15 Best Eagle Globe And Anchor Necklace Options To Elevate Your USMC Marine Corps Pride

Eagle Globe and Anchor (EGA) is the pride and joy of the Marine corps. This emblem of freedom has its roots back to the American civil war, where the Continental Marines first used it. It has gone through many changes since then, and the modern design was finally approved in service on June 22, 1954, by President Eisenhower.

The military is a lifestyle choice. People who adopt it willingly; enjoy it, while the rest who don’t spend their time bitching about it. If you belong to the first group, this post is for you. Instead, it’s dedicated to people just like you. EGA has always fascinated me. The western hemisphere in front of a fouled anchor with a bald eagle sitting on top is as American as it gets. It’s damn good looking too if you ask me (but, I may be biased). If you have a similar feeling, you are going to love these fantastic Eagle Globe and Anchor Necklace options I’ve found, just for you.

Here you go:

Best Eagle Globe And Anchor Necklace Options

1. 10K Yellow Gold Marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchor Pendant

Original gold pendant to memorialize your love forever. This 10k EGA symbol is perfect for any personal occasion like graduation, promotion, retirement or birthdays. If you know some Marine who is passionate about what they do; there is nothing better to raise their spirits. Designed and crafted by a USMC veteran and Made in USA, this is THE MOST patriotic gift ever.
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2. US Marine Corps Cross Pendant in 14k Gold

Made in the USA yet offered at Factory direct prices, this is a jewlery deal you do not want to miss. 14k Gold pendant that will look good on your Marine and protect them from all harm. It’s meaningful, beautiful and reasonalbly priced. Prefect for gifting on graduation or before any combat deployment.
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3. Sterling Silver U.S. Marines EGA Necklace for Men & Women

Perefct for both men and women of the Marines. This elegant sterling silver pedant optionally comes with complete chain and a gift box. Impressive workmanship and detailing render this one a must have for all Marines.
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4. USMC Marine Corps Dog Tag Necklace

Give strength to a Marine wife, mom, Girlfriend, or family member with this Bible prayer engraved dogtag. It’s “never rust” material will ensure this one lasts a lifetime. The other side has US Marines EGA with mirror finish. They have six disctinct deisgns so you can choose the one perfect for you.
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5. Tiny 925 Sterling Silver USMC Marine Corps Necklace

100% safe for sensitive skin and made with high quality 925 silver, this necklace is a must have. You can gift this to any Marine, their family members like spouse, mom, sister to show your support. It comes with a free gift box to make it a perfect presentable gift. Perfect for minimalist lovers due to its quarter size and non intrusive look.
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6. Eagle Globe & Anchor Military Pendant Necklace 14k Gold-Plated

This Gold plated 14k pendant is for someone who love the Marine corps and wants to proudly display their love. Their pride is on full display with this EGA Marine corps symbol. Represents freedom, love and courage.
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7. Marine Corps Badge Pearl Cage Pendant

A must have for someone who loves to wear their perals. This pearl cage is perfect for mom, wife, girlfriend and Marines themselves. Put your favourite pearl inside this cage and make this pendant come to life. Its distinct, personal and customizable.
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8. Handmade USMC Necklace with Eagle Globe Anchor

Support and Active Duty Marine family by buying this awesome handmade jewlery. It’s tailor made for Marine moms as a prode apparel. Its oxidized stamping of EGA and handwritten tone makes it a great gift.
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9. Sterling Silver St Michael Medal Protection Charm

Protect your Marine with this Saint Michael Arch Angel pendant. Combining the power of the lord with the greatest power on earth (USMC), you know you are well protected. Its handcrafted and comes with a special gift packing to make it more special.
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10. Sterling Silver USMC Medal with Christ Cross

This sterling silver pendant is beautifully detailed and comes with a 20 inch Rhodium finished chain. Means, this is an everlasting gift. Its unique design makes it look vintage, tough and reliable. Comes in its own jewlery box to make the event more special.
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11. Real Gold United States Marine Corps Insignia Logo Pendant

Officially liscensed by the USMC, this one right here is the real deal. Made with 14k solid gold, its family heirloom material. Get one for yourself, family or a Marine you adore. They will forever cherish it and wear it close to their heart; the way it was intended to be used.
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12. Personalized Marine Corps Heart Necklace

There is nothing better than a personalized gift. Kiara here makes these cute hypoallergenic alumimium stamped pendants that will blow you away. She handstamps the name and places a cute EGA emblem on top. Ideal gifts for your Marine to make their occasion perfect.
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13. Sterling Silver US Marine Corps Necklace

This reasonably priced sterling silver necklace is a perfect gift. Glossy high pilish finish gives it a distinct shine making it a good pride apparel. A Marine fiance, girlfiend or wife would love this piece of jewlery.
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14. USMC Diamond Cut EGA Pendant Necklace and Chain

Shiny, diamond cut and elegant; these are all ingredients of this amazing pendant. Perfect for noth men and women, this is a great addition to their jewlery colletion. Its different from other run of the mill Marine pendants out there and is made right here in the USA.
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15. US Marine Corps Pendant in Genuine 14k Yellow Gold on Black Onyx

If you want something unique, special and beautiful, this one right here fits the bill, Made with 14k gold on Black onyx, it screams of high quality and durability. It’s so tempting that you’ll consider buying one for yourself. There is no other deisgn like this out there. Make this one yours or give it to your loved one who will cherish this forever.
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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed this Eagle Globe And Anchor Necklace collection. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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