police officer friend makes sense. It’s also a perfectly sized journal that one can easily carry anywhere. So give it to a loved one and see a smile grace their face!

Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notebook

This item’s front page itself is an excellent source of humor, no matter who you give it to. However, gifting it to a police officer friend will probably make their day. Every time your friend pulls out this notebook, their face will instantly light up with a beautiful smile. Plus, they can use it to report exciting police cases they worked on.

Security Pet Costume Set

The security pet costume is not only cute but also very funny. It will truly light up a pet owner who is also a police officer. It is a perfect Halloween gift, as your friend will more likely make their pet wear it for Halloween. It will surely bring a laugh out whenever they look at their pet wearing the outfit.

Final Thoughts

With these funny police gifts, you can show your friend how much you appreciate them in the most humorous ways. They are all specially designed to make their day after a stressful day on duty. Because we all know how police officers risk their lives every day just so that we feel safe in our homes, so knowing that their loved ones genuinely appreciate all of their hard work is enough for them. Plus, these gifts would show them that they have people in their life who can make them laugh out loud.

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