24 Awesome Deployed Dad Baby Born gift Ideas That He Will Cherish

Learning that you’ve become a dad is something that cannot be put into words. Happiness knows no bounds. You will cherish this little bundle of joy thought life. Every stage is priceless; be it crawling, stumbling, saying their first word….

If the dad is on deployment, he will hate to miss out on the initial precious months. But, the duty to the country comes first. You should step in and lift his spirits with humor and inspiration. For such an occasion, these are the best deployed Dad Baby Born gift Ideas out there:

Best Deployed Dad Baby Born gift Ideas 

New Dad to be Gift box
Becoming a dad is bound to bring some great life changes. He needs to learn, buy dad things, get involved in diaper change, to name a few. This box has it all. A great humor book by Jimmy Fallon, a dad pad to note down dad stuff, hand repair cream to keep those hands fresh after a diaper change, and much more. It’s a great assorted gift with humor and a bit of fun
Letters to My Baby: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.
Rediscover the lost art of time capsule messages with these amazing sealed envelopes. Send it to the new dad in the next care package so he can pin down his thoughts and save them for a later date. These come with helpful queues like ‘On the day you were born…’ to make writing more fun and easy. These come in a pack of twelve to make sure you get ample ammunition to write your heart out.
Dad's Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time
No one really knows how to be a parent until they become one themselves. Make their journey easier and take the guesswork out by sending them this awesome book. It contains age-old wisdom from leading coaches, mentors, and leaders to make him a good dad. Perfect for reading during deployment so he can learn, reflect, and maybe reassess life priorities.
Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Photo Frame Kit
Even if he can't be there, he can have a reminder of his new baby. This beautiful frame can have an imprint of the baby’s hand and feet to make this news more real. It can be customized with name and birthday too to make it a perfect keepsake. Anyone would tear up at such a sweet sight. There are two photo slots inside so the dad can have a crystal clear picture of his baby he can hold and set on his desk.
Darth Vader & Son 2021 Wall Calendar
Deployments are long and seem to go on forever. Marking off on a calendar is considered a good way to make the date seem closer. Consider this Darth Vader and son or daughter calendar with interesting custom illustrations. It’s the perfect gift for a dad who is a star wars fan. It’s 12 x 12 inches in size so it can easily be mounted on a wall or on the desk. A cute little way to make counting down activity a little more fun.
Prank Pack “Baby Shield”
Perfect for packing Dad’s gifts and freaking him out. The look on his face will be priceless when he sees the box. This comes as an empty box, so you can put the actual gift inside. He will be puzzled for sure at seeing this fake protection cover. The illustrations are just brilliant. He will laugh out loud at this silliness and bring much-needed humor.
How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill
He will be expecting some life-changing advice in a book, so give him this instead. A funny book to keep his spirits up until he can come home. He will be rolling around with laughter in no time. If you think about it, this is also a way of learning what NOT to do with your children. A funny and light-hearted book nonetheless which he’ll enjoy.
MugBros New Dad Coffee Mug - Leveled Up to Dad
Mugs are the perfect gifts, especially for deployment. You can slip this one in his care package due to its compact size. It’s a sweet way of letting him know he's leveled up and he's definitely going to need the caffeine when he’s home. The mug has beautiful pixelated graphics and he’ll love it if he’s into gaming.
Terribly Good Personalized Dad Joke Book
Dad’s are notoriously bad at throwing around bad jokes. Prepare the new dad with age-old classics from veteran fathers. This one is a required new dad reading material. Filled to the brim with amazing jokes so he can fit the stereotype. It’s a simple and light gift everyone will have a laugh out of.
Gamer Shirts for Father & Child - Player 1/Player 2
Unisex for babies of dad's who like to game. He can wear the shirt while away knowing his player 2 is waiting for him. Just fit one in his care package and he can proudly wear it on deployment for everyone to see. There’s nothing better than a father-child bond so let him bask in its glory.
Engraved Nautical Compass
Even though he is away, give this with an engraved date, weight, and name of the new baby so dad can find his way home. It’s one of those classical keepsakes, that can become a family heirloom. It comes in a classy box and is well made. It symbolizes the role he will have to take on now to guide this new soul through life. It’s both profound and beautiful.
