23 Framed American Flag Gifts For Our Nation’s Veterans

The framed American flag symbolizes your love and support for your loved ones in the military. It is an honor to serve your country. There is no better way to thank them than by honoring them with this gift.

It’s a great time to shop for your military service member or veteran. Seriously, there are so many Framed Flag Gifts, and they range from $20 to $200+. I’ve assembled a list of the best Framed American Flag Gifts that would make any military service member or veteran proud.

Here you go:

23 Best Framed American Flag Gifts

USA Flag Canvas Art Wall Art
This wall26 USA flag on the vintage wood background has a modern way of showing off your patriotism and support for the nation's military members and veterans. This canvas art print is high quality, printed, and hand-stretched by professionals right here in the USA. The stretcher bars are a solid 1.5 inches thick, providing you with an extra sturdy and durable piece of art to hang in your home or office.
Wood-Framed United States Flag
Perfect for veterans and military service members, our rustic United States flag sign is made in the USA with a hand-made frame that's crafted from the recycled barn and fence wood. Use it as a home accent or to welcome guests. Show off your patriotism with this vintage style flag sign from Homebody Accents. Its easy-hang bracket allows you to hang it on any wall using only a nail/screw that you provide. It's as easy as that!
DesignOvation Memorial Flag Case, Black Wood, Made in the USA, Holds 5'Hx9.5'W Folded Flag
Our Memorial Flag Case is just what you've been looking for to remember and respect those who have served our county. This case is created with three distinct sections: The outer display is made from manufactured wood with a black finish and measures 24-1/2 inches across by 12-3/4 inches high by 3-5/8 inches deep; the inner capacity dimensions are 22 inches across by 11 inches high by 2 1/2 inches deep. The glass cover, front wall, and back wall all detach easily with easy-open tabs for simple flag loading.
American flag art print
American flag art print that shows the American flag in a wood effect design with the document of the declaration of independence and the American eagle. The print would look great in any room of the house as patriotic decor. This is the perfect gift for military service members or veterans. Makes a great housewarming, wedding, or anniversary gift.
American Flag Modern Art Painting
There is no better way to honor or celebrate a service member or veteran than this set of five gorgeous canvas paintings. Based on the iconic American art style, these pieces are sure to be treasured by any patriotic-minded military family. Each measures 5
USA Flag Black Wood Framed Art
Whether your loved one serves in our armed forces or is a veteran, this American flag will serve as a reminder of your gratitude. It's framed with an inch and a half thick piece of solid black wood to match houses with traditional interiors. This is the perfect gift to adorn the garage, living room, or anywhere you would like to pay homage to your family member's service.
Veteran Burial Flag
This solid mahogany flag case is a fitting way to honor a loved one who has made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. The deep, beautiful finish, simple design, and secure enclosure will stand the test of time with honor and integrity befitting its contents. This case also makes an excellent gift. Keep your honoring of their service for decades thanks to the protective exterior of our famous memorial flag case. The sturdy base of the commemorative flag case can be sat upon any flat surface such as a mantel or display case, or hung from any standard hardware thanks to the adjustable hanger securely placed on the reverse side.
American Flag Canvas Wall Art Decor - 3 Piece Set
Set the tone of your room with this patriotic canvas wall art. Made with 3 panels, this set shows off three flags; large and small American flags along with an eagle. The abstract print brings a rustic feel to your dedicated space, with the long panel on top showing an American flag waving in the wind through red, white, and blue lines. A look of patriotism for any homeowner.
Military Soldiers & Flag Canvas Wall Art
These Military Prints are an easy way for you and your family to show your pride. Perfect for the dorm, man cave, or bedroom; no additional framing is needed to hang these posters on the wall. This is a great black and white gift for those who love military service members. Printed on high-quality canvas with rich, vivid detail gives this print a look and feel of a photographic image.
Handmade Rustic Wood American Flag
Don't wait for another second to claim your flag! This new handmade rustic wood American Flag will give you a new sense of patriotism and pride. It makes a great decoration for your house or apartment! You can use this wood flag decor to engage in conversation about the outdoors, nature, and country life's simple pleasures. The flag is hand-carved with detail using traditional tools and measures 18.5
Natural Pine American Flag
The American Flag is a symbol of Freedom, and proudly Made in the USA. This rustic flag is made out of pine, so it's slightly lighter than cedar or walnut but still sturdy enough to withstand some weather. It's also sealed to protect the wood from water damage, making it perfect for displaying indoors or outdoors. Whether you're a soldier heading off to war or you want to show your support and patriotism for our country, this beautiful flag will make a fantastic addition to your home or office.
American Flag Wall Art - Oath of Enlistment Poster
