30 Army Shadow Box Ideas That Will Bring Them To Tears

Getting a gift for a friend or family who is or has retired from the Army can be hard, especially if you have never been in the army. Below is a list of gifts that can bring those patriotic men and women in uniform to tears.

Go through the list, and you will surely find a gift to thank your loved ones for their services.

Best Army Shadow Box Ideas

1. Wall Frame Display Case

Has your spouse been recently honorably discharged from the army? Do you know how to display his or her certificate? If not, then get the Wall Frame Display Case that has a beautiful deep cherry color, which perfectly matches that of the certificate.

It has a sturdy hook for hanging on the “I Love Me” wall, a heavy-duty glass to elegantly display pins and buttons, which otherwise would end up in various boxes waiting to be found.

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2. Military Challenge Coin Display

Make your in-laws completely speechless this Christmas when they open up this gift, which they will surely showcase to all their buddies.

No need for the service awards to sit in a box on a shelf collecting dust, with this Military Challenge Coin Display you will be able to display them beautifully. Make an old Airborne Jump Master very happy!

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3. DECOMIL Flag Display Case

Get DECOMIL Flag Display Case for your spouse on an upcoming special day as it makes an excellent gift for anyone wanting to display their achievements.

The folded flag received on retirement will fit perfectly in the case, and you can quickly push Air Assault wings and CIB into the backing. The case comes with mounting attachments so you can hang on the wall or display it on a table.

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4. ForeverFrames Shadow Box Display Case

Do you have a great grandparent you would like to help showcase his old WWI 1911 pistol and holster? ForeverFrames Shadow Box Display Case has the right size, and the depth accommodates the handgun.

This memory keepsake box is very sturdy and easy to hang vertically or horizontally. The cherry-red frame looks beautiful; the black interior and the glass adds a touch of professionalism.

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5. Americanflat Black Shadow Box

Americanflat Black Shadow Box is the best gift idea for men and women serving our country. It comes with a few pins to attach memorabilia to the back linen wall. With crystal clear glass, your loved ones can see their precious memorabilia.

It comes with hanging claws on two sides, making it easy to put on the wall and also thick enough to set on a table.

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6. Military Rack Holder Mahogany Shadow Box

Your spouse will love this Military Rack Holder Mahogany Shadow Box and will immediately put all his or her department challenge coins in it. It has mounting hardware making it easy to mount, and the door latch works well.

All the challenge coins can now be displayed in the living room for everyone to see and not pile on the dresser.

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7. USMilitaryStuff Shadowbox Display Frame

USMilitaryStuff Shadowbox Display Frame is a beautiful Military gift for veterans to display the memories they treasure. Your medals and ribbons will look great in it.

It is easy to open from the rear, has reversible foam felt board, and comes with Velcro; you just have to hang your pictures, patches, and other items. Well-constructed and beautiful wood!

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8. Americanflat Black Flag Case Frame

Do you have a memorial flag you would like to protect? The burial flag will last forever in Americanflat Black Flag Case Frame.

Your flag will look amazing in the case, and your loved one can rest in peace, knowing his or her flag is showcased with honor. It has a beautiful frame and rich looking mahogany wood.

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9. Veteran Soldier Flag & Medal Display Case

Are you looking for all in one for all your burial flag and service medals? Veteran Soldier Flag & Medal Display Case is large enough to hold all pins and medals and has a beautiful wood stain and hang well, making it suitable to honor your loved one.

The circumstances for this may be sad, but the quality will bring joy to you!

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10. Rustic Flag Case

There is no better way to honor sacrifices and hard times endured by the families when their loved ones are deployed away than honorably displaying casket flags after their death.

Rustic Flag Case has a pretty walnut color, which perfectly complements the flag nicely, and the thanks you note inside to add a nice touch. Makes the best tribute to a veteran!

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11. DECOMIL Flag Elegant Display Case

Help your parent make a tasteful display for the burial flag for the rock of his or her life. Having it on the coffee table will gently and positively remind her or him of a life well-lived.

Mostly without the display case, the flag will end up in the storage, and no one wants that. The beautiful case is perfectly sized for Army Air Corp burial flag and can be placed on mantle, bookcase, or hang on the wall.

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12. AtSKnSK Flag Display Case

Being born in a military family is a privilege, and we must showcase the burial flag of those who have gone before us. AtSKnSK Flag Display Case enables you to hang your grandparent’s burial flag in your living room.

It will help you to have a constant reminder of the sacrifice they went through and tell a story of the legacy of the honorable human being they entailed in their entire life.

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13. DECOMIL Flag Display Case

Is your spouse retiring from the army, and you don’t know what to get for the retirement party? Get him or her DECOMIL Flag Display Case, which will help in displaying the flag in pride.

It is well built with a beautiful finish, and the 3X5 flag will fit perfectly. If you want to customize it, there’s a room on the bottom ledge for an inscription.

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14. LOKI ENGRAVING Black American Flag

Sometimes a cherished coworker passes away, leaving behind a bunch of stuff for the team, which may include coins he or she has corrected over the years. If this has ever happened to you, you wonder the best way to honor him or her.

With LOKI ENGRAVING Black American Flag, you will be able to make a memorial spot for him or her with the items he or she left behind.

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15. DECOMIL Certificate & Document Holder Frame

Being in the army is such a horner, but those went to fights like that of Vietnam having a Company Commander who brought the whole team back home safe and sound we know we owe them for life.

