What to Write to Marine in Boot Camp: Dos and Don’t of Letters to Recruits


Letters from their loved ones are probably the only things most recruits look forward to each day. It keeps them going and lifts their spirits if they’ve had a bad day. Letter writing may not be everyone’s strong suit, especially now when we’re accustomed to Facebook, Twitter, and emails. But if you’ve seen off your …

30 Christmas Ornaments Decor Ideas For Army, Navy, Air Force And Marine Corps

Sometimes it is hard coming up with ways to celebrate a family member in the Military. If this is you, you can make a Military themed Christmas tree to honor a military man or woman in your family. You will find these Christmas ornaments décor ideas to suit everyone’s need: Below is a list of …

20 Best USMC Shadow Box Ideas for a Brave Marine

USMC shadow box ideas for US marines

When their retirement comes, it’s necessary to honor these US Marines properly. Shadow boxes are normally the first choice among the Military community. They know that there is nothing a former veteran loves more than the good memories of their glory days. Military shadow boxes are perfect for capturing this sentiment. Here are some of the best USMC shadow box ideas worthy of your Marine’s attention.

20 Awesome Marine Corps Retirement Gifts Ideas

marine corps retirement gifts ideas

Marine corps is the most elite of the elite. These guys are out there on the front lines laying their lives for us. The best we can do is recognize their efforts for our freedom. When they’ve spent a lifetime in the service and its time to hang up the boots, it’s our duty to properly honor their departure. The best way to recognize their hardship is to present them with a gift worthy of their stature. Here are the best marine corps retirement gifts ideas to make their going-away memorable.

26 Badass Gifts For Marine Veteran [Number 7 is our favorite]

Marines are the hardest of the bunch and we all know why. From their training till deployment, these guys are always on the frontlines. These Marine veterans have seen it all; tears, blood, loss and everything horrible in between. When finally retired, these Marine veterans deserve a life of comfort and happiness. To help you contribute to this cause, I have selected the most worthy gifts for marine veteran out there.

Top 20 Ideas to Gift For Marine Graduating Boot Camp

Gift For Marine Graduating Boot Camp

Have you ever been stuck in deciding the perfect gift for a loved one? We’ve all been there. If you want to give these gifts for a Marine graduate, this gets a whole lot messier. You need to guess which item is regulation-friendly, useful and will wow your marine graduate. Here we have taken the guesswork out of this equation by selecting for you the best military gifts for Marine graduate. Buy these gifts or get inspired by them, you are bound to learn a few ideas along the way.

19 Perfect Gifts For Marine Boyfriend (Number 9 Is Our Favourite)

19 Perfect Gifts For Marine Boyfriend

Marines are arguably the toughest among all services. These fierce warriors are the ones holding the front lines on land and tales of their heroism are well known. If your boyfriend is a Marine, know that his path is far from easy. The hardships faced by him in service to his country are commendable. You are thus duty-bound to make your Marine happy. Show your love by getting these perfect gifts for Marine boyfriend which have been carefully chosen to make him happy.