16 Danbury Mint Rings That Make For Perfect Gifts

Rings have been around for thousands of years, but it is only recently that they became the go-to gift that is offered to celebrate an engagement, a birthday, or to say “ I love you.” Some of the most popular types of rings include engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, promise rings, mourning rings, cocktail rings, fashion rings, and signet rings.

Danbury Mint Rings is a one-stop-shop for all types of rings. Founded in 1969, these guys are still the best when it comes to personalized jewelry. If you are in the market for rings as gifts, we recommend these best Danbury Mint rings as gifts.

Best Danbury Mint Rings

1. Birthstone Swirl Personalized Ring

You’ve never seen a birthstone ring quite like this. Comprised of twelve (a lucky number!) genuine Swarovski birthstone crystals and one-carat cubic zirconia diamond to match natural diamonds’ brilliance at a fraction of the cost. The arc of 16 delicate accent diamond stones completes the elegant look. It’s hand engraved with your name – perfect for personalization, gifting, and everyday wear.
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2. Personalized Men’s Military Rings – Air Force

The gleaming gold Air Force emblem on the top of the military ring gleams brightly as it showcases the strength and commitment of this branch. Twelve genuine diamonds surround the emblem to symbolize eternal vigilance. FLY FIGHT WIN inscribed inside the band is the motto of these heroes in service and life both. It’s a perfect gift for your Air warrior or veteran.
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3. Personalized Men’s Military Rings – Army

Each personalized military ring is custom-sized and laser engraved with the Army emblem, branch motto, your hero’s name, and their signature military design. Perfect for a retirement gift, this unique military ring will show your soldier how proud you are of his or her service, both past, and present. This ring is more than an accessory; it’s a lasting monument to their devoted service.
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4. Personalized Men’s Military Rings – Coast Guard

This handsome, masculine military ring is a unique personalized souvenir of your hero’s past and present service. Designed to fit perfectly on a man’s hand, he will be proud to wear it. The gleaming gold coast guard emblem and 12 genuine diamonds symbolize eternal vigilance and readiness. The words Semper Paratus (Always Prepared) are permanently engraved inside the band — words that will stay with him for a lifetime.
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5. Personalized Men’s Military Rings – Marine Corps

This Personalized Men’s USMC Ring is a unique ring that carries all of the Marines’ strength and values. Your Marine will be proud to wear this ring because it symbolizes his commitment to protect and defend America. The Marine Corps Ring by Danbury mint features a USMC emblem in gleaming gold, 12 genuine diamonds that circle the golden branch design, and words of wisdom that these American heroes live by, Semper Fi. The band is personalized with your Marine’s name free of charge. He’ll love his new customized military ring!
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6. Personalized Men’s Military Rings – Navy

The navy ring represents the courage, valor, and glory of all courageous Navy heroes. Twelve genuine diamonds flank a classic gold Navy emblem. The band is inscribed with the words that these sailors live by in both service and throughout life ‘Valor and Glory.’ This military ring empowers heroes to wear this legacy with pride and cherish generations to come.
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7. I Love You Always Personalized Mocha Diamond Ring Set

A romantic trio of gold-plated rings, elegantly stacked and sparkling with diamonds and etched with your unique names. Laser engraving offers a permanent, clear imprint that’s far more beautiful than lettering stamped into the metal. Each two-tone gold ring features a trio of “mocha” diamonds and four fire white diamonds on each side. And there’s more – each ring is also custom-engraved with your names and the beautiful sentiment “I loved you then, I love you still, I always have, I always will.”
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8. Black Ice Men’s Diamond Personalized Ring

With the Danbury Mint Black Ice Personalized Ring you can take your style to a whole new level. A gem-studded black ion-plated stainless steel band is the foundation for this sleek, clean look. Each ring includes an inscription of your choice along the stainless steel inner border and oozes cool from every angle.
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9. Freedom Isn’t Free Men’s Military Ring

