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20 Brilliant Detective Gifts Which Show Your Gratitude for Their Service

Justice is what the American legal system is built upon. Justice is what a wronged person deserves. And justice is precisely the kind of thing that our police detectives are constantly working on getting for the victims.

Police detectives are always working tirelessly to solve the crimes occurring every day to keep our society safe. They put themselves in danger and stressful situations every day. And for that, they deserve our gratitude. So, here are 20 brilliant detective gifts to show how much you value them and their hard work:

Great Detective Gifts:

Police Officer Prayer Oak Stained Sign

There is a sacred prayer that every police officer says. They ask for strength, protection, and courage. Every police officer swears an oath to protect others. To do the right thing. And this can be the best reminder of that. Silhouettes of a man and a dog. A beautiful stained oak sign that will be a solemn gift.


Handcuffs Police Law Enforcement T-Shirt

“I can’t fix stupid, but I can cuff it.” If you know a police officer, you’ve probably heard them say it before. This funny little shirt is for the cops who have a bit of a sense of humor—decorated with a thin-blue-line theme and a distressed look. This gift is sure to draw a laugh out of whoever you give it to.

Back the Blue – Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Just about every police officer likes to crack open a nice cold one after an exhausting day at work. So, why not give them something they will use just about every day. This old-fashioned bottle opener/cap catcher will bolt to just about any surface that can handle a crew. And it is sure to make their life easier, with its sturdy design.

JINGMARUO Dog Tag Keychain

They say that to a father, the most precious person is his daughter. And that they will do anything to protect their little girl. Well, to that little girl, the most important person in her life is also her father. And when you have a police officer for a father, you worry. So this keychain-necklace combo is sure to be a beautiful gift from a daughter to her father.

Thin Blue Line Flag Wall Décor

If you know a police officer looking to decorate their home, this will make a great gift. A canvas to hang on your wall, this thing is also customizable; you can get it customized with the name and Badge # of the person and give it as a gift to them. And they are sure to hang it on their wall with all the pride of a police officer.


Official EDC Survival Kit

Do you know a police officer? Someone who gets into trouble just about daily? Someone you worry about immensely? Well, if you worry about it so much, then this is the perfect gift with all the necessary tools for a trek in the woods with Bear Grylls, such as a tactical knife, fire starter, flashlight, buckle, and many more gadgets. This will surely keep them always prepared for danger.

Barbuzzo Gun Cylinder Pen Holder & Paper Weight

What cop doesn’t love guns? Revolvers are reminders of the old cop films. And if the detective you know is also a fan of old movies or just guns in general, this is the perfect gift to give them. A pen holder shaped like the gun cylinder of a revolver will be perfect for their desk.

Sherlock Holmes Coffee Mug

So, you know a detective. They’re smart. They’re always picking out clues and solving crimes. In fact, you’ve affectionately nicknamed them “Sherlock Holmes,” not terribly creative but still cute. And now you are looking to give them a great gift. Well, this low-hanging fruit will still be enough to make them laugh and switch their mug to this one.


Thin Blue Line Police Tumbler

Being a police officer can be an exhausting job. And, time from time, they might need a bit of strong coffee to keep them alert. But, to store it, they will need something. That is where this gift comes in. This tumbler comes with a metal straw and will keep their drinks at a consistent temperature for a long time. Perfect for those long days.

Personalized Police Officer Name Art

Many police officers want to take their dedication to protect people to the next level, who want people to know who they are and how they are safe. They’d also put a sign outside their house that said that they were a police officer and not one to be messed with. This gift does that… except inside the house.

ElizaDesigns – True Crime Throw Pillow

This is a goofy one for those who are also interested in true crime novels. True crime novels have become a big hit in recent years. And this gift is perfect for those interested in that genre and are also detectives as it becomes a cheeky little joke. A comfy little thing to throw on your couch or bed, this is a nice little gift.

Puernash Detective Wall Decor Metal Sign

Another cheeky little gift you can even put outside your favorite police officer’s house as a harmless prank. Or gift it to them so that they can put it out there. A nice little decoration that will add some quirk to the area wherever it is hung. You can add a little Sherlock Holmes’ 221B Baker Street vibe to your walls with this little sign.


Ridge Bolt Action Ballpoint Pen

Cops take notes all day. In their little notepads, their diaries, on post-its, and a million other things. Notes are essential to the memory of a police officer. And writing those notes is just as crucial. That is why this pen is the perfect gift for someone who is constantly writing, whether it’s writing a ticket or writing essential notes to a case.

‘Trust Me, I’m a Detective’ T-Shirt

Sherlock Holmes is essential to the life of a detective. They will always hear references about it. They will probably hear the nickname ‘Sherlock’ at least once in their life. So, if you know a detective and want to tease them a bit, then why not gift them this “Trust me, I’m a detective.” t-shirt and get a smile and an eye roll from them.

Cryptex Da Vinci Code Puzzle Box

Detectives face puzzles every day. And they get pretty good at solving them. So, if you want to test the mental acuity of your favorite detective, all the while giving them a romantic gift, you should gift this to them and then watch them try to figure it out and when they do, watch the joy of opening their Valentine’s gift.

Death Scenes: A Scrapbook

Some cops don’t like mysteries but solve them anyway. But most cops that get into law enforcement have some fascination with solving puzzles. And if you want to give them a gift that will catch their attention with a mini-mystery, this is it. A mystery scrapbook that will force them to turn the page.

221B Baker Street – Unframed Art Print

Yes, another Sherlock Holmes one. However, this is more geared towards police officers who are huge Sherlock Holmes nerds. A blueprint print of Sherlock Holmes’ apartment; this is one for those who can’t get enough of Sherlock Holmes.

Antique Brass Compaq Magnifying Glass

The magnifying glass is a staple of all things detective. It is a valuable tool to have in certain circumstances, but it is also fun. So notwithstanding the funny faces that you can make in it, this would make an excellent gift for someone who is into collecting gadgets and trinkets like this. And who knows where it might come in handy when looking at some evidence?

Fossil Men’s Quartz Chronograph Watch

This gift is a bit more practical in terms of usage. Its sleek and muted design makes it one of the best choices for a men’s watch that is both stylish and professional. It is a precious gift to give to a male officer, whether your dad, brother, boyfriend, or someone else looking to have a stylish timepiece on their wrist.

LEATHERMAN, Wave Plus Multi-tool

As someone in law enforcement, there are a lot of hairy situations that people come across; there are situations where someone might need to handle a lock, rope, or wires. So this multitool comes in that offers a lot of functionality and is quite handy to have in your pocket in those situations where quick action is needed.



The best gifts are those that come from the heart, and when you buy these detective gifts, they will know that you meant them and bought them with their best interests in your heart. So, if you liked any of the offerings from this list of 20, buy now!

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