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Army Party Ideas For Adults: Gather Your Troops For a Blast!

Are you planning a party for your soldier? If you’re looking for some fresh army party ideas for adults, this is precisely where you’ll find them.

Being a veteran’s daughter, I’ve seen a soldier’s life closely. Dedicating his life to the military, sacrificing his time and efforts for the greater good, serving the nation – he deserves all the appreciation he can get, the same goes for your fighter. 

So don’t let their Graduation, Promotion, Going Away, or Retirement events go by so easily, I know I wouldn’t. Make it a huge deal and take it as a reason to show them that you’re proud of them. 

Let’s get started

Short on ideas, or is this your first time planning a military-themed party? Don’t worry; I’ve hosted loads and have a bunch of ideas overflowing my brain this very instant. Keep reading, and you’ll find everything to get you started.  

Military themed invitations

When it’s an army-themed party, I won’t go for just any invitation. Don’t you want to give the guests a sneak-peek into the real party? When they know what they can expect from your special party, they’ll be excited to come. Getting them all pumped up for your special army party will make sure no one misses it! 

For my Dad’s birthday last year, I went full-on DIY. I designed a sweet army-styled party invitation on PPT and had multiple copies printed to send away to the guests. 

Here are some catchy phrases you can include to set the army-mood and get the guests in the loop:

  • Top Secret Mission Enclosed
  • Attention Soldiers!
  • All soldiers report to (Address) on (Date)
  • Mission Itinerary
  • Pick a weapon and gear up!

Or you can save some energy and pick a ready-made template off on an online store.

Here’s something you’ll like:

Image from Amazon. Click here to see more details.

Here’s another fresh invitation to give you a fantastic start to a well-received party:

Image from Amazon. Click here to see more details.

Here’s another nifty birthday invitation for your military mom, Dad, son, daughter, or anyone you love:


Image from Amazon. Click here to see more details.

Once you’ve picked an invitation design, it’s time to prepare a guest list. This is the part I dread, especially if it’s a surprise party! Nevertheless, even if it’s a bit hard, you’ve to get it done. The key is: think in terms of who they’d like to see, not you. 

Of course, close family is a must – it isn’t a party without sisters, brothers, parents, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles. Don’t forget to include their close friends, fellow soldiers who they’d love to see on their special day. Make this day all about the person you’re throwing the party for.

If they’re not too social, keep it a small gathering, include only the closest friends and family who they’re fond of. If they have a vast circle, and love being around people, feel free to invite everyone!

Once you’ve jotted down your guest list, have it cross-checked by others in the family to see if you’ve missed anyone. When you have the final list, you can get the invitations printed, labeled, and sent away to the guests. 

Or skip the hassle and send emails! It’s the age of digital media if you think posts are too old-school for your taste, go ahead and send out digital invites – not to mention the money you’ll save on paper and invites. 

As for me, I’m a little old-school in this regard and proudly so! I like to send these out by post, so the receiver knows they’re important to us and returns the love by attending our army party. 

Military party decor

I think we’ve landed a good start now, don’t you think? Don’t spend too much time on invitations; you have lots to plan. Save your energies and gear up for the next part. 

Next up – the part I love the most!

Shopping; it’s basically just collecting all the attractive military party decors that come your way. 

If I were you, I’d go for this complete package, less thinking more stuff:


Image from Amazon. Click here to see more details.

Also, I like these camo-style birthday candles. I’d love to couple it with a lovely black and green, army-themed birthday cake, imagine the big smile it would bring on the soldier’s face!

Image from Amazon. Click here to see more details.

Take a look at how beautiful these napkins are. I would love to set these out on the party table:

Image from Amazon. Click here to see more details.

Table napkins with the US army licensed seal will add a unique twist to your military retirement, homecoming, enlistment, or any other party you have been planning. 

What about party banners? Army hangings will set the place in a military mood and make everyone as excited as you are. If you’re not too much of an artist, don’t worry. Just order them and put them up once you’re ready to set the venue.



Image from Amazon. Click here to see more details.

And the list goes on and on…

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on your army-themed party to be a blast. You can make a bunch of these decoratives on your own. Once you get down to work, you’ll see that they don’t take time at all. If you’re short on ideas, you can take some inspiration from the party supplies available online. 

Of course, some things are kind of impossible to make at home, but they’re not too expensive to buy either.

Transform the venue into a barrack

Got your party supplies ready? By the time you’ll collect all your party decor, the party date will already be around the corner. Don’t wait until the very last day to set up your venue. Since it’s a themed party and you’ve already put a lot of effort into it, make arrangements beforehand. 

A day or two before the party, you can transform the venue into an army barrack! You may not know the value of the setup, but your army guy will be thrilled to see it! Of course, if it’s a surprise party, you’ll want to recruit someone to guard the doors before the big day! 

Maybe a serious warning sign at the entrance to mark the venue’s boundaries:

Image from

Think about how a barrack would look like, something like this, I’m sure:

Image from

Set a long army-green dinner table or multiple small tables surrounded by chairs. Keep it simple, fancy, and army don’t go together. 

Take a look at this serene venue setting:


Image by Kara from Kara’s Party Ideas blog

Food ideas For Army Party Ideas For Adults

Practically anything that your soldier and their friends will love is an excellent addition to the party menu!

However, let your imagination go wild, think out of the box!

If it’s cupcakes, why not have them in army-camo colors?

If it’s a birthday cake, think of fondant soldier, tank, or helicopter to adorn it with. 

If you’re not too confident with your baking skills, you can have these personalized cakes ordered from a local bakery.

I’ve done so myself! 

While I’m all up for DIY party decorations, baking is something that gets me nervous, especially the fancy party cakes with elegant decorations. So I had it ordered, and it turned out quite well, much better than my expectations, to be honest!

Take a look at this for some inspiration:


Image from Pinterest by Jo Takes the Cake.

Here’s another excellent idea for an army-themed cake: 

Image from Pinterest by CakeDecors:

Army Party Games Ideas For Adults

Party isn’t all about food, be creative, add some interest for your guests or else they’ll start getting bored. Party games are the best way to keep your guests entertained so they won’t notice the time and will be eager to stay for longer. 

There are loads of ideas if you start thinking – pick out a bunch of army-themed games and include some exciting prizes for the winners. This way they’ll also have something to take back home and remember your party for years to come.

Here are some party games you can add to your list for your guests to enjoy and remember you by:

Army scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a big hit, especially if it’s an outdoor party. 

Here’s an interesting contribution: 

Image by Home Office Mum

Just add a bunch of items on the list that your guests can find in your backyard (don’t make it too simple), and let them spend some time snooping around. The winner can get a small token, like an army-themed coffee mug or a bunch of chocolates wrapped in some army-themed paper. 

Firing Practice

Want some more army party ideas for adults?

Set up a firing booth. Everyone can test their firing skills, see what it takes to get recruited! You can have a bunch of camo style balloons set up at the booth and set a range at which they can fire.

Obstacle course

An army party isn’t complete without a little obstacle course. Get some tires, tables, and traps in place and see who makes it through the arena in one piece! The winner can get something cool for this one. 


So what are you waiting for? You have plenty of ideas already; more will start pouring in once you get started! Get your troops together and start working on the ultimate mission – Army Themed Blast.


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