24 Best Gifts For Military Husband To Show Your Love and Support (All Occasions)

Loving your husband in the military can be a tough task. With him mostly doing deployments, training, and TDYs, you both miss each other. He is a loving husband to you and a dedicated soldier to the nation. You should be damn right proud.
Appreciate your hubby’s special occasions in military life with tasteful and appropriate gifts that show you love and admiration for him. Here are some of the best gifts for military husband divided into different categories. Enjoy!

Best Gifts For Military Husband

Birthday Gifts or Anniversary Gifts


1. Casio Men’s G-Shock

G shock is the military’s most trusted watch. Its capability to endure harsh punishment and environment makes it a trusty sidekick. Tough men need tough gear and there isn’t any watch more robust than G-shock
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2. Bartender Kit

If your husband is a cocktail enthusiast, he is going to love this Bartender kit. This 10-piece kit comes with its wooden rack designed to impress onlookers. Built with stainless rustproof material, he is going to keep this one around for ages.
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3. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Who doesn’t love a good party or outdoor time? So, when there is time for the good old R&R, you can be sure that this waterproof Bluetooth speaker will bring life to the party. With the rugged build, this baby can give an impressive 12 hour non-stop entertainment. Whether it’s a beach or buried in the jungle, your hubby can count on this portable device to have a good time.
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Holiday Gifts (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving)

4. Magnetic Wristband

Men love to play handyman around the house or toil away in their toolshed on a hobby. If your husband is anything like that, he will thank you for this Magnetic wristband. This will make their life so much easy as it acts as a third hand with it’s ten powerful magnets.
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5. Tactical Flashlight

Don’t underestimate the power of a good flashlight. In emergencies, this can mean life and death. If your husband loves the outdoors, you want him to carry this trusty flashlight with him. With three programmable modes of high, low and strobe, he will navigate out of any hairy situation out there. This can also become a part of his military gear during exercises or deployments.
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6. Genetic Ethnicity Test

Welcome to the twenty-first century! Gone are the days when doing a DNA test cost an arm and leg. Just for $99, get your husband this gift which will reveal his ancestry. With a simple saliva kit, you get the results online within six to eight weeks. There are fewer gift options out there more exciting than this one here.
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Basic training Graduation Gifts

7. Tactical Backpack

Backpack and Military go hand in hand. These servicemen are always on the go, whether it’s basic training or exercise and they wear out their standard-issue bags pretty quickly. This assault backpack is military-grade and has all the pouches and hooks s soldier needs in the field. One of the best practical gifts you can get.
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8. Sunglasses

So, your guy has just graduated and is now a freshly minted serviceman. Upgrade your man’s attire with these awesome sunglasses from Rayban. It’s signature “clubmaster” style is similar to Hollywood superstars, which adds a class of elegance to anyone who dons them.
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9. Running Shoes

Your new Military man is just getting started. He will endure endless PTs, and physical challenges throughout his career and a good pair of shoes will help him build his stamina. Gift him these iconic running shoes and play a part in making your soldier an athlete he always wanted to become.
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Military Promotion Gifts

10. Field Planner Kit

If your husband has been promoted to a leadership position and this means he needs to be on top of his management game. This Rite in the rain field planner kit will be a perfect companion to him in the field. He can jot down notes, write logs or stay organized in harsh field conditions, all thanks to this awesome kit.
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Promotion is a big deal, and you should be proud of it. This Well-deserved hip flask is the perfect gift to memorialize this special occasion while being on a budget. Quality engraving and the luxurious black satin box gives it an aura of luxury and class.
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12. Whiskey Glass and Bullets Stones Gift Set

No celebration is ever complete without a good whiskey. If your soldier knows his spirits, he will appreciate this classy gift. This set comes in a neat wooden box that has an old fashioned rock glass with six bullet whiskey stones and a tong. The revolver case is perfect for holding the bullet stones and makes them all the more presentable.
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Deployment Gifts


13. Tactical Gloves

A good pair of gloves will keep your soldier safe during deployment. Standard issue ones don’t always do the job, and this one by Mechanix has excellent reviews from Active duty soldiers. One of the most practical gifts he can use during deployment.
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14. LEATHERMAN Multitool

Leatherman has a repute for developing quality multi-tools and is quite popular within the military for their ruggedness and practicality. This tool will accompany your husband, whether in the field or out on deployment. With a plethora of useful tools, the quality build ensures, this one will last generations.
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15. Kindle Paperwhite

Most service members find plenty of alone time during deployment and reading up on good books is the best way to spend some idle time. Load up this kindle paperwhite with their favorite books and gift it to him before leaving for deployment. He will appreciate this reading experience and thank you for your thoughtfulness.
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Deployment Care package Gifts

16. Beef Jerky

Chow is a crucial part of morale when your serviceman is out on deployment. Despite them getting good food, the stuff becomes monotonous, and they crave the flavors back home. Beef jerky is top of the list for care package requests because of its nutrition, taste, and long shelf life. Be sure to include this treat in his care package this time.
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17. Personalized Notepad Set for writing back

You will love nothing better than to hear from your husband while he’s on deployment. Make the letter-writing activity a bit more exciting for him by sending this customized letter writing kit. He will be excited to write on this pad and you will love reading back from him. It’s a win-win if you ask me.
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18. Portable rugged hard disk with family videos and favorite TV shows

He is far away on deployment and misses his family, friends, and everything at home. Ease his pain by sending pictures and videos of children, family, friends and any occasions he might’ve missed. You can also fill this hard disk with his favorite TV shows and movies. This rugged hard disk will survive any punishment and make sure your loving memories reach him safely.
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Deployment Homecoming Gifts

19. Snacks basket

He’s finally coming back! You are excited, and so is he. Give him something he’s been missing for months—the simple, flavorful snacks and nuts he always loved. With 45 different sweet, savory and healthy snacks, this snack box will be a welcome sight for him.
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20. Luxury Shaving Kit

Your hero has endured robust deployment and must’ve missed the luxuries of simple things at home. Treat him to a luxury shaving experience with this old fashioned shaving kit. He will love the feel of the premium skincare products and savor every second of this experience.
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21. Padded camping chair

He’s back and needs to unwind. Suggest an outdoor camping trip and surprise him with this amazingly well-made camping chair. It has stellar reviews where people have found it to be durable and comfy. This chair will even sit perfectly in any backyard BBQ setting. Relaxing in nature will never become more comfortable.
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Military Retirement Gifts

22. Personalized Decanter

Retirement from the military is a big deal. Your husband has served this nation to his fullest, and his service needs to be acknowledged. Get him this personalized decanter with service emblem which comes with beautiful glasses and whiskey stones. Cool, classy and authentic, just like him.
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23. Recliner Sofa

People often don’t realize that military life takes a severe toll on the mental and physical health of every service member. This is why he needs to sit back and relax. Take some time off. This recliner sofa is the perfect retirement gift for him. See him sink in this comfy sofa with joy and thank you for all his heart for such a wonderful gift. I guarantee this will earn you a boatload of brownie points.
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24. Medal Shadow Box

Military servicemen often get shadow boxes in their official retirement ceremonies. You can celebrate his time in the service through your family memories. Take his earliest patches, uniform medals, his achievement certificates, pictures and frame them in this beautiful military shadow box. It’s a reflection of his service through your eyes only. This will turn into an amazing memory display; just for your family.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this collection of gifts for your military husband. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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