You can buy DECOMIL Certificate & Document Holder Frame to show your gratitude when you present the flag and the certificate on the reunion.

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16. 8X8 Deep Wash White Shadow Box

Are you looking for a showdown box that doesn’t overpower whatever you put inside? 8X8 Deep Wash White Shadow Box is your answer.

It comes with a good number of pins and nails to get you started, and you can organize things without causing damage to the linen board until you come up with the best arrangement. Perfect for your coins, photos, souvenirs, award medals, artwork, and travel tickets.

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17. Military Award Shadow Box

The one you are getting Military Award Shadow Box for will be thrilled how everything fits. All their patches, ribbons, and medals will go in.

After folding your flag, you just shove it in, and it will tightly hold in place as secure as if glued in place. What a fitting tribute to a real hero without breaking the bank!

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18. Flag Display Shadow Box

Are you looking for a burial flag case that is of high quality and with exceptional craftsmanship? Flag Display Shadow Box will hold both 3 X 5 flag and military certificate nicely.

This display case truly enhances the personal value and sentiment intended to your flag and certificate through its design. The wooden finish is of high quality and looks beautiful!

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19. HBCY Creations Rustic Flag Case

Are you looking for a Military shadow box that fits the tribute of your in-law who served in the military? With HBCY Creations Rustic Flag Case, the flag will look great thanks to the wood and the stain finish.

The wood smell and sturdy craftsmanship fit the flag from the honor guard. You will be delighted with the rustic look!

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20. Large Military Shadow Box Frame

There is no easy way to show respect to men and women of the Great Generation who fought in WWII in the Ardennes. But Large Military Shadow Box Frame will give you a way to showcase their military items such as medal rather than relegating them to a cigar box.

The box will carry the critical military photos, medals, and cartridges that you can hang on the wall in your home office. One of those Military Gifts that will last forever.

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21. Lawrence Frames Shadow Box

Are you looking for a shadow box that doesn’t stick far out of the wall? Lawrence Frames Shadow Box is a shallow frame compared to other shadow boxes.

It is a perfect size for framing a military certificate and showcasing it on a floating shelf. The glass is easily removable to put in your document. This box offers a great way to honor the real military heroes’ stories!

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22. Personalized 5’X9.5′ Veteran Burial Flag Case

Do you want to take things further with your grandparent’s casket flag shadow box? With Personalized 5’X9.5′ Veteran Burial Flag Case, you could add a customized message such as “WWII Purple Heart Combat Medic.”

It helps honor those who sacrificed to save our sons and daughters on the battlefield. People in the family will break down in tears of joy at how this honors their treasured memories.

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23. Challenge Coin Holder Shadow Box

A long career brings with it a challenge coin collection that I in this drawer, that drawer, both at home and work. Are you looking for a coin holder that will hold all the challenge coins you have?

Do yourself a favor and buy this case. It gives you a great way to make the day for your loved one in the army!

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24. Flag Display Case Holder

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for your son or daughter after joining the Eagle Scout? Flag Display Case Holder will make an ideal gift for his certificate.

You can use the Velcro included to place his advancement patches, and there will be enough space left for his or her medal to go. The 3×5 flag will fit on the top portion.

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25. Solid Wood Memorial Flag Case

This shadow box will exceed your expectations; it is well crafted and is utterly and beautifully finished, and have seams at the corners.

With Solid Wood Memorial Shadow Box, you can just fold your flag and put it in the case, then place it on your display shelf. It can stand up on a flat surface or can be hung on a wall using a sturdy hook mounted into a stud!

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26. Military Flag and Medal Display Case

Have you been looking for the perfect going away present for your fellow Airman? Your friend will cherish Military Flag and Medal Display Case forever.

The item is ideal for displaying a standard flag and medals. It is not huge, but you can showcase everything you want, even for a long career. Display your son’s or daughter’s coins and patches!

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27. DesignOvation Memorial Flag Case

Sometimes brothers and sisters in the army leave us at a young age with so much more life left in them, and we only can protect their memories.

Protecting the American flag given in their honor by such a beautiful encasing is a lasting tribute to their memories. Made in America, which is perfect for storing a memorial flag!

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28. Manfei Solid Beech Wood Flag Display Case

Do you want to gift a friend something that would memorize their veteran spouse’s service? Manfei Solid, Beech Wood Flag Display Case, is the ideal gift. The shadow box offered in the funeral home cost quite more and just don’t have the luxurious, robust look and feel.

The case is solid and well built, the glass is well mounted, and the grain and color of the cherry wood itself is terrific.

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29. Burial/Funeral Flag Display Case

Are you looking for an excellent display for your grandparents’ ceremonial flag? Burial/Funeral Flag Display Case will help commemorate his or her service to our country.

It is an excellent reminder of the “Great Generation” and the sacrifices they made to protect our country. Packaged right for shipping to ensure you receive it in one piece. It is excellent, high quality, beautiful artistry, and a great value.

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30. 5×9 Flag Display Case Frame Cabinet Shadowbox

Sometimes we witness as our friends lose their spouse in the army and wonder how to help, 5×9 Flag Display Case Frame Cabinet Shadowbox will help you in comforting your friend.

The wood is in perfect condition with no splinters, cracks, or error points, and the corners are squared with no roundness. Your friend will be pleased to receive as a gift with their loved one’s flag in it.

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Wrapping It Up

We hope you enjoyed our list of military shadow box ideas for the Army. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any other great ideas that we have missed, be sure to let us know.

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