The Oath of Enlistment is a solemn oath taken by all military members when they join their branch of service. This piece of wall decor is great for veterans, service members, and fans of the US Armed Forces and serves as a reminder to uphold the duties we swear to perform. Made with high-quality printing press color card stock paper, this Oath of Enlistment is printed with archival quality ink to prevent fading for many years to come.
American Funeral Flag Display Case
Allow your loved ones to show their pride for America with our Shadow Box Display Case. This handsome shadow box is crafted from solid wood and features an American flag on the top, and displays a certificate and pins at the bottom. The flag area includes a protective layer of felt to stop snagging or wear of the flag. It stands upright on the counter or can be hung on the wall. It is also stackable for compact storage, perfect for a small area such as a dorm room or apartment.
Flag Display Case with Certificate & Document Holder
This All-in-one Flag and Memorabilia display case holds the standard 3' x 5' flag with an attached display case to display all your treasured awards and memorabilia proudly. The display case has a glass front. Easy access from the back. You can put it on a table or hang it on the wall.
All Glass Flag Display Case
Easy to view in its clear glass case, this stunning flag is perfect for honoring your military service members or veterans. This all-glass tabletop flag case holds a 9.5' x 5' flag and can be custom engraved on the manufacturer's black sports molding. The flag display case tip-toes off of the base so that you may be able to see the engraving if it is placed on a high shelf or table.
Flag Elegant Display Case
Decomil flag display case box is a very nice way to memorialize the flag of the fallen military service member. If you are looking for a beautiful military gift, this is ideal; if you want to honor our heroes or need a military memorial gift, this is a great choice... This flag display case box is made from very high-quality materials and has no manufacturing flaws. The cherry finish provides an elegant accent to any setting, while the stain adds a rich depth to the finish of this fine piece of furniture.
Personalized Burial Flag Case
Whether honoring a Veteran's service or simply paying tribute to any loved one who has passed, this Burial flag case is sure to be appreciated. This flag case makes it easy to install and display your flag with pre-drilled holes and wall mounting hardware provided. It comes with laser engraving on the glass, including your loved one's military branch logo and 3 lines of text.
Flag Display Case & Document Holder
Place your courage under someone's nose for all to see. This beautiful flag holder is crafted from premium mahogany and a clear, strong glass or acrylic face. Everything underneath will be in view, protected, and safe from dust or damage. Place your certificate or document easily inside the certificate display frame back. A truly masterful work of furniture artistry where military men, women, and children can cherish their time in service to their country, no matter how long or short it may have been.
Flag Display Case & Medal Shadow Box
Made of hardwood and with a dark walnut finish, this case works well as a stand-alone display or when added to the line of flag cases we carry. Inset compartment for displaying medals, uniforms, or other memorabilia. Memorial Flag Case - The perfect way to show your patriotism and honor those who served our great country by featuring a sanctuary for a folded 5' X 9.5'
Flag Display Frame with Military Shadow Box
A truly memorable way to honor service members or veterans, this shadow box display and flag holder will be an attractive addition to the home or office decor. A mahogany finish frame contains a shadow box design that holds a folded American flag with a certificate holder. The ultimate gesture of respect, this butterfly-shaped shadow box memorial is the perfect way to honor the memory of family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who have served our country so well. The stunning shadow box allows you to pay tribute to one who has served in the military while making a statement in your home or office.
Acrylic American Flag Memorabilia Display Case
Though we are sometimes limited in our actions, the flag is never limited in its inherent ability to convey and inspire freedom. Our finest example of this is the American Flag. This Remembrance display case with Acrylic American Flag and all of our Flag cases helps us honor our veterans' past and present. It's a great way to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice by being a lasting tribute for generations to come. Designed to fit 2'x3' or 3'x5' U.S. flags.
American Memorial Burial Flag Display Case Military Pin Medal Shadow Box Cabinet, with Certificate Frame, 2 Pcs Set
Commemorate a veteran's service and sacrifice by honoring his/ her memory with this flag display case. This shadow box will preserve a treasured American flag, and it comes in a display set with a certificate frame to hold awards of recognition. Made from solid beechwood wood, a metal bracket is provided on the back is for hanging on a wall or countertop.
SmartChoice Memorial Flag Display
The SmartChoice Honors Flag Display Case is a handsome case specially designed to honor the memory of those who served and have passed on. It will fit both small and large service flags (5x9 feet), has to room for a descriptive plate, can be displayed vertically or horizontally, has cardboard backs to protect the backs of the framed flag.

Wrapping It Up

So did you find what you came looking for? An awesome Framed American Flag as a gift? Or was there something missing in the list? Shoot out your suggestions, experiences, or whatever is it you want to say in the comment section below.

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