Inspired by the intricate details found on classic military medals, this Freedom Isn’t Free ring will let you pay tribute to your spouse, friend, or hero in a unique and meaningful way. They’ve started with a stylish stainless-steel band and then added a gleaming gold branch emblem shaped to resemble the embroidered emblem often worn on military uniforms. Bordered by 12 genuine diamonds, the branch design majestically encircles the inspirational words Freedom Isn’t Free engraved inside the band. With so many options available, you’ll be able to create a ring that’s perfect for sharing with your loved one who wears any uniform.
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10. You & Me, Eternally Two-Stone Ring

Add a touch of glitz & glamour to your hand with this gorgeous 18kt gold-plated You & Me, Eternally Two-Stone Ring featuring sparkling mocha and vanilla Diamonisse diamonds! Each sparkling stone is beautifully set atop the swirling channels of this ring. Featuring two huge Diamonisse simulated diamond center stones engraved with the heartfelt sentiment: I Love You, this unique piece with over 65 sparkling mocha and vanilla Diamonisse will make her fall in love with you all over again!
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11. Two Hearts, One Love Personalized Diamond Ring

For a couple who shares two hearts, one ring is not enough. Two Hearts, One Love Personalized Diamond Ring is a stunning way to symbolize your love and commitment. Featuring two interlocking hearts, one lavished with six white diamonds and the other with four mocha diamonds, this personalized 14kt gold-plated ring makes a unique, affordable gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any other special occasion.
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12. Birthstone Wave Women’s Ring

Are you searching for the “perfect” personalized gift? This Birthstone Wave ring features your Swarovski crystal birthstone as the center stone, surrounded by twelve more petite Swarovski crystal birthstones. The stunning piece is finished with 40 channel-set diamond-white simulated diamonds that serve as a dazzling band. She will love the personalization, which makes it the ideal gift on her special day.
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13. The Danbury Mint A Dozen Roses Diamond Ring

Whether you are buying this as a gift for someone else or are shopping for yourself, you will love the quality and beauty of this simulated ruby rose bouquet with genuine diamonds. Twelve red roses accompany its elegant 14KT gold-plated ring with gorgeous handset simulated rubies in the center of each flower. The ring is also accented with an exquisite center stone to increase this item’s beauty and value. This one ship in a stunning satin-lined display case, which makes it perfect for gifting.
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14. The Diamonisse Bridal Set – Wedding Ring Set Personalized Ring Set

The Diamonisse Bridal Set is a gorgeous set that will dazzle her for years to come in a spectacular simulated diamond set. It includes an engagement–style ring with a 3½-carat pear-shaped Diamonisse center stone surrounded by 63 dazzling round Diamonisse and a contoured wedding band featuring 19 Diamonisse. With the professionally engraved names of both the bride and the groom, this beautiful set helps make their union one she will always treasure!
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15. The Danbury Mint Forever Rose Ring

The Forever Rose Ring is a breathtakingly beautiful and elegant ring that features a 2-carat Diamonisse simulated diamond solitaire nestled within a 14kt gold-plated sterling silver sculpted rose. Additional simulated diamonds sparkle like dewdrops on the rose petals and leaves for added elegance. This Ring makes an unforgettable gift for you or your special someone. It will arrive in their Signature Presentation Box – perfect for gift-giving and safekeeping.
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16. The Danbury Mint Personalized Diamond Signet Ring

This Danbury Mint Diamond Signet Ring is the perfect gift for a stylish friend or family member who wants to shine just a little more. A personalized script initial inlaid into a gleaming gold ion-plating is set with a dazzling array of six radiant diamonds. The brushed finished shank and interior pave setting ensure durability and quality. It comes in a blue velvet pouch, ready to present as a gift today but special enough to last a lifetime.
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Wrapping It Up

I hope, by now, you will have a fair idea of the type of Danbury Mint Ring you are gifting to your loved one. The list above isn’t exhaustive, so if you have any better ideas, please comment below.

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