Dubble Bubble El Bubble II Bubble Gum Cigars
A new twist on an old tradition, dad can pass these out to everyone without contributing to a nicotine habit. The size is almost equal to a traditional cigar and he along with his buddies can have a good laugh. That’s what care packages are all about; finding unexpected and fun stuff that introduces humor.
You Will Always Be My Hero Leather Photo Keychain
Looking for a small but personal gift? Maybe you don’t like to parade around the dad news. This is perfect as it can hold a protected picture of mom and new baby. He can keep it close to his heart and look at it wherever he wants. It’s small and lightweight but sturdy enough to endure the harshness of deployment.
Decor Daddy to Be Sign
Usually, for dads awaiting birth, this can be sent with a small picture attached to the reverse showing dad his new baby. The small size of the sign is perfect for hanging above his workspace or sleeping quarters so he’s always reminded of the joy he will receive on his return. The words and beautiful and thought-provoking.
SassyCups Dad Fuel Tumbler | 20 Ounce
Drink his favorite beverage while announcing that he's a new dad! A tumbler is a dad icon. Every dad needs to have one. This one is built pretty solid so he is going to be using it after deployment as well. It’s simple and conveys the message loud and clear. Perfect for coffee or alcohol, whatever the situation demands.
Innovatronix Personalized Acrylic Glass LED Photo Table Night Lamp
Unique personalized lamp to show mom and baby or just baby. This one is a unique way of sending mom and baby pictures. You just provide the picture and the company artistically etches the picture beautifully in acrylic. This is something he will never have seen before. What’s better than the last thoughts before going to bed to be with your family?
Gender Reveal Exploding Golf Balls Set
If he’s a golfer, this one is a must-have. These golf ball-shaped containers can be filed with either blue or pink. Ask him to tee off to find the baby’s gender. There will be anticipation, excitement, and happiness. All ingredients of a perfect surprise. As he hits it off, the ball will explode revealing the gender. The powder is non-toxic and environmentally safe, so no worries.
Udobuy Baby Socks - Bring My Dad a Beer
Talking about making dad’s life easy, this one is hilarious. Imagine those cute little feet wearing these socks asking politely to get the dad some beer. Who can say no? This is the perfect manipulation device out there. People may start going on beer runs just to provide the dad with some beer. Very clever!
Willow Tree New Life, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure
Put his mind to rest and send him a way to visualize the scene waiting for him. This sculpture is the perfect representation of his upcoming family reunion. He may tear up seeing this. The willow tree is renowned to create beautiful artistic scenes, that take your breath away. It’s perfect for his desk or next to his bunk giving a scene to look forward to.
Dad, I Want to Hear Your Story
Think about this, what does your child need to know about their father? How would the written word explain his personality? Let the dad fill out this awesome book with his life’s journey. The book is filled with thought-provoking questions which will make an interesting read once he fills it up. Perfect for deployment time as he can give his whole attention to it.
Webcam HD 1080P, Web Camera with Microphone
Now that the baby is here, poor video quality won’t cut it. Daddy needs to see his miracle in full HD. Get this one for the mom, but it’s actually a treat for the daddy. Get it? Anyways, this webcam is going to bring the family closer with a video chat. With a built-in microphone, this one is a complete solution.
VILIGHT New Parents Picture Frame
Dads usually can’t get enough of their babies. It will be a true test of patience for him to hold back while he’s away on deployment. One one side add the picture of both mom and dad, and on the other side, the baby. This handmade frame is so heartwarming that you instantly go ‘awww’.
Hallmark Studio Ink Baby Congratulations Card
A card is a must and a formal way to congratulate a parent. This card is perfect to go along with the baby gifts. Simple, adorable, and minimalist. It celebrates, the parents and acknowledges the fact that their love has produced the miracle of life. There’s nothing more profound to celebrate other than this.
Advice for Mom and Dad Kraft Rustic (50-cards)
Here a fun idea, why not invite his whole unit on deployment to have fun with the new dad and mom giving funny or sincere advice that he can share..or not. You will be surprised and shocked at some of the advice but reading it all will be worth it. I promise. You can even keep all the responses safe which can later be read again for a good laugh.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of baby born gifts for deployed dad. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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