19 Awesome Coin Display Stands: The Ultimate Collection For Displaying Your Challenge Coins

You’ve just been handed a challenge coin! You want to display it on your desk, bookcase proudly, or anywhere you want to show it off. A problem, though: how do you display it? There are several different options for displaying your challenge coins, from the traditional (such as in a shadow box or on a keychain) to the more unusual (like on a cookie-cutter or in a Ziploc bag).

So you start looking for a place to put them. That’s when you realize that many coin displays stand to choose from, and you’re not sure which to use.

Fear not! here we’ve done the research for your and present the best coin display stands on the market.

Best Challenge Coins Display Stands

1. Single Coin Wood Display Box

If you’re looking for the perfect coin to be showcased in an equally eloquent way, then this wooden single coin holder is perfect for you. It’s made from Oak and is ideal to display on your mantel or gift wrapped as a present to your loved one.
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2. 5 Rows Challenge Coin Holder Display Stand

Do you have someone who loves to collect challenge coins, but has nowhere to put them on their special day? Give them this awesome mahogany-made display case with separate five rows. This case will be the perfect display to show their pride in front of the world.
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3. Clear Acrylic Coin Display with Stainless Steel Fasteners

If you’re gifting a very special custom-made challenge coin to your loved one in the military, this acrylic display case may be the perfect option for that gift. It’s laser cut from acrylic with steel screws and fasteners and is ideal to be displayed as stand-alone on their shelf for everyone to see.
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4. Clear Display Stand Coin Capsules

If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution to display challenge coins, then you, my friend, are in luck. These injection molded stands are perfect for challenge coins and displaying large collections in one place. They are small, sturdy, and will stand the test of time. If you or your loved one in the military has a large collection of coins, you will thoroughly enjoy the look and feel of these displays. Buy them now, and you won’t regret it.
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5. DECOMIL – 5 Rows Shelf Challenge Coin Holder – Cherry Finish

Challenge coins are wonderful military memorabilia, which catalogs a service member’s time through his service. Help your service member displays his pride in his time spent defending this nation by gifting him this awesome five-row Cherry-finished coin display case. This display case can easily display 50 coins, and its front elevation is beautiful enough to place it in your living room. It will become a conversation starter for anyone visiting.
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6. 4 Rows Military Challenge Display Coin Holder Stand

This single-piece solid beech wood stand for challenge coins is one of a kind as it doesn’t require any assembly. It is minimal, doesn’t take too much space, and can hold substantial coins. But beware, it is not going to fit any coin thicker than four inches. It’s perfect for anyone in the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force on their homecoming or retirement. They will love this!
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7. Diamond Medallion Coin Chip Display Stand

Are you looking for a suitable display to showcase your single special challenge coin? This diamond-shaped medallion holder displays your favorite coin like it’s suspended in the air! It also comes with a table stand and white gift box to make it a perfect gift item. You can showcase other small items like a sobriety chip, jewelry, or even a small medal.
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8. Black Diamond Challenge Coin Magic Suspension Box

How about if you’re gifting more than one challenge coin and you need something to display it eloquently? While this magic suspension display is perfect for your situation, you can place the coin inside and close; the display will give the impression that the coins are magically suspended in the air. It is a perfect gift for your husband, wife, spouse, or grandparents, or any family member or friend who has served in the armed forces.
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9. Black American Flag Challenge Coin Display

You will love this challenge coin holder. It is made from solid fine and with a wonderful stain of light brown. It holds 30 coins at a time, but the best thing about this holder is the US flag team that makes this holder a perfect gift for any patriot. You can choose this one for your loved one’s graduation from basic training, promotion, or retirement. They will love this. I guarantee!
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10. 4 Rows Challenge Coin Holder

This challenge coin holder is for those looking to display their favorite collection but is short of space. It’s made from solid pine with a mahogany finish. It holds 16 coins in the four slotted rows but is not for larger coins. You can display it on your desk bookshelf, and it is a perfect gift for any Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Veterans Day, Army Day, or Memorial Day.
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11. 4 Rows Solid Wood Coins Display Rack

Are you someone with a mediocre collection of challenge coins, like in the range from 25 to 30? If so, this challenge coin holder is going to suit you well. It has four rows and comes in a mahogany cherry red stain. It’s perfect for holding smaller coins, and any bookshelf or mantel will be sufficient to display your pride and Lifetime’s collection. Go for it.
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12. 5 Row Coin Display Stand

You are going to love this coin stand. It’s made from Walnut and is built right here in the USA. Reviewers are raving about the build quality and love that it can hold in between 30 to 36 coins. If you have challenge coins, laying around this holder is going to display them neatly. You can proudly display your collection in front of visitors, and it is an ideal conversation starter.
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13. Military Challenge Coin Box with Closable Glass Door

If you want a more elegant gift than a plain old piece of wood for holding your challenge coins then this glass front cabinet is going to be ideal for you. It has two secure latches to safeguard your collection. And each row holds two rows of coins. It is perfect for mounting on the wall and can display up to 60 coins.
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14. 3 Rows Desk Coin Display Stand

If you have a tabletop that needs decorating, then this three-shelf display is for you. It is free-standing and takes far less space than others with the same capacity. It has built-in grooves to keep coins from sliding. An overall great display piece. You will be receiving praises for its beauty as soon as you put it up.
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15. Challenge Coin Display Case Cabinet

You can display up to 60 coins in this lovely glass front display and the middle part can be removed so that any larger than normal coins can also be displayed in this.
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16. 2 Row Challenge Coin Holder

This one right here is your best bet. It’s made of solid walnut and holds 15 to 20 coins. It’s made in the USA, So you know that the quality has not been compromised.
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17. DECOMIL – Military Challenge Coin Holder Stand

DICOMIL is an amazing company that makes military gifts for the heroes of this nation. This one here is no exception. It stays small with four slots to hold your challenge coins and is made from quality walnut. It comes wrapped in bubble wrap to protect its shiny glossy surface so that it is ready to go on display right away. It will truly blow away everyone who sees the amazing finish of this product.
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18. 6 Rows American Flag Coin Holder Rack

Just seeing that this display stand will fire up your patriotism. This stand is made from wood and has a rustic walnut finish. It also has a US flag design on the front with coin slits in place of the stripes. You don’t even really need to put in the coins; this one looks gorgeous on its own. It has six slot rows that can hold about 30 coins. This is ideally made for a retirement gift.
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19. 4 Rows Coin Holder Wood Stand – U.S. Navy

With United States Navy written and an emblem printed on the front, you know this one is made for a sea warrior. It’s proudly made in the United States of America and is made from high-quality wood that will stand the test of time. This stand doesn’t take up too much space and can hold around 12 to 16 coins easily. It’s a perfect gift for your veteran, newly graduated soldier, or just someone who has been promoted. You can also give them this gift on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, or any other holiday. You can’t really go wrong with it.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Challenge coins display stands. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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